Chapter 666 Two Immortal Kings

Chapter 666 – Two Immortal Kings

As all of the runes linked together in a chain, Su Yiyun’s youth seemed to return. His ancient-like face gradually grew younger, while his long, silvery hair became black once more.

The chains of runes wrapped themselves around him twice, while the runes glowed with a faint grey light.

“Senior Qiu Hai, you are indeed a mighty Sky Supreme form the Upper Three Realms, but the you here is merely a Body Double. There are some things you should not stick your hand into,” Su Yiyun squinted his eyes, which let out a dark light. “Ye Zichen’s life is mine. Even if he were to be killed, it would be by me, understand?”

Qiu Hai felt a chill in his heart when he heard Su Yiyun’s certain tone. Thus, in order to maintain his honor, he nodded calmly. “Master Su has already understood primordial formations, even your position in the Upper Three Realms will certainly be no lower than my own. Let us do as Master Su said.”

“That’s for the best,” Su Yiyun twitched his mouth and snorted coldly, then turned back and walked towards Gu Li.

He grabbed Gu Li by the collar and stared straight into Gu Li’s eyes with his ice cold eyes. “Stop provoking me. Understood?”

“Master Su, since Senior Qiu Hai said that already, then I will naturally have to give you face,” Gu Li maintained his smile. It was clear that he didn’t not fear Su Yiyun at all, instead the smile seemed more to be a meaningful and mocking one.

Ye Zichen and co. all looked towards the trio with great vigilance. They knew that demons were crafty, so they could be planning something.

Thus, although the ones from the Demon Realm seemed to be fighting amongst themselves, Ye Zichen and co. still did not dare to let down their guard.

“Then, let us return to the Demon Realm,” Su Yiyun waved his right hand. A crack in space appeared in the valley. Qiu Hai and Gu Li both walked in silently, while Su Yiyun did the same after turning around to glance at Ye Zichen.

For some reason, Ye Zichen felt a bit of heartache when he saw Su Yiyun’s gaze.

It was as if Su Yiyun’s eyes were filled with endless reluctance and unwillingness.

Ye Zichen did not know why Su Yiyun would reveal such an expression to him. That was something that only Su Yiyun knew himself. Only he would know just what he would face when he return to the Demon Realm.

More importantly, he had used up a lot of lifeforce to forcefully shatter the primordial runes, then let them take form.

He had already used a lot of his lifeforce just to study the primordial formation, and now that he forcefully shattered the runes, he really didn’t have much time left to him.

As Su Yiyun stood in front of the spatial crack, he suddenly formed ten-odd finger incantations.

Then, he headed into the spatial crack. When the crack disappeared, Ye Zichen and co. suddenly noticed that there was a new defensive formation in front of the herb garden.

“Ol’ Three, just what were you thinking?” YE Zichen frowned and glanced at the place where the spatial crack had been.

At that moment, his phone rang.

System Notification: The wind barrier has opened. Hurry up and come out.

Finally. However, Ye Zichen still asked with a frowned, “I just met the guys from the Demon Realm again. They said that the Three Realms are involved in infighting. What’s going on?”

System Notification: Long story. I’ll tell you in detail when you come out.

“Alright, I’ll go up right now.”

System Notification: I’ll wait for you by the cliff.

Ye Zichen returned his phone to his pocket, then looked up with a worried expression. Third Fatty Jin also had a similar expression on his face as he pondered about the infighting.

He could not understand. Why are the Three Realms fighting?

“Fatty, let’s prepare to go back.”

Ye Zichen stretched out his three pairs of wings.

Third Fatty jin nodded, then walked along beside him.

Lorie bit her lips and asked with an expression that revealed a reluctance to separate, “Are you leaving?”

“Yeah, it’s time for us to leave,” Ye Zichen nodded, then rubbed Lorie’s head. “What? You’re worried that you won’t have enough candy? Here, I’ll give them all to you.”

With that, Ye Zichen withdrew his entire pill stock from the Treasure Chest, essentially forming a hill right there on the ground. “These candies should last you a long time.”

“I don’t want the candies,” Lorie shook her head. “I want leave this valley with you.”

“That’s no good,” Ye Zichen refused without thinking. “The outside world is in an intense fight. You have no experience outside, thus making you appear like an idiotic cute and naïve girl. You’re going to help whoever sells you out count how much you were sold for! What’s more, you’re the queen amongst your fellow herbmen here, what if you get captured?”

“I’ll just follow you then,” Lorie pursed her lips and looked at Ye Zichen seriously. “I’ll just follow along by your side from now on and do what you tell me to. I’ll listen to you. That’s fine, right? Also, what if that old man comes to kidnap me again?”

Lorie frowned, putting on a pitiful look. Ye Zichen could choose to ignore everything else, but her final sentence did cause him to change his mind about taking her with him.

Yeah, what if that old demon comes for her again?

“Boss Ye, let Lorie follow us out. Although the outside is in a mess right now. Lorie is definitely a lot stronger than we are in terms of protecting herself as a herb king,” Third Fatty Jin added.

Ye Zichen hesitated, then rubbed Lorie’s head, “Then let’s head out together.

He reached out to hold Lorie by her shoulder to start flying out, but Lorie shook her head, “Wait a moment, let me pick up all my candy.”

“The one who left this formation is definitely a powerhouse from the primordial times,” the white-robed man stood on the side of the cliff and sighed heavily. “This heaven-barring formation is actually capable of separating this valley from the Three Realms. It’s impossible for anyone without peak spiritual formation knowledge to actually set it up.”

“If you have the time to comment, you might as well wonder how we’re supposed to explain everything to him when he gets here?” Fatty Yin shook his head with a smile.

At that very moment, a blinding pillar of light blazed in the north-west direction of Maple City.

The light was of  a rainbow color and celestial music seemed to echo in the air.

Everybody bowed towards the ray of light.

“An Immortal King,” Fatty Yin looked towards the direction where the light had originated from. “This Immortal King should be near Mount Biluo. Could one of the yao kings in Mount Biluo… No, it should be that lucky kid who inherited Mount Supreme.”

“Mhmm,” the white-robed man nodded. “It should be him. Everything is going according to my script.”

But, at that very moment…

Deafening celestial music rang out, and another blinding rainbow-colored pillar of light landed beside the white-robed man.

Fatty Yin raised his eyebrows, “Another Immortal King!?”

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