Chapter 680 Traitor

Chapter 680 – Traitor

“Black Dragon, I don’t understand your actions,” Qiu Hai said as he watched as Black Dragon asked his people to respectfully take the teenage beggar away.

He had even told his people to treat the young man well, and not to use violence against the young man.

An old demon like Qiu Hai, who placed no value on human life, could not comprehend Black Dragon’s actions at all.

“Senior you might not know,” Black Dragon smiled, and asked Qiu Hai to sit down. “I’m not sure if I mentioned to you, but the Yellow Emperor hid the ley line.”

“You did speak about it briefly,” Qiu Hai nodded.

“Ye Zichen definitely knows where the ley line is as the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. That kid from just now is Ye Zichen’s friend. I think we should start from him in order to gain the knowledge of the location of the ley line. Even if he isn’t very important for Ye Zichen and the negotiation fails, we can still kill him then. That doesn’t really affect us, right?” Black Dragon crossed his legs. At that moment, a messenger walked into the hall. “How is it?”

“My Lord, aside from Pool City, the other eight cities of the outer regions of the Immortal Regions have been conquered,” the messenger kneeled on one knee and replied.

Black Dragon squinted his eyes with a nod, “Is there a need for reinforcements at Pool City?”

“We have not received any requests for it.”

“Alright. If there’s nothing else then take your leave.”

“There is indeed more to report,” the messenger frowned. “According to what we have heard, all of the cities were already completely empty. I am worried that there might be…”

“Empty?” Black Dragon raised his eyebrows. “That’s understandable. The Immortal Region and the Underworld were in an intense war, they would naturally tell the common people in the outer regions to evacuate. There is no need to mind that.”

“Understood!” the messenger stood up and left.

At that moment, Black Dragon noticed a frown on Qiu Hai’s face.

“Senior, do you have concerns about all this?”

“All the cities being empty are slightly concerning, but since you are in charge of this, I shall let you determine the situation,” Qiu Hai looked at Black Dragon, then stood up. “I am a bit tired. If there’s no other matters, then I’m going to rest.”

“Senior, please take care,” Black Dragon watched Qiu Hai leave with a smile. Then, the moment Qiu Hai disappeared from his sight, his smile turned into a look of menace.

“Lord Black Dragon, since you don’t like him, then why not…” A chubby man in plain clothes appeared in the hall. It was clear from his attire that he was not of the Demon Realm.

The man was also looking at where Qiu Hai departed from, and he sliced his hand across his neck to indicate what he was trying to say.

“The old guy’s not simple at all. I do want to get rid of him, but I need an opportunity. Under these sorts of situations, he’s still useful, so it’s fine to leave him around for now,” Black Dragon answered casually, then pointed to a chair and indicated for the man to sit down. “Why are you here? Didn’t we agree not to take any reckless actions before it is complete? Oh, try this, we don’t have it in the Demon Realm. That’s why, you people of the Three Realms really know how to enjoy yourselves on the land which originally belonged to we demons… Heh…”

“Winner takes all. You demons did indeed lose back then,” the chubby man snickered in response.

“Yonghe, you…” the moment Black Dragon spoke, he saw the man on the chair frown.

“Watch what you say.”

“Alright, fine. It was my mistake. But, you are right. Winner takes all. We demons did lose back then, but this time… I, Black Dragon, will win for sure,” Black Dragon nodded, then took a sip of the cheap jasmine tea and revealed a look of enjoyment. “Don’t worry so much. This is already my territory. The demons are not like those people of the Immortal Region. Am I right?”

“I really wouldn’t want to work with you if I wasn’t forced by the situation,” the chubby man revealed a dark look. “Also, don’t get so full of yourself to think that you’ll win for sure. It’s still too early.”

“Please tell me more!” Black Dragon made a please gesture.

“I just came to tell you not to let down your guard. Do you really think that the Immortal Region and the Underworld where fighting? Also, why do you think that the cities in the outer regions are empty?”

“What do you mean? You told me that you had succeeded. That’s why I mobilized all my forces,” Black Dragon’s expression turned dark and intense pressure filled the room. At the same time, one could also see a faint figure of a black dragon appear behind him. “If you don’t give me a reasonable explanation, then I feel like we won’t be on good terms anymore.”

“Retract your spiritual pressure. Don’t you find this pointless? The chubby man asked him. “Now that we’re like locusts tied to one rope, do you think that I will be some kind of double agent?”

“Heh,” Black Dragon did not deny the man’s words, but he still maintained his spiritual pressure.

He had already completely locked onto the man. As long as Black Dragon willed it, he could take the chubby man’s life instantly.

Of course, that was assuming if the chubby man had no backup plans.

“Alright, in order to make sure that our misunderstanding does not deepen, I’ll waste some time to explain it to you,” the chubby man shrugged.

Black Dragon said darkly, “I hope your answer will satisfy me.”

“When I sent you the message, the Immortal Region and the Underworld were already in an intense war. Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens appeared and suppressed all the higher ups of the Immortal Region by himself. That was when I messaged you to tell you to mobilize your army… But then, a man suddenly appeared between the two realms,” the chubby man stood up from his seat. “That man mediated the relationships of the Immortal Region and Underworld all by himself, and set up a plan using your wishes. I wanted to inform you, but that person seemed to suspect me, so I could only stay put. I couldn’t help but to take the risk of coming to see you when I saw that you are slowly stepping into his trap.”

“…” Black Dragon frowned. His eyebrows locked together, while his eyes revealed a bit of hesitation. “Should I believe you?”

“Your choice. I’ve done my part coming here. I have to hurry back now so that they won’t notice and become even more suspicious of me,” the chubby man stood up and begun to walk out. “Let me advise you. If you have no backup plan, then you better cancel your next course of action. Otherwise, you will definitely end up in a pitiful state.”

Then, the chubby man left as suddenly as he appeared.

After he left, Black Dragon snorted with a smirk, “Backup plan? How could I not have one? Luring me into a trap with my own thinking, right? Let me do the same!”

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