Chapter 683 Think up a plan

Chapter 683 – Think up a plan

Timed seemed to stop. Even the surging waterfall stepped moving, and the falling leaves of the willow tree next to the river also stopped in mid-air.

The entire space seemed to stop following the laws of physics and the cause of all that…

“Sorry, but I must refuse.”

Bi’an stepped onto the pebbles and walked next to Liu Qing.

“I cannot grant this request of yours. Go and think of a new one. Come and find me here after you have done so.”

“Your Majesty…”

However, Bi’an lifted his hand before Liu Qing finished.

Liu Qing didn’t move, but she was sent further and further from Bi’an until she completely disappeared from his sights. Only then did the area begin to follow the laws of physics once more.

“It’s been ten thousand years, ten thousand years that nobody has dared to bargain with me. Did I spoil her too much?” Bi’an let out a long sigh, then he looked at the surging waterfall and shook his head. “But you are too alike. If you are here, Qing Yao, you would be surprise too, right?”

“Y-Your Majesty,” at that moment, a timid call rang out behind Bi’an.

Bi’an turned around and saw a nervous and meek looking girl standing behind him. “How goes the investigation of Yellow Emperor Xuan-Yuan?”

The girl was clearly slightly hesitant.

She bit her lips, then shook her head and bowed, “No news.”

“Is that so?” Bi’an smiled in a seemingly casual manner. “You have to understand that the hope of the Nine Li’s rest on your shoulders.”

“I know,” the girl sobbed.

“That’s good. I have to remind you that my patience is limited. Bring me the Yellow Emperor Xuan-Yuan’s information. Not only will I help you fuse the second soul in your body with you, I can release your clan. It’ll be good for you and good for me. Got it?” With that, he turned back towards the waterfall. “Keep doing what you should be doing.”

Liu Qing only stopped moving after being sent a kilometer away. All this time, she didn’t move her feet at all.

She was no longer looking at a waterfall. Instead, countless mountains fell into her eyes. She was at the foot of a mountain, where manors stood beside each other. She could also see servants cleaning the white brick floor around her feet.

“Your Highness,” all the servants greeted Liu Qing respectfully when they saw her.

At the same time, Cui Twelve and Bian Tianrui, who left earlier, walked towards her.

Bian Tianrui’s wounds were mostly healed up. He had no need to worry about medical treatment as one of the Highness of the Four Direction Palace.

“How was it? Did His Majesty agree?”

Liu Qing shook her head with a dejected look on her face.

“Don’t get too worried,” Cui Twelve comforted.

“Uhm, actually, there is a way even if you aren’t allowed to descend,” Bian Tianrui said.

Liu Qing stared at him, “Go on?”


When Bian Tianrui finished what he suggested, Cui Twelve and Liu Qing couldn’t help but opened their eyes wide in surprise.

“Are you telling the truth?” Liu Qing squinted her eyes as she continued to stare at Bian Tianrui.

“I’m not so sure,” Bian Tianrui answered carefully.

Liu Qing frowned, “Then where did you get the information?”

“I cannot say,” Bian Tianrui shook his head.

Liu Qing stared at him meaningfully one last time before waving his hand. “Alright, I know it now. Go.”

After they sent Bian Tianrui away, Cui Twelve couldn’t help but ask, “You believe what he said?”

“I rather believe what he said is true. Big Brother Twelve, help me pay more attention over there in the near future. Tell me immediately if anything changes.”

“Seriously, I couldn’t tell what’s so special about that kid to make you act like this,” Cui Twelve shook his head, then whispered in her ear. “His Majesty knows about his existence, but doesn’t know that he is the reincarnation of the yellow Emperor. You have to know that the people His Majesty set his eyes on never ends up well. Be careful. Make sure His Majesty doesn’t get angry at you because of Ye Zichen.”

“I know all that. Big Brother Twelve, I’ll be relying on you for news,” Liu Qing cupped her hands towards Cui Twelve, then walked into a courtyard without looking back.

Cui Twelve could only shake his head with a wry smile and a shrug, “I really have a tough life.”

“Didn’t Liu Wei said that Pool City’s fighting with the demons? This is too quiet, and I can’t sense any demonic aura in the surroundings. Was he just messing with us?” Ye Zichen and the white-robed man stood in the sky and looked down upon Pool City.

The white-robed man knocked Ye Zichen’s head, “You’re supposed to be a bright guy, why did you ask that? No demons here mean that they have already fought. Conquering cities will be their first priority with all their armies here. Every single city is being guarded by demons except Pool City. It’s pretty clear that Qiu Yuan defeated them.”


“Don’t underestimate the strength of an Immortal King. You’ll get it when you reach that level,” the white-robed man replied softly.

At that moment, something shot through the sky. Qiu Yuan stood above the city lord manor in his armor, while holding his sword. “You still dare to come? You itching for beating again!?”

“Uhm, that’s…” City Lord Qiu stood beside Qiu Yuan and took a look at the newcomers. Then he smacked Qiu Yuan on the head. “Put your weapon down.”

With that, City Lord Qiu hurried over to welcome the white-robed man, “Sir.”

“How has Elder Qiu been?” the white-robed man replied with a smile.

City Lord Qiu quickly nodded, “I’ve been alright, but my rebellious son refused to listen to my words and ruined Sir’s plans…”

“No worries, this is better.”

“As long as he didn’t ruin Sir’s plans,” City Lord Qiu let out a sigh.

Qiu Yuan hurried over and couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “Dad, who’s he? He has some mosaic blocks on his face. Tsk, always hiding! Brother Ye, why are you here as well?”

“Watch your language!” City Lord Qiu frowned as he scolded his son.

Qiu Yuan shrunk his neck. Although he was far stronger that City Lord Qiu, he had been under City Lord Qiu’s authority for so long that he only reacted habitually.

What’s more, he did actually care about the traditional virtues!

Respect your elders, love your juniors! Respect your teachers, salute your seniors! Filial piety towards your parents!

That was something he could not ignore!

“It is Qiu Yuan’s first time meeting me, but we have come into contact before. For example, the armor you’re wearing is something I once used.”

“What the f*ck, you never gave me anything nice,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but mutter.

“I’ll take it off and give it to you,” Qiu Yuan got ready to take off his armor without thinking.

The white-robed man quickly stopped him, “That armor’s for you. He has his own.”

“Yeah, just keep it. An armor used by Sir is definitely no ordinary item. Why did I give birth to such a dumb son,” City Lord Qiu rolled his eyes, then turned towards the white-robed man with a smile. “Sir, I wonder…”

“I came to think up a plan with you!”

How would Cui Twelve act?

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