Chapter 686 Personal Feelings and Greater Good

Chapter 686 – Personal Feelings and Greater Good

The atmosphere in the courtyard became strangely suppressing rather dark after Qiu Yuan finished.

Ye Zichen let out a soft sigh. He could fully understand Qiu Yuan’s point of view. When looking at everything from the perspective of a friend, he didn’t want Qiu Yuan to get involved.

However, he didn’t have the luxury of looking at it from a friend’s point of view.

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth, then took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth. As smoke began to rise up towards the moon, Qiu Yuan clenched his teeth and sat down.

Neither of them spoke, and the only thing that could be heard in the courtyard was their breath.

“Not worth it. It really isn’t,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a wry chuckle.

Qiu Yuan couldn’t help but to try to explain when he heard the chuckle. “Boss Ye, it’s not because of you, it’s just that…”

“I get it,” Ye Zichen raised his hand to stop Qiu Yuan. He put down the cigarette and stood like a statue underneath the sky. “I won’t force you. Since you feel like it’s not worth it, then it’s not.”

That was what Ye Zichen decided upon after thinking about it for a long time. He had actually come up with a lot of self-righteous words to say.

It being worth it or not was not something simple to weigh. What’s more, some things were not a matter of if it was worth it, or if you should do it.

Instead, there were times when you must do something. You wouldn’t have time to consider. As for the results…

Who cares if it’s worth it or not.

One example was Qiu Yuan’s older brother. Qiu Yuan felt like his brother’s death was not worth it, but his older brother felt like it was clearly worth it.

Qiu Yuan’s older brother had no regrets dying in a battle to protect his beloved little brother and family.

That was well worth it.

In the end, whether something was worth it or not was based on a person’s values. If a person felt like something was important, even if ten thousand people claim that that thing was pointless, it was still important to that one person.

That was the way of humans.

Since Qiu Yuan felt like joining in the demon-eradicating war was not worth it, then what else could Ye Zichen do?

If he felt like it’s worth it, then it would be. If he felt like it wasn’t, then it wouldn’t be.

Ye Zichen dropped his cigarette, then stomped it out before turning back to the City Lord’s manner with a sad look on his face.

Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan stayed where he had sat down with a dazed look on his face. Although his lips were moving, he did not utter a single word.

“You failed?” the white-robed man smiled the moment Ye Zichen entered the room.

Ye Zichen nodded, then sat back in the chair in a sad manner.

City Lord Qiu was slightly surprised by their conversation. He couldn’t help but ask, “Sir, didn’t you say that my son will definitely…”

“Seriously, what sort of father are you!?” Ye Zichen shouted before the City Lord could finish. “Why are you forcing Qiu Yuan to participate when he doesn’t want to? Shouldn’t a father protect his children? He is your only son, what will you do if he dies!?”

“Our Qiu family has protected the Immortal Region for generations regardless of the cost, we will continue to do it even if it cost us our lives or the destruction of our family!” City Lord Qiu’s expression was filled with righteousness.

However, that was merely ridiculous in Ye Zichen’s eyes.

People were all selfish, and that was especially true in this age of chaos…

Who are you trying to put on the show for?

“Wow, regardless of the cost. Then stop forcing Qiu Yuan into battle. How about you set an example?”

“Why not?” City Lord Qiu’s expression did not change.

Ye Zichen paused for a moment, then smiled wryly.

I guess we do need ‘idiots’ like City Lord Qiu right now.

Otherwise, if everybody only cared for themselves, and nobody wanted to take the lead, how could we possibly guard the Three Realms?

Ye Zichen did not mock City Lord Qiu.

The white-robed man also smiled and apologized to City Lord Qiu, “Ye Zichen might have spoken too much. Please do not take it to heart.”

“No, no, in this age of chaos, it’s hard to find an idiot like me,” City Lord Qiu smiled in self-mockery. “But I do care about Qiu Yuan. I’ll be honest, if I personally don’t want him to go to war like his older brother. I want to burden myself with it all so that he can stay away from the battle. I don’t want the send my child off after what happened with his older brother. If the situation isn’t so dire, then I want Qiu Yuan to stay a dandy. However… His strength is needed right now.”

City Lord Qiu showed a struggling expression. It was clear that he was still rather conflicted.

In times like this, one always had to make the choice between personal feelings and the greater good. He always chose to discard his personal feelings in the countless struggles in his mind.

Although his heart ached, he still stood firmly by his choice.

“Let him decide himself,” the white-robed man smiled, then signaled City Lord Qiu to calm down, before standing up from the chair.

Qiu Yuan, who was hiding outside, left frantically, while the white-robed man raised his eyebrows and looked towards the sky with a smile, “We’ve got guests.”

Black Dragon and Qiu Hai stood in the sky.

“Qiu Hai, how is it?” Black Dragon looked over.

Qiu Hai squinted his eyes with a frown, “A very suppressing aura. I guess it is normal for your subordinate to have gotten injured like that.”

“There are four people in the city. The complete stage and mid-stage Sky Immortals are of no threat, but what makes me wary are the other two,” Black Dragon frowned. He had reached his current strength a long time ago.

A person who made him feel pressured was no ordinary person.

“One of the other two should be the newly ascended Immortal King.”

“Newly ascended?” Black Dragon’s pupils contracted. “How could a newly ascended Immortal King release such pressure? He feels like an Immortal King of the later ranks. At least the seventh rank I would say.”

“The power was forced into him,” Qiu Hai smiled. “Didn’t Mount Supreme appear in the Immortal Region recently? That’s the inheritance of the God Realm’s Duan Gu. Duan Gu was rather strong back then, and was quite famous in all of the Upper Three Realms. The young man should have gotten his inheritance. He really is fortunate. Duan Gu has died for several thousand years, and countless people from both the God Realm and Yao Realm wanted to gain his inheritance. I can’t believe that it ended up with this young man.”

“I see, then, the other…” Black Dragon nodded, then asked with a frown.

“You should have met the other one before.”

“I have?” Black Dragon was confused. When did I meet such an expert before? I can barely breathe due to the pressure radiating out from him.

Just as he was wondering when he had met such a master, three figures flew out from Pool City.

The one in the lead was the white-robed man in a snow white robe. He smiled softly, “Long time no see!”

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