Chapter 668 Retreat in order to advance

Chapter 668 – Retreat in order to advance

The white-robed man’s words immediately made Ye Zichen realize that everything wasn’t as simple as he thought.

He looked towards the white-robed man in confusion. However, before he could speak up, Fatty Yin chuckled, “Do you really think that he would allow the Three Realms to fight amongst themselves?”

“Then…” Ye Zichen hesitated for a moment. Judging from the chat just now, it was clear that they were fighting.

Otherwise, the Jade Emperor wouldn’t have gathered the great emperors of the four directions and told Yang Jian and co. to move out.

“Stop hesitating and worrying. With this guy here, the Three Realms won’t actually start fighting,” Fatty Yin patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder as he spoke mysteriously with a smile. “But this guy has seriously tired me out. I’ve been running around doing errands for him, so much so that my legs are turning into sticks.”

“What’s going on? Can you tell me so that I can stop worrying?” Ye Zichen frowned.

The white-robed man smile, “You’ll understand when the time comes. Alright, let’s wait for this girl’s blessing to end. She might even be able to give the demons a surprise.”

“What happened?” Lord Black Dragon looked at Su Yiyun and co. with a frown. He already noticed that something he didn’t know about definitely happened between them.

Su Yiyun maintained his cold and silent look, while Qiu Hai was his senior from the Demon Realm, so Black Dragon did not dare to ask him.

Thus, he set his gaze upon Gu Li, then interrogated, “Gu Li, you explain.”

“Lord Black Dragon, you truly know how to trouble someone,” Gu Li pursed his lips and smiled, then swept his gaze meaningfully over Su Yiyun and Qiu Hai. “You told me to bring Senior back, so I did. I don’t know anything else.”

“You don’t want to say it?” Black Dragon said darkly.

“No, it’s just that I don’t dare. I have always valued my life. I had better stay silent at times like this, otherwise, what will I do about my fragile life if I offend someone?” Gu Li smiled. Anyone could tell that he was signaling to someone in the room.

“Then are you not afraid of offending me?” the moment Black Dragon said that, an apologetic smile surfaced on Gu Li’s face.

“Lord Black Dragon, you might not like to hear me say this, but… I really am not worried about you. Although I’m just a small fry in the Demon Realm. You… can’t really do anything about me.”

“Gu Li, that’s simply too much!” one of the Twelve Demon Sovereigns said angrily.

Gu Li looked in his direction, then picked his ear, while his gaze turned menacing, “You’re seeking death!”


The one who had spoken up instantly fell down, while a spot on his chest turned blackened and charred.

“You really think too much of yourself. Yet, you’re nothing in my eyes.”

The demon sovereign’s expression was filled with shock.

Gu Li smiled, then hooked his arm around Su Yiyun’s shoulder, “What do you think about my performance?”

“Heh,” Su Yiyun chuckled coldly.

The rest of the Demon Sovereigns stepped forward, while Gu Li looked at them provokingly with a smile, “What? You want to fight me here?”

“Gu Li, that’s enough!” Su Yiyun said calmly.

Gu Li shrugged, “They did it first. Master Su, you should be on my side. You know, in some ways, you are on the same side.”

“I said enough!” Su Yiyun’s tone radiated his impatience. He turned towards Black Dragon and bowed deeply. “Lord Black Dragon, I ask for punishment.”

The scene had put Black Dragon in a rather terrible mood. He was always the cautious type, so he would think about a lot of things just from small hints.

Gu Li’s resistance and words instantly caused Black Dragon to become a lot more wary of Su Yiyun and Gu Li.

“Master Su, why would you do so?” Black Dragon asked in confusion.

“I have always hidden something from you. Although I belong to the Demon Realm, I am still unable to put my past behind me. One example would be the Yellow Emperor you’ve been wanting to capture,” Su Yiyun’s words shocked everyone.

Li Min’e opened her eyes wide upon hearing those words.

What’s he saying that? That’s just seeking death!

Li Min’e quickly ran over to Su Yiyun’s side, then bowed towards Black Dragon apologetically. “Lord Black Dragon, Yiyun has been rather tired from all the formation research. Please don’t mind what he just said.”

“Min’e, no need to defend me,” Su Yiyun grabbed Li Min’e by her arm and shook his head before dragging her behind him. Then, he turned back towards Black Dragon. “Lord Black Dragon, I, Su Yiyun, will never act as a petty villain. Ye Zichen is my brother, I can’t possibly forget about it. I won’t deny that everything I did before was just a façade. All of the curses and damage I did to him, those were all me trying to protect him.”

“Master Su, do you know what you’re saying?” Black Dragon’s gaze turned even more dark, while clenching his fists.

“I know exactly what I’m saying, but Lord Black Dragon has been very nice to me. I don’t want to hide it from you. Actually, Senior Qiu Hai and I met Ye Zichen in the Valley of Death just now.”

“Why was he there?” Black Dragon was greatly confused.

“Yeah, why? I didn’t expect him to be there either. Gu Li wanted senior Qiu Hai to capture him, but Ye Zichen is my dear friend, I didn’t want to see him harmed, so I let him go. That’s what you wanted to hear about. Su Yiyun maintained a calm expression. “That’s my betrayal towards the Demon Realm. I won’t deny that. I have returned to put an end to all that .If you are willing to continue to take me in, then I, Su Yiyun, will do everything in my ability to help you. If you want to execute me, then do it.”

With that, Su Yiyun put down his guard, closed his eyes, while he let his hands fall to his sides.

Li Min’e’s face was instantly covered in nervousness. The moment Su Yiyun finished, she started to defend him. “Lord Black Dragon, Su Yiyun definitely has no intention of betraying the Demon Realm. He just treasures his relationships a lot, but isn’t that what you admire about him?”

To everybody’s surprise, even the other Demon Sovereigns and demons in high positions began to do the same as Li Min’e.

“Lord Su is of great use to the Demon Realm. Please have mercy on him due to everything he has accomplished before.”

However, that was of no use, since the final decision rested on Black Dragon.

Unbeknownst to all, Gu Li was on the verge of breaking down in laughter.

He nodded in his head repeatedly, and silently praised Su Yiyun.

That was close. I didn’t expect this guy who has nothing special about him, to actually be capable on such moves.

Retreat in order to advance. That’s impressive!

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