Chapter 685 Going to Pool City

Chapter 685 – Going to Pool City

Black Dragon sat cross-legged on a bed in a dark room, while his body was illuminated with a faint gray light.

Without the ley lines, he was stuck at the ninth rank of the Immortal King level. Yet, despite being so, he never forgot about the basics, and would always find time to cultivate a bit each day in order to ensure that his strength stayed solidified.

After a round of cycling energy through his body, he let out a mouthful of impure energy, then slowly climbed off the bed and opened the room door. Li Min’e was already standing outside and waiting for him.

“What happened?”

“My Lord, Tennyson was injured. He is in the meeting halls right now, and Senior Qiu Hai is treating him,” Li Min’e replied calmly.

Black Dragon nodded, “Let’s go take a look.”

The lights in the meeting halls were completely lit. Some of the demon sovereigns stood on the side of the meeting hall, while the bald demon sovereign laid injured in the middle with a drained expression on his face and countless chilling wounds.

Qiu Hai was repeatedly transferring spiritual energy into his body.

Judging from the bald demon sovereign’s weak aura, the he might have already passed away if not for Qiu Hai using spiritual energy in order to keep him alive.

“Lord Black Dragon,” all the demon sovereigns greeted as they saw Black Dragon.

“Such grave wounds?” Black Dragon walked in front of the bald demon sovereign.

Qiu Hai also subconsciously moved his hand away.

Without the transfer of spiritual energy, the demon sovereign was like a person in critical condition without an oxygen mask, while his face was filled with a suffering look.

“Someone destroyed his qi ocean,” Black Dragon shook his head with a sigh after checking the bald demon sovereign’s wounds. “He’ll be useless even after getting treated. Tennyson, son you have worked with me for so long, I shall give you a swift end.”

Tennyson’s desire for survival made him shake his head intensely after understanding what Black Dragon was about to do. However, Black Dragon did not hesitate a single bit.


Black Dragon smacked his fist down on Tennyson’s face.

The bald demon sovereign died instantly. The other demon sovereigns in the meeting hall also raise their eyebrows, but none dared to show their disagreement.

“My heart aches after ending my old friend,” although Black Dragon said that, he did not show any hints of that on his face at all. The bald demon sovereign’s body was merely left in the center of the meeting hall without anyone to care for it.

Black Dragon sat down on a chair and looked at the other demon higher ups, “Tennyson went over to Pool City, right?”

“Indeed,” an androgynous man stepped forward. He was the leader of the demon sovereigns. “Pool City has an Immortal King level expert. We have lost more than a thousand soldiers, and nearly ten thousand others are injured.

Black Dragon frowned and looked at the androgynous man with squinted eyes. “Are you sure that it was an Immortal King?”

“This subordinate…” the androgynous man clearly felt a lot less confident when faced with Black Dragon’s question.

On the other hand, Qiu Yuan spoke up, “Tennyson was of the complete stage of the Sky Immortal level. Whoever it is definitely has the strength of an Immortal King since he destroyed Tennyson’s qi ocean without Tennyson being capable of doing anything.”

“Why didn’t I know that the Three Realms had gained another Immortal King? Didn’t the Yellow Emperor hide the ley line? Sky Immortals and Immortal Kings shouldn’t be able to break through. Did the Yellow Emperor tell them where the ley line is?” Back Dragon’s expression turned darker.

Qiu Hai glanced at him. “We don’t know whether or not the ley line has surfaced again. What’s important is that the Immortal Region ahs another Immortal King and killed one of our demon sovereign. You… the leader, need to take care of this.”


Black Dragon smiled while he endured his urge to rip the old demon in front of him apart.

I am the leader of the Demon Realm of the Lower Three Realms. Ever since this old demon appeared, he has been challenging my authority over and over again.

If it wasn’t because this geezer being slightly useful…

Black Dragon relaxed his fist, while the dark look on his face seemed to disappear. He smiled at the rest with a warm smile, “Senior Qiu Yuan is right. We cannot just let Tennyson’s death go like this. Demon Sovereigns, what do you think we should do?”

“Tennyson is our kin, we must take revenge!”

“Yes, so what if he is an Immortal King? He will die under the might of our army!”


“Yes, let’s take revenge!”

The demon sovereigns in the meeting hall all called out. The only ones who didn’t speak were the two females amongst the demon sovereigns.

“Hua Kui, Min’e, you…”

“I will naturally follow Lord Black Dragon’s order,” Hua Kui smiled, and shook her hips flirtatiously. Her seductive look caused even the demon sovereigns who have already worked with her for many years to feel their lust rise.

“I wasn’t very close with Tennyson, but if Lord Black Dragon wants me to go, then I can go,” Li Min’e’s expression continued to be indifferent.

The other demon sovereigns all revealed looks of anger. “Li Min’e, you…”

“What?” Li Min’e looked at them coldly. “You got a problem with that?”

She released a faint aura from her body, silencing the other demon sovereigns. Li Min’e was half way into the Immortal King level and she achieved that purely without the presence of the ley line.

With her talent, she might have already broken through into the immortal King level if the ley line had not been hidden.

In a way, Black Dragon should be thankful that the ley line was hidden. He had reached his level for a long time and was already at the Immortal King level before the ley line disappeared. However, ever since the ley line was hidden, the demon realm had plenty of talented people. He might not be the strongest of the demons if the ley line was still around.

If any one of those talented people were ambitious, then Black Dragon might not even still be the leader.

“Alright now. Min’e, if you don’t want to go, then you don’t have to,” Black Dragon smiled. “We need someone guarding our base as well. But at the same time, we must take revenge for Tennyson. So, Hua Kui and Min’e will guard Maple City. The rest of you, go back and stand guard at your cities. Senior Qiu Hai and I will go to Pool City.”

With that, Black Dragon asked in a suggestive manner to Qiu Hai, “Senior?”

“Since you need this old man, then this old man will naturally not refuse,” Qiu Hai answered in a magnanimous manner.

Black Dragon smiled thankfully, while feeling more grudgeful towards Qiu Yuan.

Black Dragon knew very clearly what sort of person Qiu Yuan was. Qiu Yuan was clearly acting in a magnanimous manner so that the former’s subordinates saw that.

Your life’s crappy in the upper demon realm, so you want to enjoy your life here? My position is not so easily stolen away! Black Dragon continued to curse in his mind, while he maintained the warm smile.

After giving the necessary orders, Black Dragon bowed towards Qiu Yuan and made a please gesture. “Senior, please!”

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