Chapter 67 Requisitioning your car

Chapter 67 – Requisitioning your car

Chief Liu’s wife, Bai Yun, had already woken up by the time Ye Zichen arrived at their home.

“Lil’ Ye, I’m so sorry, I troubled you to specifically rush over here.”

Ye Zichen sat on the living room’s sofa, while Chief Liu smiled apologetically. At this moment, Bai Yun brought them some fruit.

“Lil’ Ye, thank you for saving our family’s Old Liu.”

“Sis is too courteous…” Ye Zichen replied with a smile. However, the hair on his back instantly stood up when he raised his head and looked at Bai Yun.

Bai Yun looked very young, since the passing of time did not leave too much of a trace on her face.

However, Ye Zichen could tell that she was deeply troubled from her eyes.

The troubles were heavy enough to crush her.

However, what truly shocked him was that, she and Liu Qing…

Looked exactly the same.

Ye Zichen turned his head with open eyes and saw that Liu Qing was pursing her lips tightly. Ye Zichen could tell the emotions that she wanted to express, but also tried hard to hide.

“Lil’ Ye,” Chief Liu called out. Hearing that, Ye Zichen came back to his senses and suppressed the shock in his heart.

Ye Zichen took out the Great Recovery Pill he had prepared from his pocket and placed it on to the table. When Chief Liu saw this jade bottle, he immediately waved it away and refused.

“Lil’ Ye, this is too valuable.”

“Liu-ge, if you don’t accept this, then you are looking down on this little bro of yours.”


Ye Zichen didn’t know any medical skills, the only thing he could do here was to give Chief Liu a Great Recovery Pill.

Then, he started to leave. Before leaving, Ye Zichen sighed, “Liu-ge, sis’s yearning has clearly turned into a sickness. The Great Recovery Pill can indeed treat diseases, but it can’t treat the problems in one’s heart. If you have time, then bring sis to a therapist.”

“Ai, alright…” When Ye Zichen mentioned this, Chief Liu immediately sagged.

Ye Zichen nodded, then signaled Chief Liu that there was no need to send him back to his car.


Ye Zichen closed the car door with force and locked it, then frowned towards Liu Qing, who was beside him, “Tell me the truth. What sort of relationship do you have with Liu-ge and his family?”

Liu Qing and Bai Yun pretty much came out of the same mold. What’s more, Ye Zichen had saw a family photo of the three people in Chief Liu’s family.

The girl in the very center of the photo was Liu Qing.

“They are my parents.”


Ye Zichen leaned unenergetically onto the car seat and shook his head. Then he lowered the car window and helped himself light a cigarette.

“Hey, why are you like this,” Liu Qing yanked his arm after seeing Ye Zichen’s expression.

Ye Zichen was truly unsure of what to do. It was true that he was already ready to accept the trouble that will occur that would be caused when he decided to bring Liu Qing back.


The daughter of the city’s police chief.

This was kind of outside the range which he could accept.

Ye Zichen did have a bit of heroism, but no matter what, he was still a normal puny citizen.

Ye Zichen scratched his head, then chucked the cigarette out of the car window and leaned on his chair for a long time.

“Liu Qing, I really couldn’t tell.”

“What happened?”

Liu Qing looked at him nervously. Ye Zichen, who had a serious expression until now, suddenly smiled and reached his hand out to rub her head.

“Say, if I bring you back to life and help you take revenge, just what sort of benefits would the city’s police chief give me?”

Liu Qing suddenly tensed when she saw Ye Zichen’s smile.

She clearly understood just how major of a promise Ye Zichen’s words held. She pursed his lips and didn’t answer for a long time.

Ye Zichen rubbed her head once again, “Alright now, don’t worry, I won’t regret it.”

Ye Zichen slowly started the car with a warm smile.

Liu Qing dumbly looked at him, who was smiling, as she sat in the front seat. She had a lot of weird feelings in her heart, but the main thing was powerlessness.

If she was still alive, she might truly fall in love with him.

Ye Zichen’s thoughts were very chaotic as he drove.

He did have the thought of giving up at the start, since the situation was at a level that he couldn’t manage.

However, he just couldn’t bear to do that.

Ye Zichen called Xiao Yumei with the wish of going over to her house, but this strong woman shut him down by telling him that she was still in a factory.

Bang bang.

Ye Zichen, who stopped by the side of the road, suddenly heard the sound of someone hitting on the window.

He rolled down the window and raised his eyebrow, “Officer Lin, what are you going? I didn’t do anything.”

“Open up, open up.”

Officer Lin’s tone was full of anxiousness. Ye Zichen looked at her and tilted his head.

“Why should I?”


Before Ye Zichen finished, Officer Lin directly reached her hand into the car and pull opened the car door.

“Starting from now, I’m going to requisition your car. Give me your car keys.”


She’s on a mission?

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, and thought of the previous times when this dumb woman was opposing him.

“No, go and requisition someone else’s car. My car is way too expensive.

“I have no time to bullshit with you.”


Officer Lin directly pulled Ye Zichen off the car, then sat down. Ye Zichen glared at her and quickly walked over to the front passenger seat, opened the car door, then sat back down.

“Get out.”

“This is my car, what right do you have to make me get off? Even if you are a police officer, you can casually take someone’s car? What you’re doing is a robbery!”

“Fine, then just sit there.”


Officer Lin directly stepped down on the pedal. Due to the speed, Ye Zichen was slammed onto the back of the seat. Just as he wanted to curse, he subconsciously glanced at the speedometer when he saw the fleeting images outside the window.

200 miles per hour.

“Are you crazy!”

How the hell was this driving a car, she was clearly piloting a plane!

“Don’t disturb me, you know how fast this, right? The two of us will die together if I lose concentration even for a moment.”

Officer Lin spoke with a hint of threat. Hearing that, Ye Zichen instantly sat obediently and properly on the chair and put on his seat belt.

Fine. He submitted in front of his life.

Within ten odd minutes, the car had already left the city.

“Where are you driving me to? If we run out of petrol, there isn’t a gas station there.”

Suddenly, Officer Lin slammed down on the brakes and the car slid to a stop.


Slithers of smoke floated up as the tires rubbed against the ground. Ye Zichen also was flung forward and nearly hit his head.

“Is there something wrong with you?”

“Stop talking, just stay here,” however, Officer Lin ignored his cursing and looked at him with an ice-cold stare, then took out two guns.

She loaded the guns.

Then got out of the car.


Ye Zichen gulped. He had played with a lot of toy guns before, but the shock was still pretty powerful when the real deal appeared in front of him.

“Take care, Officer Lin.”

Ye Zichen said his farewells to Officer Lin with a coy smile. Then, when she disappeared from his site, Ye Zichen got onto the driver’s seat and prepared to drive away.

Bang, bang.


Ye Zichen’s hand on the car key trembled.

F*ck, a fight started.

This was a real-life gun battle.

“No, no, I have to hurry away,” Ye Zichen muttered tremblingly. Yet, not long later, he took his hands away from the car key.

“Liu Qing, go and see what’s the situation over there.”

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