Chapter 678 A Slight Problem with the Script

Chapter 678 – A Slight Problem with the Script

“How was my acting just then? It was extremely moving, right?” Great Emperor Qingming raised his eyebrows at Xie Bi’an, while God of Thunder and Heavenly King Li stood beside them. There was no hints of depression on their faces at all as they joked around.

“If we’re talking about best acting, then it should be me. Even I felt pained when I kicked Nezha down,” Heavenly King Li raised his eyebrows.

God of Thunder nodded and gave him a thumb up, “That kick was amazing.”

“You’ve arrived,” the white-robed man walked over with a smile. Ye Zichen also followed behind him.

Xie Bi’an and Great Emperor Qingming stopped laughing, and cupped their hands towards the white-robed man. “Sir.”

“Sky Sovereign, we completed our mission,” God of Thunder and Heavenly King Li pursed their lips with a smile.

Xie Bi’an and Great Emperor Qingming turned towards Ye Zichen and smiled meaningfully, but didn’t say anything.

“I’ve troubled you guys,” the white-robed man smiled, then led everyone to a place near the portal. He tapped on the ground and conjured up a table and several chairs, before signaling everyone to sit. “How’s the situation over there?”

“Sir, everyone is acting according to your plan,” Great Emperor Qingming smiled. “Judging from the situation just now, Black Dragon completely believes that the Three Realms is infighting.”

“We have already completed Sky Sovereign’s orders. Yang Jian and Nezha are left with the enemies,” Heavenly King Li said.

The reason they had left Yang Jian and Nezha behind was because they were essentially the strongest amongst the actors.

They would be able to protect themselves even if any surprise incidents come up.

At the same time, there were also other considerations such as Yang Jian’s stubbornness.

They had no idea whether he would end up forgetting his mission when facing the demons, and just directly fight them without saying anything.

‘That’s good,” the white-robed man nodded in satisfaction.

Xie Bi’an couldn’t help but frown, “Sir, what should we do next? The demons are already attacking the cities in the outer regions of the Immortal Region. His next target will definitely be the Immortal Region itself or the Underworld, we…”

“We’re in no hurry,” the white-robed man waved his hand, stood up from the chair and stretched lazily. Then, he looked afar at the civilians who came to take refuge. “Even if the demons are attacking the cities, all they got right now is an empty city. We shall discuss about the subsequent matters when the various city lords arrive later.”

Then, before he finished, there was a flash at the teleportation point.

Some civilians walked out in confusion followed by the various city lords from the outer regions of the Immortal Region.

“City Lord Lin,” the white-robed man greeted one of them.

Before Ye Zichen could follow, he saw Lin Xiyue open her eyes wide as she looked at him as if she was staring at a monster.

“You…” Lin Xiyue covered her mouth in surprise and stuttered for a while without being able to say anything.

“You said that you didn’t have a choice in the Modern Realm, so I thought you were a from a military family or something. But I guess your background is even more shocking. Mhmm, this sort of feminine look does suit you.”

Lin Xiyue, who stood beside City Lord Lin, was wearing a long pale blue silk dress. She looked rather gentle without her police uniform.

When Ye Zichen greeted her with a familiar tone, Li Xiyue couldn’t help but exclaim, “It really is you. Why are you here…”

“Why are you still around like a shitty ghost?” At that moment, a clearly hostile voice was heard from the side.

“Zhao Ziming!”

Enemies would get mad when they see each other, and that was especially the case when one treated the other as love rivals.

“Ziming, watch your language!” The moment Zhao Ziming spoke up, the armored young man beside him yanked Zhao Ziming a little, then said. “Chief Ye, you might have had some issues with my humble little brother in the Modern Realm, but no matter what, we are on the same side now. I hope you don’t take his offense to heart.”

The one who spoke was Zhao Ziming’s elder brother, Zhao Zizhao.

He was the strongest general under Lin Xiyi’s command and was also of the late-stage Sky Immortal level. The Lin family and Zhao family have always been on good terms, and their relationship had lasted for tens of thousands of years.

The Zhao family has always been the generals for the Lin family, and the engagement between Lin Xiyue and Zhao Ziming was set by their parents.

“I’m not that petty, but we are all reputed people here. Honestly, Zhao Ziming doesn’t have the right to act out of line here. I hope General Zhao will keep your little brother in check properly,” Ye Zichen said with a false smile.

Everyone else immediately felt the strangeness in the atmosphere.

Lin Xiyi quickly tried to smoothen out the situation, “There’s no need to be like this when we’re on the same side. Ziming, go over there with Xiyue. We have important matters to discuss right now.”

Zhao Ziming nodded, then locked his hand firmly around Lin Xiyue’s, as if he was deliberately showing off in front of Ye Zichen.

Lin Xiyue could only be unwillingly dragged away by Zhao Ziming.

After they left, Ye Zichen chuckled, “Why don’t I see the City Lords of Maple City and Pool City?”

“They are further away from the portal, so they might come later,” said Flame City’s City Lord.

Lin Xiyi also agreed with a nod, “Indeed. But our civilians have all come over here. Sir, thank you for providing us with this sub dimension. Otherwise, we really wouldn’t know what to do about the civilians when the war breaks out.”

“It’s what I should do,” the white-robed man smiled. “Since the rest of the cities’ people have arrived, I think Pool City and Maple City will soon follow. Let’s wait for them here.”

“We will do as Sir has said.”

Thus, the various city lords begun their wait in front of the portal.

Approximately five minutes later, the portal flashed again.

Luo Wei walked out with a dark expression, while Luo Yang repeatedly comforted him.

“What happened?” Ye Zichen frowned.

Luo Wei was slightly surprised when he saw Ye Zichen.

Luo Yang exclaimed in joy, “Brother Ye, you really are alright.”

“Don’t mind me. Why is City Lord Luo’s expression so dark? Did something go wrong?” Ye Zichen asked in a testing manner.

Luo Wei immediately cursed, “Of course!”

“What happened? Be concise!” the white-robed man said solemnly.

Luo Wei glanced around, “Are the Pool City people here?”

“No. Could it be related to Pool City?” the white-robed man asked.

“Heh, I knew they wouldn’t be able to come over,” Luo Wei snorted, then smiled wryly. “I can’t say that it’s related to Pool City. A problem arose with Maple City as well!”

“Then say it!” Lin Xiyi was rather frustrated since Luo Wei still didn’t get to the issue.

“A clown come out from nowhere and actually started fighting with the demons. The same thing seemed to happen with Pool City. I sensed spiritual energy fluctuation from Pool City when I entered the portal. The fight seemed rather intense!”

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