Chapter 681 Bi’an

Chapter 681 – Bi’an

The night fell.

After all the civilians were evacuated, the outer regions of the Immortal Region seemed extremely cold, but there seemed to be an extra layer of meaning to the cold.

When one looked around, they would be able to see demon cavalry patrolling around the cities on single horned oxen.

The normal demon soldiers also stood with their backs straight and guarded the cities diligently.

“Why didn’t you finish your words just now?” Ye Zichen looked at the white-robed man in confusion as they stood in the sky.

Ye Zichen clearly felt that the white-robed man only spoke about a small portion of his plans in the subdimension. It was as if he was being wary of someone so he was unwilling to explain everything.

“There are some things that I can’t explain clearly about,” the white-robed man looked down at Maple City. “Not everyone around us is on our side. You have to realize that this is wartime, so both sides would be making moves.”

“But you still talked about the approximate plans. Were you… scattering bait?”

“You’re sure smart today,” the white-robed man pursed his lips with a smile. “What I said was to lure the snake out of its hole. Fortunately, that guy really couldn’t stand it anymore, and chose to take the risk of meeting Black Dragon.”

Ye Zichen was shocked. He thought that he was careful enough, but he still didn’t notice that someone had actually left.

“Who? Great Emperor Yonghe?”

“Mhmm,” the white-robed man shrugged casually, and pointed down as Maple City. “Great Emperor Yonghe just entered the city.”

“So that guy’s words were true!” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but exclaim softly.

The white-robed man glanced at him and raised his eyebrows, “What? Did someone tell you to pay attention to Yonghe?”

“Yeah,” Ye Zichen nodded. “Do you remember when I found you and told you about what had happened when I went to the Immortal Region? Didn’t you tell me to pay attention to Yonghe? Actually, a friend from the God Realm also told me the same before you.”

The white-robed man put on a listening face.

Ye Zichen continued with a frown, “But I thought that Yonghe was just contacting the God Realm, because the people in Yonghe temple were frightened to see Cui Twelve. I didn’t expect that he was actually linked to Black Dragon.”

“Ha…” the white-robed man shook his head with a smile, then looked forward thoughtfully. “There are some things I can’t tell you right now. There are laws in this dimension limiting my existence. You’ll know in the future why he knows the people from the Four Direction Palace and is linked to Black Dragon as well!”


“Shhh,” the white-robed man reached out and pointed above their heads. “Someone’s watching us up there. Don’t say anything too reckless, got it?”

“But just now, you…”

“I was just saying random stuff. It was just a joke. I didn’t expect you to take me seriously. His Majesty of the Four Direction Palace is an unparalleled existence in the God Realm. He’s my idol, I won’t let you tarnish his name!” the white-robed man grabbed Ye Zichen’s collar with a chuckle. Then a smirk appeared on his face. “Stop blanking out here. We’ve got a mission, remember?”

A middle-aged man in a golden dragon robe stood in front of a waterfall that seemed to begin from above the sky. The waterfall remained completely still, while a scene was played on the waterfall. The people in the scene was Ye Zichen and the white-robed man.

At that moment, an elder who looked like the Turtle Chancellor of the East Sea.

“Your Majesty, her Seventeenth Highness has come out of closed cultivation.”


The scene shattered, and the waterfall begun to flow once more.

“Seventeen’s out now?”

The middle-aged man had a very grand voice, and carried a majestic aura.

When he turned around, anyone who looked at him would feel that one was unable to actually pay attention to his appearance. All anyone would be able to pay attention to were his amber colored eyes.

When a person saw that pair of eyes, they can’t help but feel respect, submissiveness or even terror.

This man was the majesty of the God Realm’s Four Direction Palace.

He was one of the three heavyweights of the God Realm – Bi’an!

“She came out three days earlier than I expected,” Bi’an smiled, then raised his eyebrows. “Where is she now?”

“Her seventeenth highness went directly to his twelfth highness’s room.  It isn’t surprising since they have always been close, but what made me surprised was that his ninth highness also went over. Out of all of them, the ninth highness has the worst relationship with the two,” the turtle chancellor played with his moustache and his light shone with an intelligent light. “There might some tricks at play here.”

“There aren’t too many tricks between children. It’s good that Old Nine can get on better terms with Seventeen. You have no need to worry about that!”

“I spoke too much. I request for Your Majesty’s punishment,” the turtle chancellor repeatedly slapped his mouth, while cold sweat dripped down his face. His already hunched back bent even lower as he shuddered.

“No need to mind,” Bi’an smiled, then transferred a slither of spiritual energy into the turtle chancellor’s body by putting his hand onto the latter’s shoulder. “You are actually sweating cold sweat on such a nice day. You have to get yourself checked out by a doctor.”

“Your Majesty, thank you for your concern,” the turtle chancellor replied with a tremble.

Bi’an nodded, then turned around, “Since you’re here, I do have something I would like to trouble you about.”

“Your Majesty, please.”

“I noticed two interesting fellows in the Lower Three Realms. One of them is not from our dimension. I don’t know how he is defying nature’s law and suppressing his own strength to around that of a Sky Supreme.”

“Your Majesty, you said not from our dimension?”

“Indeed, I don’t know where he came from. His real strength shouldn’t be much weaker than me. He might even be stronger,” Bi’an smiled indifferently.

However, the news was shocking for the turtle chancellor.

Even stronger than His Majesty!

Bi’an is already a peak existence in the God Realm, if that other person is stronger than him…

“Your Majesty, what would you like me to do?” the turtle chancellor wasn’t confident at all. He was merely at the Earth Supreme level. A being stronger than His Majesty could kill him with a sneeze.

“I want you to investigate into his origins. Although he has suppressed his strength at the level of a Supreme, he is still destroying the balance of the Lower Three Realms. If it is possible, please advise him to leave.”


The turtle chancellor couldn’t help but gulp. He really is making me do…

“What is it? Do you not want to complete the task I handed you? If you feel like it is too difficult, I can always ask…”

“I’ll go!” the turtle chancellor quickly straightened his back as much as possible and shouted loudly.

Bi’an revealed a satisfied look. “I’ll be troubling you. Oh yeah, go and call Seventeen over. I want to see her!”

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