Chapter 675 Your King Has Returned!

Chapter 675 – Your King Has Returned!

Black Dragon had a dark look on his face as he exited the wormhole. He stood high up in the sky and watched the insect-like people on the ground reveal looks of fright. It was an inexplicable sense of enjoyment for him.

Actually, there was constantly a story of how the Lower Three Realms were actually the territory of the Upper Three Realm’s Demon Realm several hundred thousand years ago.

Back then, the Demon Emperor was beyond strong, and the demons were the strongest out of the Gods, Demons, and Yaos.

However, the demons were savage. The inhabitants of the God Realm and the Yao Realm were sick of getting conquered as their territories shook.

So, in order to protect themselves, the higher ups of the God Realm and the Yao Realm secretly contacted the Lich Race, who are outside of the Three Realms, and used countless resources in exchange for them to promise to aid the alliance of the yaos, led by the dragons; alongside the God Realm’s inhabitants to fight a catastrophic war against the demons.

Both the God Realm’s and Yao Realm’s inhabitants left some of their people behind before attacking the Demon Realm, and conquered the Lower Three Realms, which had originally belonged to the demons. That was how the land became the Lower Three Realms.

The demon sovereigns couldn’t help but be affected the feeling of joy Black Dragon radiated out.

They looked plainly down at the insect-like beings underneath them with indifference. All of them knew that the land belonged to the demons.

Why did we, the demons, have to live in that pitiful subdimension!?

It’s time for us to take back the Three Realms!

“My lord, please give us your next order,” the bald demon sovereign prompted.

Black Dragon looked at him with a smile, then glanced afar, “I guess our appearance must have scared those arrogant people. Heh, infighting? They’re having fun!”

He paused for a moment, then called out with a stern look, “Twelve Demon Sovereigns!”


The ten demon sovereigns who have come with the army stood forth. Black Dragon swept his gaze over them, then said with cold savageness, “Lead a group each, and take down all of the Immortal Region’s outer region’s cities!”

“Understood,” the demon sovereigns all disappeared.

At the same time, Black Dragon squinted his eyes and gaze at the orange setting sun. “I, Black Dragon, will take back the land belonging to the demons the same way you took it away from us! Immortal Region, you shall be the sacrifice to honor the return of the demons!”

Then, he smiled savagely. For some reason, the setting sun seemed to turn a chilling blood red…

After five minutes, Black Dragon stood through the air with his unnerving smile. He calmed himself down, then replaced his expression with a respectful smile before turning towards Qiu Hai, who came with him. “Senior, I wonder if you are interested to come with me to where it is livelier?”

Black Dragon indicated towards the south.

Qiu Hai smiled, “Sure!”

“Those guys in the skies are the demons?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, but underneath his calm demeanor, his heart was filled with unspeakable shock.

There were at least a million of them!

I really didn’t expect the Demon Realm, which was supposed to have lost the war back then, to be able to bring out so many troops!

Can the Three Realms really defend themselves in face of such menacing demons?

“Who else can it be if not the demons?” the white-robed man’s tone showed a hint of carefreeness. “This is Black Dragon’s ultimatum. I’m certain that he has less than three thousands soldiers left in the Demon Realm.”

At that moment, the demon army in the sky split into several forces and moved in different directions.

They’ve already prepared the targets of their attacks. Ye Zichen frowned, “What are you just commenting here for? Black Dragon’s troops have already moved out. Just start whatever plan you have in place. Or do you want to take the chance to attack his base and force him into a dire spot? If you are, then hurry up!”

“Young man, calm down,” the white-robed man answered calmly. Then he did another action that made Ye Zichen even more angry. He actually leisurely strolled over to the huge boulder outside of the cave to sit down and start smoking.

“I…” Ye Zichen clenched his teeth and stared at the man. Then, he held Lorie’s hand. “If you’re not going to do anything, then I’ll solve this my way. Okay!?”

“Stop!” the white-robed man on the boulder shouted. Ye Zichen tried to disregard his words and continue forth, but noticed that the space round him was already sealed off. “What are you getting nervous for? I arranged everything already. It’s just the demons. The Three Realms beat the living shit out of them back then, so they can do it now. What? Do you think that the power of the entire Three Realms cannot deal with the puny demons?”

“Then you…” Ye Zichen stuttered.

“Think about it, Black Dragon made his scouts scout so many times before mobilizing his army. If the Three Realms immediately send out their troops to counterattack, do you think that he would fight us?” the white-robed man shook his head repeatedly. “Youngsters are truly young. We’re luring him into a trap here… You’re making him run before he even jumped in? Then didn’t our entire magnificent plan go to waste!?”

“Don’t worry. Hurry up and send a message to your friends in the Heavenly Court. Tell them to fight the guys from the Immortal Region and the Underworld. Also, tell the heavenly soldiers to stop watching the show like idiots, even a fool can tell that they’re just acting.”

“You have been watching…” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

The white-robed man cursed. “No shit. I’m smoking to concentrate. Just take a look at yourself. Hurry up and send the message. If Black Dragon’s people arrive before that, we’re screwed.”

“Yang Jian, you…”

Xie Bi’an coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell onto the ground where the three realms were fighting outside Maple City. Yang Jian stood in front of him with the former’s lance at his throat.

Great Emperor Qingming also looked at Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King with bloodshot eyes. His comrade had been absorbed into the Seven Treasure Pagoda[1]

“Heavenly Court, the Immortal Region is not done with you!” Great Emperor Qingming screamed.

Leizhenzi looked at Great Emperor Qingming mockingly with his hammer in hand. “Is not done with us? You guys? The Jade Emperor has decreed that if the Immortal Region and Underworld bows down to us, we can let you go. Otherwise… Do not fault us for being merciless. Listen to my advice and surrender. Your realms have already been hurt greatly by the war, foolishly resisting will only cause your realm to be destroyed. The Demon Realm was the living example of that. If you don’t want…”

“Shameless words!”


Just as Leizhenzi was about to continue, he flew back several hundred meters and coughed up a mouthful of blood as he was attacked at his chest.

The soldiers of the Immortal Region, Underworld and the Heavenly Court were all shocked. When they looked up, they saw Black Dragon smiling meaningfully with Qiu Hai beside him.

“The Demon Realm is the example of what? I’m telling you guys. Your king has returned!”

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  1. This is the Pagoda Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li carries around and got his title from.

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