Chapter 676 Changing Sides and Betrayal

Chapter 676 – Changing Sides and Betrayal


Yang Jian’s eyes were filled with a clear shock. God of Thunder and everyone else also came over and stared straight in front of them at Black Dragon, who was looking at them with a meaningful smile.

“Demon scum, I didn’t think that you would actually dare to appear in the Three Realms in broad daylight!”

“Why wouldn’t we? This is the land that was originally belonging to the demons!” Black Dragon’s purple cape fluttered in the air, causing his every word to emit the feeling of greatness. “Back then, the Gods and Yaos set up a plan to harm we demons. Although we have stayed silent for several hundred thousand years, did you really think that we had lost!?”

“Homeless dogs actually dared to speak such outrageous things!? Your Grandpa Yang Jian will teach you properly!”

With that, Yang Jian’s lance glowed with a silvery light. Meanwhile, Heavenly King Li, the God of Thunder, and Nezha stood on the side and watched the show without any intention of helping.

Yang Jian used eighty percent of his strength as he thrust his lance forward.

Black Dragon remained still and raised his scaly arm.


The lance clashed against Black Dragon’s arm, causing sparks to fly up. Yang Jian then spun around and pierced again, but the lance was still unable to injure his opponent. Thus, he could only force himself to stop, then retreat a dozen meters back.

Immediately right after he did that, the plains began to burn with a purple flame.

Black Dragon snickered, “Not bad!”

“Black Dragon,” at that moment, Great Emperor Qingming clenched his teeth and stood up with bloodshot eyes.

“What is it?” Black Dragon looked over with a hint of mockery in his eyes.

Great Emperor kneeled down, “We, the Immortal Region, took no part in stealing the land of the demons. Of course, I can’t deny that the Immortal Region did originally split off from the God Realm, but it has been so long already. The Immortal Region is completely different from the God Realm now. We are different from the Heavenly Court. I beg of you, please only massacre the Heavenly Court’s people. I can represent the Immortal Region and become the Demon Realm’s vassal, then hand over our land!”

“It is the same for the Underworld!” Xie Bi’an looked towards the Heavenly Court deities with a furious look. “The Underworld is willing to serve the Demon Realm, and obey your every command. We ask only that… they die!”

“Xie Bi’an, Great Emperor Qingming!” God of Thunder said angrily. “How could you…”

“Shut up,” Great Emperor Qingming shouted. “Becoming the vassal of the Demon Realm is far better than letting your cruel and savage Heavenly Court take charge. Heavenly Court grandsons, you were trying to act like the mantis stalking the cicada, but you didn’t expect the oriole behind you, did you!?”

“You madmen!” Leizhenzi clenched his teeth and roared in anger.

Meanwhile, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li and Nezha looked towards Black Dragon and Qiu Hai vigilantly.

“Zezeze, what a terrible scene!” Black Dragon watched the situation unfold in mockery, but didn’t suspect anything at all.

Both him and Qiu Hai had hidden in the surroundings and watched the Three Realms battle since an hour ago. He would not have revealed himself if he wasn’t sure that they were truly fighting.

He did believe Great Emperor Qingming, since he saw Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li absorb the his brothers into the tower.

If there was anything he didn’t believe, then that would be how they said they represented their realms. Black Dragon knew that they would not easily give up their territories unless they were faced with absolute might.

But Xie Bi’an and Great Emperor Qingming are truly infuriated. Even if I disregard the lands, taking them as my subordinates wouldn’t be too bad.

As for the actual land, we have a million elites…

Dealing with the damaged Immortal Region, Underworld and Heavenly Court was just a trivial matter.

“Senior Qiu Hai,” Black Dragon bowed.

Qiu Hai nodded with a smile, “I know what you want to say. You want to ask whether we should kill them or capture them, right?”

“I shall do as you recommend. Of course, I personally think that leaving them alive is the best choice for now. We have very little information about the Heavenly Court, so getting information from them would be a good idea.” Black Dragon answered casually, then looked towards Xie Bi’an and Great Emperor Qingming. “Since we demons have all come here, we are determined to take over the Three Realms. But let’s not talk about vassalage for now. I only ask you to remember this favor.”

“As long as you can grant our request, I, Qingming, swear eternal allegiance.”

“Eternal allegiance!” The Underworld and Immortal Region troops all called out.

Black Dragon nodded in satisfaction and took a step back, “Senior, I’ll be troubling you.”

“Heh, taking back the Three Realms is part of my duty, so it is no trouble at all. Little kids of the Heavenly Court, if you surrender now, then I might have mercy on you due to my love for talented people. Cultivation isn’t easy, so consider your situation carefully!” Qiu Hai smiled.

Yang Jian snorted, “Shitty geezer, don’t speak so shamelessly here. You’re nearly dead anyways, so stop speaking nonsense. It’s time for your Grandpa Yang to send you off. I wonder if your family put aside a grave for you or not!”


Yang Jian opened his third eye. Leizhenzi also flapped his wings and flew into the air. The sky instantly became covered in thunder clouds, while intense lightning and thunder seemed to radiate in the sky.

Heavenly King Li and Nezha also brought out their natal artifacts and glared menacingly at Qiu Hai.

“So foolish,” Qiu Hai let out a long sigh. His hunch-backed body instantly stood up straight.

A faint aura radiated out from his body. Both Yang Jian and the Heavenly Court deities, and Great Emperor Qingming and Xie Bi’an, who kneeled on the floor, all revealed shocked expressions.


They only had one thought in their minds…

How is he so strong?

“Come over here,” Qiu Hai didn’t move from where he stood, and merely crooked his fingers at Yang Jian and co.

The lance in Yang Jian’s hand trembled, and the spirit of the lance tried to leave his hand in depression.

“Stay still,” Yang Jian gripped the lance in his hand tightly, then charged forward.



Heavenly King Li took the lead and begun to run with Leizhenzi, Nezha and the other deities. Yang Jian could only watch his comrades flee in confusion…

“You’re trying to leave?” Qiu Hai grabbed towards them.

Heavenly King Li seemed to sense the shapeless hand. He kicked Nezha back, “Hurry!”

“Father!” Nezha’s eyes were filled with shock from the sudden betrayal.

As Yang Jian watched Heavenly King Li and Leizhenzi gradually disappear into a distance, he gripped his lance tightly and cursed, “What great brothers!”

His teeth creaked as he clenched them tightly, then looked towards Nezha, who was already captured.

“Even if I die, I’m taking one of them down with me,” Yang Jian kicked into the air, then charged towards Qiu Hai like a madman. “Die!”

“Such ignorance!”


Yang Jian suddenly fell onto the ground and coughed up mouthfuls of blood as if a boulder weight over several tons dropped onto him.

“I can’t accept this!” Yang Jian looked up at Qiu Hai with bloodshot eyes, then tightened his fists, before his eyes finally closed.

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