Chapter 669 Qiu Yuan’s Strength

Chapter 669 – Qiu Yuan’s Strength

The light faded and the music ended.

Qiu Yuan stood with a calm expression in Mount Supreme’s great hall. After receiving Mount Supreme’s inheritance, he had become someone who stands at the top of the pyramid in the Lower Three Realms.

Yet, he could only bow apologetically towards the statue in the depths of Mount Supreme.

“Senior Duan Gu, I am very sorry. Even though I gained your inheritance, it cannot change my opinion.”

There was nobody else in the hall, so it would seem like Qiu Yuan was merely talking to himself, but soon, a long sigh sounded out.

“No worries, my abilities have already been passed onto you. It is your choice to do what you want with them. I have no right to intervene.”

“Senior is just. This junior will never forget it,” Qiu Yuan bowed deeply towards the hall once again, then walked out.

The moment he left the hall, everyone searching for their fortune within Mount Supreme were also teleported out of Mount Supreme.

They looked at each other in confusion. Then, Bai Hai, who had come from the God Realm, smiled softly while looking at Mount Supreme, which is gradually fading away. “The master of it has come out, the fortune has ended. Let us take our leave.”

A lot of people revealed a look of pity when they heard his words. All of them were either people who didn’t gain anything from Mount Supreme or those who are greedy for more. However, regardless of how they felt, they were unable to change the fact that Mount Supreme was going to fade away.

Bai Hai smiled when he saw their expressions. Then, he walked beside Bian Tianrui, “Brother Bian.”

“Don’t show me that face,” Bian Tianrui was rather annoyed. He was one of the first to enter Mount Supreme, and had stayed there for several months. Yet, he didn’t even get a plain divine artifact.

He descended with a mission, and if he were to return empty handed, he would definitely get punished.

“Brother Bian, why are you like that? Did you not get anything?” Bai Hai smiled. “I suppose that’s the case. Brother Bian, I wish you the best of luck. The Four Direction Palace is not like the other places. I do know that Lord Bi’an has a terrible temper.”

“Don’t show me that smug,” Bian Tianrui said darkly. He naturally knew Bi’an have a terrible temper. No matter what, he is the Seventh Highness of the Four Direction Palace. The new highness is being favored, and he asked me to come down because of that.

He promised to bring back at least three treasures, but now…

“Young Master, you’ve finally come out,” Iron Bull ran over.

He had been circling Mount Supreme while Bian Tianrui was within searching for treasure.

“Iron Bull,” Bian Tianrui revealed a joyous look. Then, he looked around and smirked. “It seems like my fortune has arrived.”

With that, he chuckled, and pointed at the surrounding people, “Hand over the treasures you got from within Mount Supreme, otherwise, die!”

Everyone was shocked. Bian Tianrui sneered.

“Brother Bian, why do you do this?” Bai Hai shook his head with a sigh.

Bian Tianrui hooked his finger, “Don’t try that with me. Hand over what you found. I know you brought people down here as well, but are you sure that whoever you brought would be able to match Iron Bull?”

“General Iron Bull is feared everywhere. I cannot be sure.”

“Then hand it over,” Bian Tianrui smiled fearlessly, then eyed the others before turning to Iron Bull. “Tell them to hand over at least one treasure each. If they don’t… kill them.”

“No problem,” Iron Bull walked over and reached out his hand.

However, the surrounding people naturally wouldn’t do as Bian Tianrui said. After all, they risked their lives to gain the treasures of Mount Supreme.

“Why should we give them to you? Don’t make a mistake, everyone here are reputed in the Immortal Region. We have already messaged our clan’s seniors to come and get us.”

“You speak too much,” Bian Tianrui gave Iron Bull a cue.

Iron Bull immediately reached towards the young man’s head.

His strength was definitely enough to completely crush the young man’s head.

“Sire, what are you trying to do?”

At that moment, Qiu Yuan appeared before the young man and stopped Iron Bull’s right hand.

Bian Tianrui’s eyes lit up when he saw Qiu Yuan, “Iron Bull, get him. Make him spit out all of Mount Supreme’s treasures.”

“You're trying to use force?” Qiu Yuan smiled, causing his formerly meek body to immediately radiate a terrifying pressure.

Iron Bull frowned, then heard Bian Tianrui roar loudly, “Unseal!”


A series of runes floated off Iron Bull’s body, then shattered. Iron Bull’s eyes turned blood red, while raging wings swirled around him, causing the surrounding people to be unable to open their eyes.

Yet, Qiu Yuan merely smiled calmly.

A sword appeared in his hand. It was a sword so brilliant that it even moved Bian Tianrui’s heart.

No need to grab them all. My mission is complete just with this sword!

“Iron Bull!”

Iron Bull charged towards Qiu Yuan with a loud roar. The latter merely tapped the ground and leaped up. As his sword connected with Iron Bull’s arm, it caused a series of spark to fly up into the air.

“Interesting,” Qiu Yuan squinted his eyes. The long sword immediately became surrounded with flame and lightning.

“Thunderflame Sword. It’s the Thunderflame Sword!” Bian Tianrui looked over with a heated gaze. “Iron Bull, grab his sword!”

Iron Bull charged over. Qiu Yuan leisurely took a step backwards, then hacked his sword down onto Iron Bull’s arm.

Iron Bull wailed in pain.

Bian Tianrui immediately clenched his fist, but felt someone pat his shoulder.

“Bai Hai.”

“No need to look anymore. Iron Bull has already lost,” Bai Hai shook his head with a smile.

Bian Tianrui squinted his eyes in suspicion, then said angrily, “What are you saying?”

“He’s the one who gained the inheritance of Mount Supreme. Is this the limit of his strength? Iron Bull has already opened all three layers of his seals, but look at how Qiu Yuan is acting,” Bai Hai indicated towards Qiu Yuan.

Bian Tianrui looked over, then realized…

Qiu Yuan was still maintaining a faint smile on his face the entire time.

Iron Bull is someone who’s able to fight equally with several Sky Immortal experts without undoing any seals, and every single seal undone would increase his strength by twenty percent or so, but he was still no match for Qiu Yuan with all three seals undone.

Just how strong is Qiu Yuan right now!?

An Earth Immortal?

“I’m heading back now. Brother Bian, if you are worried about being punished after heading back, then I do have an idea that might help you,” Bai Hai smiled.

Bian Tianrui immediately asked, “Please.”

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