Chapter 672 Before the War III

Chapter 672 – Before the War III

The white-robed man shook his head and returned the phone to his pocket. “Alright, since her divine blessing is over, let’s not stand around. I need to go and get some subsequent things sorted. Fatty, you go and find a place to stay with Ye Zichen.”

“Mm, no problem,” Fatty Yin smiled.

The white-robed man nodded towards him, then leaped into the sky.

“C’mon, let’s go with Lord Fatty,” Fatty Yin hooked his fingers at Ye Zichen, Lorie and Third Fatty Jin,

Lorie frowned slightly, then muttered as she looked at the fatty with a lecherous smile on his face, “Are we going with him? He doesn’t look like a good person.”

“He’s not a bad guy,” Ye Zichen rubbed Lorie’s hair with a smile, then raised his eyebrows at Fatty Yin. “Where are we going? Can’t we go back to Maple City?”

“Of course not,” Fatty Yin replied with a stern look. “You can’t just randomly go around right now. I can’t take the responsibility if you mess up that guy’s plan.”

Then, he hooked his fingers at Third Fatty Jin, “Hey, the little fatty over there. Yes, you. Lord Fatty’s talking to you. Don’t think about returning to the Immortal Region. Just stay calm and follow Lord Fatty, got it?”

With that, Fatty Yin grabbed Ye Zichen and Third Fatty Jin, then disappeared from the Valley of Death.

Time flowed by.

Neither Ye Zichen nor Third Fatty Jin expected the living place Fatty Yin found for them to be a black bear’s cave. It was a cave that Fatty Yin had fought with the black bear plenty of times in order to take over the place.

In the end, the bear had finally submitted under his domination and gave up half of the cave.

During the time they were in it, Ye Zichen continuously tried to get an idea of the white-robed man’s plans, but Fatty Yin’s mouth was sealed. He refused to answer no matter how Ye Zichen asked.

“Fatty Yin, I’m going to ask you one last time,” Ye Zichen leaned on the wall with a cigarette in his mouth outside the black bear’s cave. “You know that Su Yan is Su Zhu’s little sister and we have a really close relationship. If you don’t tell me, then I really am going to tell Su Yan to say bad things about you in front of Su Zhu.”

“Kid, don’t try to threaten me,” Fatty Yin’s expression showed that he was weighing the consequences. It was clear that he cared about a lot Su Zhu, but when he thought back to what the white-robed man asked of him…  “I won’t tell you even if you tell Su Yan to say bad things about me to Su Zhu. What’s more, I, Lord Fatty, didn’t do anything bad, so do it if you dare.”

“Remember, that’s what you said,” With that, Ye Zichen took out his phone and found his chat with Su Yan.

Meanwhile, Fatty Yin peaked at what he was doing on the phone. When he saw that Ye Zichen was trying going to talk to Su Yan… “Hey, bro, that’s not right…”

Fatty Yin lifted his hand to try and stop Ye Zichen, but the latter had already lost the mood to tell of him.

The chat was filled with messages from Su Yan…

“How is it over there? I heard the Immortal Region and Underworld are at war, are you alright?”

“Why didn’t you reply for so long? Are you busy with something?”

“A video chat request was sent, but has been canceled.”

“Ye Zichen, what happened?”

Ye Zichen could feel how much Su Yan cared for him from her every word. After reading that, Ye Zichen slapped himself.

Damnit, I forgot to tell Su Yan that I’m fine after returning.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me.”

Not long after Ye Zichen sent the message, Su Yan sent him a video chat request.


Su Yan’s eyes were filled with anticipation, then when she saw Ye Zichen through the chat, her eyes lit up.

“You scared me to death. I thought something happened since you didn’t reply for so long.”

“What could have happened?” Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile.

That was when he noticed that she wasn’t in her room, and instead she was on a vast plain, where plenty of fox yaos in armors were walking around.

“You are…”

“The Immortal Region and Underworld’s war has affected the Endless Beast Region as well. I asked Second Sis, and she seemed to have said something like we’re going to have to send out our armies as well, but I’m not sure who we are going to fight,” a troubled look surfaced on Su Yan’s face. She really didn’t want to war to happen. “Keke and Lu Lu returned to their clans as well. All of us larger clans have to send out our armies, but the three of us made a promise in secret that we’ll definitely stand on your side in a war.”

Ye Zichen understood very well that Su Yan’s sweet smile was forced.

Nobody liked war. War meant death…

For them, who lived in a modern era of peace, war was a distant topic. But, even if a stray animal died on the streets, the hearts of the people who saw it would fill with pity.

And this was a real war!

Those who died were actual people around them.

“I can’t speak anymore to you. Liu’er-jie told me to gather as well. Zichen, you can do it. You must live on!” Su Yan encouraged him a bit, then ended the chat.

Ye Zichen returned his phone to his pocket with squinted eyes, while Su Yan’s words remained on his mind.

The Endless Beast Region got involved as well.

“Fatty Yin, please tell me the truth. Just what is he planning? Even the Endless Beast Region got involved!” Ye Zichen roared angrily.

Fatty Yin licked his lips, “I really can’t say.”

“Ridiculous,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips, while a mocking look filled his eyes. “I am the trigger of the war, but the two of you refused to let me see anybody when I returned. You said that you’re afraid that I would ruin your plans. I don’t even have any right to know what I caused!?”

“Ye Zichen, that guy definitely wouldn’t harm you,” Fatty Yin patted Ye Zichen’s shoulders.

At that moment, a white figure landed in front of them. “Throwing a tantrum?”

“I just want to know your plans,” Ye Zichen stared at the censored face of the white-robed man.

The man shrugged with a smile, “Sure, you can know our plans now.”

With that, a few conversation scenes appeared in Ye Zichen’s mind.

It was like a movie, and when the scenes were all played, Ye Zichen opened his eyes wide, “You-You…”

“Shocked?” the white-robed man smiled. “But this isn’t over. It’s really hard for the people I arranged to stand up against the demons. Your power is needed now.”

“Me?” Ye Zichen asked in confusion. What power do I have? Those people who the white-robed man talked to…

They’re all tough people.

“Don’t look down on yourself. You still have Yang Jian and those people!”

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