Chapter 674 Chaos has Come

Chapter 674 – Chaos has Come

“It looks like you finished telling your gay friends?” the white-shirted man smiled in a playful way the moment Ye Zichen put his phone down.

Ye Zichen glanced at the man. He has been getting more and more annoyed with the guy, and if it wasn’t because the guy was stronger than him, Ye Zichen really would have just punched the man.

Wait, no, I have Lorie now!

I’ll get her to beat him up real good.

An evil smile surfaced on Ye Zichen’s face, while the image of the white-robed man begging for mercy appeared in his mind.

The man clearly noticed Ye Zichen’s intention, and shrugged with a wry smile, “This might disappoint you, but I don’t think that girlie beside you can beat me.”

This guy is definitely a mind reader!

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but retort in his mind. Then he let out a long sigh, “I’ve done as you asked. What should I do now?”

The white-robed man sighed, then turned around and looked to the sky, “Nothing really. The demons have already come. Prepare for combat!”

“What!?” Ye Zichen looked up suddenly, but saw that the sky was still calm without any hints of disturbance. “Where are the demons?”

“Inside,” the white-robed man’s eyes glistened as he seemed to see through the sky.

“How’s the situation outside?” Within the wormhole, Black Dragon looked intently at the demon scout he sent out to survey the situation.

“My lord, the Immortal Region has stationed their elites outside Maple City. A lot of them are wounded. They looked to have fought with someone just now. However, the Immortal Region’s higher ups have not appeared, nor did I see the Underworld’s troops.”

“Hmmm?” Black Dragon squinted his eyes and pondered. “Scout again.”

“Understood!” the demon scout nodded, then left the wormhole.

The bald demon sovereign walked over with a frown, “My lord, what are you worried about?”

“Everyone was mobilized this time. We must succeed. Any bit of failure will cause us to be completely annihilated. Although we have received news of the Underworld and Immortal Region’s combat, I’m still worried that it’s a trap without seeing it with my own eyes.” Black Dragon replied with a frown.

“I really did underestimate this Black Dragon,” the white-robed man smiled outside of the bear cave. “He truly is the leader of the demons. He’s being very careful. The scouts have already been sent out to scout three times. I guess he’s not going to do anything without actually seeing the two armies fight.”

“The demons sent scouts?” Ye Zichen was shocked.

The white-robed man nodded, “It’s the fourth time now that they have. Don’t ask me how I know. You’ll notice if you can calm down and spread out your spiritual consciousness as well.”

Hearing that, ye Zichen closed his eyes and spread out his spiritual consciousness.

It was like the white-robed man said. The moment, Ye Zichen did so, he noticed a suspicious looking person outside Maple City. However, that was not what surprised Ye Zichen. What surprised him was that there were actually a large number of troops outside Maple City.

“You sensed them?” the white-robed man smiled. “I asked Flame Emperor to send those people. I thought that Black Dragon would take the bait just with us pretending a bit, but it seems like a proper fight has to happen for Black Dragon to fall for it.”

With that, a fan appeared in his hand.

Then he spread out the fan, then wrote something down on it, then flung the fan into the air.

“I’m sure you’ll come out now!”

“Sire!” a demon scout rushed back into the wormhole and called out loudly. Black Dragon glanced at the scout, then heard the scout’s words. “My lord, the Immortal Region and Underworld are fighting.”

“Are you certain?”

Black Dragon had a nervous expression on his face.

Not long later, another scout return to the wormhole, “Sire, the Immortal Region and the Underworld are already in battle. The Underworld troops is composed of approximately two hundred thousand soldiers, led by the Black and White Impermanence.”

“Good!” Black Dragon smiled. “Scout again!”

“Sire, the Immortal Region has suffered grave losses. Great Emperor Qingming arrived, while Ox-Head, Horse-Face and the other ghost generals also joined the fray.”

“Sire, Great Emperor Qingming and the Black and White Impermanence are all injured.”

“Sire, all four emperors of the Immortal Region have moved out, and are fighting the ten ghost generals of the Underworld.”

Black Dragon’s gaze heated up as more and more reports came in. Right after he sent out the scouts to scout once more, the bald demon sovereign standing beside him couldn’t help but speak up, “My lord, let’s move.”

“Wait a bit more, it is not yet time!” Black Dragon shook his head. He was waiting for a… special opportunity.

“Still not attacking? I seriously underestimated him,” the white-robed man looked towards the sky, then turned to Ye Zichen. “Tell Yang Jian and co. to come out and fake an attack on the Underworld.”

“Alright,” with that, Ye Zichen clicked into the chat, then mentioned Yang Jian and co.

“Mobilize your armies, fake an attack on the Underworld.”

Erlang Shen: Got it!

God of Thunder: Understood!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: Alright!

Third Prince Nezha: Hehehe, I’m already prepared.

God of Fortune: Sky Sovereign, what are you doing this for? Can you give us some hints?

“Don’t tell them,” the white-robed man suddenly said. “The Heavenly Court has demon spies amongst them.”

“I know,” Ye Zichen replied, then responded in the group.

“I can’t tell you the reason, just do as I said.”

God of Thunder: We trust Sky Sovereign.

Erlang Shen: Hah, I’ll definitely listen to what my bro tells me to do.

Third Prince Nezha: I know I need to listen to Sky Sovereign.

When the other deities in the group also responded in a similar manner, Ye Zichen spoke a bit more to them, then put away his phone and looked towards the white-robed man, “You know who the demon spy is, don’t you?”

“Honestly, I don’t!” the white-robed man shrugged. “How long did they say they’ll take?”

“About an hour.”

“Then I guess the fight clash will be at dusk,” with that, the white-robed man muttered. “Black Dragon, I’ve done all the show you need. Give me face and just take the bait.”

As time passed by, Ye Zichen and co. got more and more anxious. However, Black Dragon was even more so.

The demon sovereign beside him has already repeatedly urged him to move out. He wanted them to move out as well, but he was waiting for that one opportunity.

“My lord, what are you waiting for!?”

“I know what I’m doing,” Black Dragon frowned.

At that moment, a scout returned and gave his report, ‘Sire, the Heavenly Court’s Yang Jian, Li Jing and the other divine generals have moved their armies to Maple City. They are already clashing with the Underworld and the Immortal Region!”


Black Dragon, who was frowning until then, smile, “Move out!”

“Finally,” the white-robed man suddenly smiled softly when he saw the night approach.

At the same time, the orangey sky suddenly turned pitch dark. However, it was not the work of rainclouds…

It was countless figures.

No matter where one looked, all anyone could see in the sky was black figures.

It was clear that the demons were absolutely determined to take over the Three Realms using this chaotic moment, so they even brought every single one of their elites.

As the normal civilians outside the Immortal Region revealed showed expressions, the chess boards or other special items of hidden masters shattered.

When they looked up into the sky…

“Chaos has come.”

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