Chapter 682 Sky Supreme Liu Qing

Chapter 682 – Sky Supreme Liu Qing

Bi’an still stood in front of the waterfall that seemed to begin from above the sky. There were now a few more chairs near the river underneath the waterfall then there were when Bi’an was conversing with the turtle chancellor.

BI’an faced the river and watched the surging water silently.

A sound of footsteps on pebbles covered the sound of gushing water. Liu Qing was wearing a violet robe with a faint design of flames that shimmered lightly

Cui Twelve, who had just returned from the Immortal Region, stood beside her, while Bian Tianrui, whose face was covered in a force smiled, deliberately stood slightly behind the two.

Golden robe!

Liu Qing’s eyes opened wide when she saw the robe Bi’an was wearing.

Cui Twelve and Bian Tianrui were surprised as well. His Majesty had only worn the golden robe with a dragon on it once in the past ten thousand years.

That time, it was during his final battle against Taotie[1]!

The golden robe definitely had a special meaning for Bi’an, but he actually wore it when calling for them…

“Your Majesty, you were looking for me?” Liu Qing’s tone was slightly cold. She stopped in her tracks when she was about ten meters behind Bi’an, then cupped her hands.

“Take a look at that boulder.”

Bi’an pointed towards a boulder that weighed at least several tons beneath the waterfall. The boulder had been underneath the waterfall for countless years.

It’s age there had long surpassed the majority of the people in the God Realm.




A crack appeared in the boulder underneath the waterfall the moment Bi’an finished speaking. As the water fell on it, the crack only became larger and larger…



The entire boulder shattered into pieces, and the current became even more violent.

The smithereens of the boulder were washed away savagely by the water. Bi’an also turned around and looked at the two people who were uninvited, but still came with Liu Qing. “Take a seat.”


The trio sat down. The scene of the boulder being destroyed was still fresh in their minds.

They did not understand why Bi’an showed them that scene.

“Seventeen, I am very sad that you actually didn’t come to find me after you came out of closed cultivation,” Bi’an smiled. However, there was no hint of him actually reprimanding her.

Liu Qing smiled, and Bi’an continued, “You broke through into the Sky Supreme level?”

“I was fortunate enough to break through into the first rank,” Liu Qing instantly stood up.

Bi’an indicated for her to sit down, then turned to Cui Twelve and Bian Tianrui, “Look, Seventeen is the youngest amongst all of you, and was the latest here, yet she has already broken through into the Sky Supreme level. Now look at you!”

“Little Sister Seventeen is shockingly talented. Only His Second Highness and Six Highness can match her,” Cui Twelve replied with a smile.

“Big Brother Twelve is right,” Bian Tianrui also nodded.

“Old Nine,” Bi’an sighed softly.

Bian Tianrui immediately stood up when he noticed the gaze and gulped, “Here, Your Majesty.”

“How was Immortal Region’s Mount Supreme?”

“Your Majesty, please forgive me.”

Bian Tianrui immediately prostrated onto the ground and kowtowed repeatedly.

“Do you remember the pledge you made that day?” Bi’an did not even look at Bian Tianrui.

Meanwhile, even though Bian Tianrui’s head was already bleeding from all the kowtows, his expression did not change at all. “Forgive me Your Majesty. This…”

“This what? Everyone in the Upper Three Realms knows that I only care about the results,” Bi’an looked coldly at Bian Tianrui. “Old Nine, tell me, did you get anything?”

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!” Bian Tianrui trembled as he pled for mercy.

Bi’an answered softly, then slowly lifted his hand…

“Your Majesty, please let Ninth Brother go,” at that moment, Liu Qing suddenly stood up from her chair and kneeled beside Bian Tianrui, then looked at Bi’an intently. “The senior at Mount Supreme had already decreed that everything inside it was to be left for the Chosen One. Ninth Brother ran into the Chosen One when he went to Mount Supreme. He did not intend for that to happen.”

“Seventeen, are you asking for mercy on his behalf?” Bi’an stood up and walked beside Liu Qing, while his golden robe seemed ever more blinding underneath the sunlight.

Liu Qing bit her lips and lowered her head, “Your Majesty, please forgive him.”

Bi’an raised his hand once more.

Liu Qing, Bian Tianrui and also Cui Twelve, who was watching on the side, opened their eyes wide.


“Haha, get up. Little Seventeen. You know that I spoil you, so you intentionally made it hard for me, right? Alright, since you asked, then Old Nine can live, but he cannot avoid punishment,” Bi’an helped Liu Qing up, then looked towards Bian Tianrui. “The merchant department is lacking some people recently. Go and experience life there for a while.”

“Your Majesty, thank you for your mercy,” Bian Tianrui’s clothes were already drenched in cold sweat. His face was already stark white. He continued to kowtow while trembling.

Bi’an snorted, “If you’re going to thank anyone, thank Seventeen. If she didn’t ask for mercy on your behalf, do you think I would have left a piece of trash like you alive?”

“Seventeen, tha…”

“You can’t even speak clearly. Ugh! Move!”


Bi’an sent Bian Tianrui flying for a hundred meters with his palm. Then, he put away his menacing look and smiled towards Cui Twelve. “Twelve, you called me just now?”

“Ahem, Your Majesty, this one has already visited the Immortal Region’s Yonghe Temple. I did not see Great Emperor Yonghe, but this one was still able to tell from the people there that they harbor unparalleled respect for you,” Cui Twelve answered simplistically.

Bi’an nodded with a smile, “Anything else?”

“Yes,” Cui Twelve nodded. “When this one was returning from the Immortal Region, the chaos spread through the Lower Three Realms, and they seemed to be fighting amongst themselves. Your Majesty, should we…”

“Heh, what does that have to do with me? Twelve, although the information you offered was pointless, the fact that you still helped me get information during your break is worthy of a reward. Here is a Fortune Pill, it will aid you in breaking through to the fifth rank of the Earth Supreme level,” Bi’an chuckled a delicate vial into Cui Twelve’s hand.

Cui Twelve thanked Bi’an, then put the vial away, “Then this one will stop disturbing Your Majesty and Little Sister Seventeen This one shall take his leave now.”

Bi’an watched Cui Twelve leave with a smile, then shook his head and looked back to Liu Qing, before touching Liu Qing’s mark of flames on her forehead “The fire spiritual techniques are truly suitable for you. You actually managed to cultivate your own natal fire already. Your talent for this is comparable to your Second and Sixth Brother.”

Liu Qing smiled, “I still have a long way to go to reach Second Brother and Sixth Brother’s level.”

“Humility is a virtue, but too much of it is not,” Bi’an scolded in a caring manner. “Alright, you’ve suffered quite a bit during this closed cultivation. Tell me, what reward do you want? I will satisfy any wish that I can grant you.”

“Your Majesty, Seventeen does have one request!”

“Tell me!”

“I want to descend!”

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  1. Taotie (饕餮) is a mythical Chinese beast with a ram’s body, a person’s face, a tiger’s fangs, a human’s hands, and eyes in its armpits. It is a beast usually said to be very gluttonous.

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