Chapter 677 They Are Unworthy

Chapter 677 – They Are Unworthy

All of the Heavenly Court’s soldiers had been captured on the smoky battlefield.

They were already unable to muster up any strength to resist after going through such defeat and betrayal. Due to the situation, they couldn’t help but put down their blades, then reluctantly become the hateful demons’ prisoners.

“Master,” Xie Bi’an and Great Emperor Qingming both kneeled down on one knee and prostrated themselves before Black Dragon.

“Why did you leave me behind…” Nezha murmured lifelessly in Qiu Hai’s control. His expression revealed just how pained he felt from the betrayal of his closest kin.

His father had pushed him into the abyss at the very last moment in order to escape.

“What a lowly scene,” Black Dragon swept his gaze across the battlefield in mockery.

Changing sides!


Those leaders of the Three Realms the peasants had believed in showed the most contemptible side of humans when their companions and subordinates needed them most.

They are unworthy of the Demon Realm’s land!

They are unworthy of the worship they receive!

They are unworthy…

They are unworthy!

Black Dragon’s expression grew even darker. He walked in front of everyone with a cold look on his face. Both leaders and mere soldiers bowed meekly and did not dare to meet his gaze.

“Three Realms… Heh…” He laughed meaningfully.

Great Emperor Qingming licked his lips and looked up, “Lord Black Dragon. I, Qingming, am willing to serve Lord Black Dragon as a mere hound. May this lowly one return to the Immortal Region and discuss with the other higher ups about becoming the vassal of the Demon Realm and company my lord to remove the Heavenly Court from existence?”

“Oh?” Black Dragon glanced indifferently at him.

“Lord Black Dragon!” Qingming quickly lowered his head.

“Don’t worry,” Black Dragon patted Qingming’s shoulders with a smile. “No need to talk about vassalage right now. I said it already. I hold no good will towards those of the Heavenly Court, that’s why I acted. You are still someone of the Immortal Region. And Xie Bi’an. You are still of the Underworld.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Great Emperor Qingming and Xie Bi’an answered frantically.

“The two of you can lead your subordinates back. Also, help me by telling your masters that I’m not a cold-blooded person. I hate war. War will cause people to bleed, and those normal civilians are innocent. I don’t want to see the Three Realms burnt to the ground. As for territory… We can have a good chat about that. Am I right?” A smile surfaced on Black Dragon’s face.

Great Emperor Qingming and Xie Bi’an frantically nodded, “Of course. We will relay your words.”

“That’s for the best. Then take your people and leave. Oh yeah, I will be taking over this city in the Immortal Region’s outer region. We do need a place to rest after all.”

“Naturally,” Great Emperor Qingming repeatedly nodded with a smile, then bowed. “Lord Black Dragon, then we will be reporting back now.”

“Go,” Black Dragon nodded with a smile.

Not long later, Xie Bi’an and Great Emperor Qingming led their troops and disappeared from the battlefield outside Maple City.

Qiu Hai raised his eyebrows when he saw them leave, “You’re letting them go just like that? Are you not worried that they were merely buying time?”

“So what? Who can match you in all of the Three Realms? What’s more, we have a million of our soldiers here. If they are smart, then they will consider my words thoroughly,” Black Dragon smiled, then glanced at the unconscious Yang Jian and despairing Nezha. “They, the Heavenly Court, are the main targets for us.”

“What is this place?” Ye Zichen looked at the countless people in front of him as well as the normal people, who continuously walked in from a portal.

From the looks of it, they all seemed to be the civilians from the different cities in the Immortal Region’s outer region. There were also many people comforting the civilians and handing out resources, while organizing a place to stay for them.

“This is naturally a subdimension that I cut off from the Three Realms. It’s to take in the civilians in the outer regions of the Immortal Region,” the white-robed man replied plainly.

At that moment, Ye Zichen saw a few familiar figures hurry over to him, “Brother Ye, you really are alright!”

“Old Xue, Stone! Ruan Qingtian, you’re here too!” Ye Zichen opened his eyes in surprise.

Ruan Qingtian chuckled, “Why can’t I be here? Everyone from the cities in the Immortal Region’s outer regions are here, so why can’t I be here!?”

“Doesn’t that mean…”

“Ye Zichen.” The moment Ye Zichen thought of a person, he saw Zuo Mo run over to him with red eyes. She leaped into his arms without any hesitation and hammered down on his chest. “Where did you go! Why didn’t you tell me you were alright!?”

“Zezeze, what a sudden display of affection,” Ruan Qingtian teased with a mix of envy and jealousy. At the same time, Ye Zichen felt a sharp gaze at him. When he turned around, he saw Li Jiayi holding a sword and looking coldly towards him.

Ye Zichen scratched his head in slight awkwardness. He waved to wave towards Li Jiayi, but before he could do so, Li Jiayi snorted, then left.

Zuo Mo raised his eyebrows, then put her hands on her hips, “What’s her relationship with you? I thought there was something going on between the two of you!”

“Ahem… Old Xue, let’s go and give out the stuff,” Stone coughed.

Xue Qi quickly nodded when he noticed Li Jiayi standing at a distance.

Ruan Qingtian also chuckled dryly, “Wait up, I’m coming as well.”

“Hey... You guys, don’t leave me!” Ye Zichen could only curse them silently for being so disloyal when they went off.

Fortunately, the white-robed man walked over with a smile, “Lady Zuo, Ye Zichen and I have some important matters to discuss. Can you please lend him to me?”

“Oh, please do,” Zuo Mo immediately calmed down, then went elsewhere to help give out the supplies. However, whether coincidentally or not, she seemed to have gone over to where Li Jiayi was, and judging from how the two girls acted, they seemed to be competing silently.

“You’re a good bro,” Ye Zichen gave the white-robed man a thumbs-up.

The man chuckled with a shrug, “I wasn’t helping you. I’m seriously busy, and have no time to care about the relationships between you youngsters.”

“I…” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly, then glanced towards Zuo Mo and Li Jiayi, only to notice that the two of them were both looking at him.

What made him more speechless was that both of them smiled softly at him, then glared at each other fiercely.

“Being young is so good,” the white-robed man couldn’t help but comment.

Ye Zichen sighed helplessly, “Stop making fun of me. Didn’t you say that you have important matters to discuss?”

“We’re waiting for everyone to arrive.”

At that moment, a few more people appeared forth from the portal.

The white-robed man chuckled, “Oh, they’re here!”

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