Chapter 671 Before the War II

Chapter 671 – Before the War II

Black Dragon looked meaningfully at Su Yiyun in the hall in an attempt to gain some sort of information from the latter’s expression.

Yet, what he didn’t know, was that his attempt was exactly what Su Yiyun wanted.

“Understood,” Su Yiyun raised his hand, lowered his head and answered.

A look of confusion flashed across Black Dragon’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything else, and merely nodded, “Then that’s decided.”

“Lord Black Dragon,” At that moment, Gu Li suddenly stepped forward.

Su Yiyun, who had finally stopped worrying, frowned. If one was to consider unexpected factors, Gu Li was definitely the biggest one.

I hope no trouble happens!

Gu Li smiled towards him, while Black Dragon asked, “What do you want to say?”

“This subordinate also wants to stay here,” Gu li smirked, then glanced meaningfully at Su Yiyun.

“Give me a reason!”

“Lord Black Dragon, don’t you understand what I’m trying to say?” Gu Li couldn’t help but smile.

Black Dragon pondered for a bit. All of the elites are out to attack the Three Realms.

I didn’t notice anything from Su Yiyun’s expression, but he can’t be completely trusted right now.

I’m still worried about him causing trouble if I bring him with me.

But he might do something if I leave him here at our base.

Gu Li might not be a long time subordinate of mine, but he is Chiyou’s reincarnation.

He and Su Yiyun don’t get along, so I guess leaving him here is a decent idea as well.


“Then thank you, Lord Black Dragon,” Gu Li maintained his smile and occasionally glanced over at Su Yiyun.

“Then I’ll leave the Demon Realm to you two. Don’t disappoint me,” Black Dragon said. Then, after Su Yiyun and Gu Li both nodded, he let out a long sigh, then shouted loudly. “Attack!”

And thus, the mess of an incident ended with the order.

All of the demon soldiers looked stern and advanced into the teleportation wormhole in front of them.

“Master Su, I truly admire you,” Gu Li raised his thumb at Su Yiyun. “I am indeed impressed by you able to make Black Dragon, a very careful person, choose to allow you to live in that sort of dangerous moment. It really is a pity for you to not be an actor back in the Modern Realm!”

“I don’t want to hear that crap from you,” Su Yiyun said with a solemn look. His heart was racing earlier. His life was truly on the life. If Black Dragon truly wanted to kill him, he wasn’t sure that he would actually be able to survive against all the demon elites. “And why are you staying behind? Don’t give me that crap about keeping tabs on me. Only Black Dragon would believe that.”

“I naturally have my own ideas,” Gu li smirked, then stretched lazily. “The Demon Realm is sure peaceful now. Ahh, if only this palace was mine.”

With that, Gu Li left the palace with a shake of his head.

Su Yiyun frowned, but he didn’t think so much into it. Instead, he used his spiritual consciousness to search around. When he was sure of there being nobody around him, he took out his phone and sent a message.

“My Lord, why didn’t you execute Su Yiyun? We don’t need this sort of disloyal person in the Demon Realm,” the head of the Twelve Demon Sovereigns couldn’t help but ask in the wormhole.

Black Dragon looked forward in anticipation, “Su Yiyun is of huge importance to my future plan. What’s more, we can’t just kill a formation grandmaster whenever we want.”


“I know what you’re worried about. I’m the same,” Black Dragon sighed. “I’m still quite worried about leaving Su Yiyun and Gu Li behind. Go and send someone back to watch them in secret. Make sure to inform me of any situation that arises.”


Meanwhile, Lorie’s divine blessing had not yet ended near the Valley of Death. It had already been six hours, and Fatty Yin had been exclaiming during that entire time.

Six hours of divine blessing meant that Lorie had, at the very least, the strength of a Sky Supreme.


The white-robed man’s phone rang. Everyone looked towards him, then saw him take a phone identical to Ye Zichen’s.

He typed out something on it, then smiled, “They’re finally coming.”

“Who? The demons?” Ye Zichen stood up from the ground with a frown. “Do you need me to do anything?”

“Relax,” the white-robed man signaled Ye Zichen to calm down. “All the demon elites have left the Demon Realm. Since there are too many of them, they can’t use portals and can only use wormholes. According to my predictions, it would take at least three days for a stable portal that can transport so many of them to reach the Immortal Region. We’ll have plenty of time to get ready.”

There was a clear look of carefreeness in the white-robed man’s eyes. It was as if he didn’t think much of the demons’ advances at all.

He really is laying a trap for them!?

“Just what sort of thing are you planning!?”

“Have you never heard of the fact that heavenly secrets cannot be revealed?” the white-robed man smiled mysteriously.

At that moment, the celestial music disappeared, and the rainbow colored pillar of light faded away.

Lorie look a lot more mature, but even so, her innocent heart was still as clear as day.



Lorie pouted unhappily when she hit the ground, but when she saw Ye Zichen, she immediately crawled back up and ran over with a giggle before taking some pills out of her pocket to eat again.

Ye Zichen caressed her hair in a spoiled manner.

“It looks like she is really close to you.”

“Don’t get any ideas about her. Although she’s pure, she can tell who’s actually good to her. I never thought about using her as a medical catalyst or anything else, I just felt like she’s a bit slow, so I’m keeping her by my side so that others don’t bully her,” Ye Zichen said, then glanced at Lorie.

Coincidentally, Lorie was also looking at him.

When their eyes met, Lorie giggled like an idiot and poured out another pill from a vial and popped it into her mouth in a happy manner.

“I guess this is your fortune,” the white-robed man looked at Lorie and Ye Zichen’s expressions and nodded with a smile. Perhaps these natural beings are truly pure, but they can tell who are the ones actually nice to them.

I guess this is fate. Back then, I tried to use all my fortune to get a herbman, but failed to do so.

But Ye Zichen actually found a herb king in the Three Realms.

Perhaps the future will truly change!


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