Chapter 68 Sense of justice

Chapter 68 – Sense of justice

“Saint Maria, Jesus, Buddha, Demacia…”

Ye Zichen placed his hands in front of his chest, as he sat in the car and muttered what seemed to be like a prayer.

The gunshots were endless.

Ye Zichen’s prayers would become a bit louder every time he heard a gunshot.

F*ck, why was he so unlucky to have come over here with that dumb woman?

If he knew there was going to be a gunfight, then wouldn’t it be fine if he just had directly handed the car over?

What made him even more speechless was that he could just run away in this situation, but that tiny sense of justice within him caused him to stay.

“Ye Zichen, that woman doesn’t seem to be able to make it, hurry up and drive away,” Liu Qing slipped in through the gap left by the car window and said.

Ye Zichen looked up and asked, “What did you just say?”

“Hurry up and drive away.”

“No, the sentence before that.”

“I said that woman is nearly done for!” Liu Qing’s face was full of nervousness as she replied. “She seems to be in a gunfight with some association, but there are too many people on the other side. She is pretty accurate, it’s just that she’s all alone. From the looks of it, it’s definitely going to be completely over for her soon!”

The moment Liu Qing finished, Ye Zichen jumped out of the car.

Liu Qing immediately followed him and shouted, “What are you doing?”

“Going to save her, duh.”

“Are you crazy? Those people have guns!” Liu Qing shouted at his retreating form.

Ye Zichen took several deep breaths, and placed his hands in front of his chest to pray. Then he gulped and said, “Who cares if they have guns or not, I have to save her. Bring me over.”

Liu Qing looked at Ye Zichen’s pale face and lips, she could hear the tremble in his voice when he spoke.

She could tell that he was terrified.

However, he still chose to go and save Officer Lin.

If it was anyone else, then they might not understand. However Liu Qing understood very quickly, that’s just the sort of person he was.

Ye Zichen slowly moved forward tremblingly as he hid in the bushes, while Liu Qing floated in the air to guide him.

Bang bang.


F*ck you!

Ye Zichen was about to piss his pants as he listened to the gunshots nearby.


Ye Zichen slapped himself, and silently urged himself on.

Ye Zichen, you’re a man. Don’t be a pussy.

Finally, Ye Zichen managed to make his way through the wilderness as he prayed and gave psychological hints to himself.

When he peeked out from the bushes.


F*ck, what a sight.

Seven men holding light machine guns were shooting at all over the place at a place not far away, while three men had already fallen beside them.

Ye Zichen looked to the side and noticed Officer Lin’s figure behind a wall.

“Why did you come?” Officer Lin had already been hit. When Ye Zichen got to her side, her clothes were already covered in blood.

“I came to fucking save you.”

Ye Zichen glared at her. At that very moment, Liu Qing suddenly screamed.

“Ye Zichen, sniper!”


Ye Zichen was shocked, he didn’t know where the bullet would come from, so he couldn’t react at all. He could only subconsciously pull Officer Lin into his arms.


Ye Zichen grunted.

“Ye Zichen!” Liu Qing screamed out.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile wryly as he felt the pain on his shoulder.

This Unbreakable Body really can’t stop hot weapons.

The bullet stuck precisely on Ye Zichen’s shoulder blade. He endured the pain on from his shoulder, picked up Officer Lin and ran.

“Liu Qing.”

“I know.”

Since the two of them had been together for so long, they had gotten rather in tune with one another.

Ye Zichen ran towards the bush, while the ghost girl, Liu Qing, floated near the criminals and started to cause trouble.


As the machine guns fired, Ye Zichen also managed to use his potential at the most dangerous moment. He shot out at a speed of ten meters per second, while carrying someone.


When Ye Zichen shut the car door, Officer Lin was already sickly pale due to the loss of blood.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes and cursed as he looked at her dying look.

“You got lucky.”

Ye Zichen opened the Treasure Chest on his WeChat and chucked a Great Recovery pill into her mouth.

At the same time, Liu Qing also floated in from the outside. The moment she entered the car, she shouted, “Hurry up and run, those guys are coming.”

Ye Zichen looked to the side and saw the some of the criminals already standing out from the pushes as she shot towards his car.

Several criminals also appeared in front of the car in order to block it off.


We’re doing it!


The bullets left a row of holes on the tempered car, while Ye Zichen held on to the steering wheel.

He stepped down on the pedal, lowered his head and rammed the car towards the criminals.

At the First People’s Hospital.

Ye Zichen’s shoulders bled as he carried the dying Officer Lin in his arms.

“Doctor, help.”

The hospital staff quickly sent Officer Lin to the emergency room, while one of the female doctors stayed behind with a frown.

“Why are there gun wounds.”

“The woman is a police captain, Officer Lin. As for me…”

Before Ye Zichen could finish, he felt a headache. Then, everything in front of him turned dark as he fall onto the floor.

On the next day.

Ye Zichen, whose shoulder was wrapped in bandages, casually ate an apple as he laid in the bed.

Ye Rong walked into the ward not long after Chief Liu and co. left. When she saw Ye Zichen’s laid back appearance, she couldn’t help but scold him, “You’re pretty relaxed.”


Ye Zichen laughed idiotically. Ye Rong was extremely worried when she found out that he got hurt. He also realized that he didn’t think everything through properly, so he didn’t dare to say too much.

“How is Officer Lin?”

“Her life shouldn’t be in danger, but she is still unconscious,” Ye Rong sighed lightly. Then, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “Don’t get involved in these sorts of situations. It’s so dangerous!’

“Alright, I get it.”

Ye Zichen smiled dumbly. Seeing that, Ye Rong walked out to fill up the water bottle, while acting like she really couldn’t do anything about him.

Ye Zichen laid down onto the bed once again after finishing the apple.


The phone beside his pillow started to ring. Ye Zichen looked at the foreign number on it, then answered it with a frown.

“Ye Zichen.”

Hearing that familiar voice and gentle tone, Ye Zichen smiled.

“Class Rep Sun.”

“Mhmm, it’s me,” Sun Yige sounded so gentle no matter what time it was.

“What business does Class Rep Sun have with me?” Ye Zichen smiled.

“You haven’t come to school these few days. I just want to tell you that today is the school’s anniversary. The gala is starting at 6, are you coming?”


Ye Zichen sat up from the bed. He didn’t think that school anniversary would arrive so soon.

He must go.

He couldn’t give up this sort of chance to be in front of the entire school. He might even be able to use this great chance to flirt with a girl.

“Go, I’ll definitely be there on time.”

“Then I’ll wait for you.”

The door to the ward pushed open at the moment he hung up the phone. Huang Shengmei, who was wearing a white coat, walked in.

“How are you?”

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and smiled, as he thought about the school anniversary gala waving towards him, “Doctor, I want to be discharged.”

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