Chapter 684 Qiu Yuan’s story

Chapter 684 – Qiu Yuan’s story

City Lord Qiu brewed up pot of tea himself, then respectfully poured a cup for the white-robed man, “Please.”

“Thank you,” the white-robed man received it.

At that moment, the city lord manor was in shambles. There were signs of fighting everywhere one looked.

“It seems like the fight earlier was really intense.”

“Intense? Nu-uh. It was just a one sided beating,” Qiu Yuan twitched his mouth and ate a piece of snack. “Those damn grandsons actually broke my dearest remote control airplane, so I beat them up. They did send quite a few helpers in a middle, but I defeated all of them.”

Qiu Yuan got more and more excited as he spoke. He pointed at the old pagoda tree in the courtyard, “You see that old pagoda tree? Those demon grandsons knocked it down. Seriously, I don’t get why we have to run. They don’t seem strong. Just directly fight them!”


City Lord Qiu smacked Qiu Yuan’s head.

Qiu Yuan complained in confusion, “Why did you hit me again? Isn’t what I said true? I was alone and I beat up all of those demons.”

“Seriously?” the old city lord trembled in anger. “If you weren’t messing with your pile of trash, we would have gotten to Sir’s sub dimension already. Would all this trouble have happened? It was fortunate that you didn’t ruin the plans, otherwise, even your death wouldn’t help with anything!”

“What trash? Those are my treasures,” Qiu Yuan was rather unhappy that his father caused his prized possessions trash.

“City Lord Qiu, don’t fault Qiu Yuan anymore,” the white-robed man smiled, then turned to Qiu Yuan. “Perhaps the demon soldiers are very weak for you, but for the civilians inside your city or the villages outside your city, they are beings that the civilians need to look up to. Evacuating the civilians inside and outside the city is to protect them. What’s more, Qiu Yuan, be honest. If it wasn’t for them breaking your treasure, would you have done anything about them? I think not.”

The white-robed man said in a very calm tone. Qiu Yuan hesitated for a moment, but in the end he couldn’t deny what the man said.

Indeed, his strength had rocketed up massively through Senior Duan’s aid to the point that he could look down on the entire Three Realms.

But he bore no love for battle.

When the demons entered the city, he already sensed them the moment they stepped past the city gate. However, he had no desire to actually fight them.

He only wanted to put his treasures away, then run away with his father.

His hostility towards the demons was not due to some sort of grand belief like protecting his country. It was only because they broke his toys.

These sorts of rage would overcome him quickly, but would also dispel quickly.

It was very possible that he would just go back to ignoring the demons after a few hours.

The white-robed man knew that was Qiu Yuan’s personality, so he gave Ye Zichen a cue.

Ye Zichen stood up from his chair, “Let’s go out and chat.”

With that, he walked out the door.

Qiu Yuan hesitated for a moment, then followed Ye Zichen.

“Sir, do you think Chief Ye can succeed? City Lord Qiu had already lived a long life, he naturally understood what Ye Zichen called Qiu Yuan out for.

City Lord Qiu not only did not oppose the idea of getting Qiu Yuan to participate in the way, he actually full-heartedly supported it.

In City Lord Qiu’s perspective, protecting one’s home was what everyone should do. Since Qiu Yuan has the ability to change the tides of battle, he should naturally do something.

“City Lord Qiu why are you asking? Don’t you know what your son is like?” the white-robed man looked at the pair outside the door with a smile. “Ye Zichen will. He will convince Qiu Yuan.”

“I didn’t get to congratulate you on inheriting Senior Duan’s inheritance and breaking through to the Immortal King level,” Ye Zichen smiled.

Qiu Yuan also smiled, then chuckled wryly, “What’s there to congratulate me about? More power meant more responsibility. I wish I was just like before and am of the weak spiritual body level. That way, no matter what happens, I can be the one who can stay calm and relax. They say that the tall guy will do something when the sky collapses, but now… I’m the tall guy.”

Qiu Yuan walked forward with a sigh, then sat on a rock and looked up at the cloudy moon. “I know what Brother Ye wants to talk to me about. You want me to help out, right?”

Ye Zichen nodded, “I do want you to help, but it’s not a must. I can’t use a righteous reason to force you to join in. I’ll be honest, I’m rather close with the white-robed man. Although he has been acting in a more casual manner, I did notice that he often sighs. It’s clear that he is rather troubled by the demons’ actions.”

“Of course, a million demon threats are here. All of them are elites, even the Three Realms together might not be able to truly oppose them,” Qiu Yuan let out a sigh. “Although I am an Immortal King, I only just reached that level. The demons have Black Dragon of the Immortal King level, but since they have been resting for so long, do they only have that one Immortal King?”

“Qiu Yuan, you are truly making me see you in different light,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile. He had originally thought Qiu Yuan to be merely a dandy, but Qiu Yuan’s words made him change his mind.

“Hah, do you know why my father have such high expectation of me? Back when my older brother was still around, I have always looked up to him and used him as my idol. I studied military tactics and formations since I was a child. I began to cultivate my body when I was four years old, and possessed spiritual energy when I was six. It could be said that my talent was no worse than Ruan Qingtian’s.”


“It was an age of war then. My older brother was always fighting outside. I focused on trying to cultivate as much as possible so that I can one day go with my older brother share his burden. Then one day… only my father came back. I asked him where my older brother was, and he told me my older brother would come back later. That’s why I worked even harder and wanted my older brother to see just how strong I got when he comes back. But… I heard the gossip between the maids. My older brother died in battle,” Qiu Yuan’s eyes teared up ,while his tone also became more depressed. “I didn’t ask my father anything else after hearing that. From that day onwards, I detested warfare. I detested everything that causes a war. Military tactics, formations and cultivation were all things I hated.”

“I don’t want to die on the battlefield like my older brother. I don’t want my corpse to go missing. Father never let a single tear from, and the soldier gradually forgot about my older brother. They all forgotten the fact that they were able to walk away from the battlefield because my older brother gave up his life in exchange! That’s why they can come back, get married and have kids. That’s why they can get promoted!”

“I felt like my older brother’s death wasn’t worth it. Say, in this sort of situation, if I join in and died in battle… I feel like it would be pointless!”

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