Chapter 665 Who can do anything to me!?

Chapter 665 – Who can do anything to me!?

“There are actually other people here?” The sudden appearance of Ye Zichen and Third Fatty Jin had clearly surprised the elder. He turned back to look at them, then raised his eyebrows with a smile. “Child, were you talking to me?”

“Indeed,” Ye Zichen nodded, then smiled in a manner full of ridicule. “Who else would I be talking to? We’re the only ones here.”

Then, he nodded towards Su Yiyun, whose expression seemed to have changed under the hood.

That was when the fingers on his right hand began to tremble. He saw Su Yiyun’s face underneath the hood.

Although Su Yiyun was only a year older than Ye Zichen, his face was already covered in wrinkles, and his long hair already turned a silvery white.

It was clear that he had already expended too much of his life force. Even though they were now on opposing sides, Ye Zichen still couldn’t help but wonder just what Su Yiyun had gone through.

“Yiyun, it seems like you two know each other,” the elder smiled when he noticed Ye Zichen’s gaze on Su Yiyun.

“Senior Qiu, what are you saying? Ever since I had joined the Demon Realm, I have become one of its people. Acquaintances from the past are nothing to me. I only care for the Demon Realm. Everything else is meaningless,” Su Yiyun said without any emotion in his voice. In fact, his indifferent tone sent a chill down everyone’s spines.

“You have the right idea, and that’s especially true with your skills in formations. When you reach the Upper Three Realms, even His Majesty would definitely place great importance in you. God Realm, Yao Realm, Liches… The ones who will unite the Six Realms will definitely be we demons,” the elder revealed a proud expression as he spoke.

Su Yiyun also nodded without saying anything else.

“Ye Zichen, he’s the one I told you about,” Lorie pointed towards the demon elder.

Ye Zichen nodded. After he had heard about that mark, he was certain that it was this old monster from the Demon Realm.

What’s more, since even the system couldn’t do anything against the old man, Ye Zichen was sure that old monster was definitely going to be trouble.

“Child, due to Yiyun, I can ignore your disrespect earlier. Leave, this herbman is not yours to have” the elder looked up.

However, Ye Zichen squinted his eyes with a smile and walked over beside Lorie, “I think not.”

At the same time, he also called out to the system repeatedly in his mind.

Since both the old man and the system were from the Upper Three Realms, the system was the only one who could even fight the old man.

Wait, no…

There’s Lorie now as well.

“Why are you talking like that? I told you I’m not going with you. If you are still going to act so outrageously, then I’m going to hit you,” Lorie waved her fists and pouted.

The truth was that the elder was rather wary of Lorie. After all, he had been beaten up by Lorie the previous time he was there.


At that moment, someone appeared in the sky above them.

“Senior Qiu Hai, Lord Black Dragon instructed me to tell you that… Ye Zichen, why are you here!?” Gu Li descended from the air with a frown, then looked towards Ye Zichen again with a look of disdain. What’s more, his meaningful smile became even more apparent when he looked towards Su Yiyun.

“What did Black Dragon instruct you to tell me?” Qiu Hai was rather displeased. He’s chit chatting with someone else in my presence? Is he even taking me seriously!?

“Ah, it’s like this,” Gu Li turned around once more, then replied respectfully. “The Immortal Region, Underworld and Heavenly Court are locked in an endless fight. Lord Black Dragon said that it is the right time to demolish them all together.”

“What!?” Ye Zichen’s face was covered in shock.

Third Fatty Jin’s eyes were also filled with fear, “Fight!?”

“Ye Zichen, why are you still here? It’s not like you at all. The outside world is in endless combat. I heard that you’re rather close with the other realms, why are you able to stay here like this? With your personality, shouldn’t you be rushing over to save them?” Gu Li had a mocking smile on his face.

Ye Zichen and Third Fatty Jin looked at each other, “How’s that possible!?”

“Didn’t you know?” Gu Li pursed his lips. “Oh, isn’t this is interesting.”

With that, he looked back towards Qiu Hai, “Senior, this brat is the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. He has disrupted our plans several times. If you are in a good mood, you can consider capturing him as well.”

“Gu Li!” Su Yiyun said darkly.

“What? Does Master Su have anything to say to me? Oh, actually, I would have forgotten if you didn’t call out to me. Lord Black Dragon told you to immediately return to the Demon Realm.” Gu Li’s expression was covered in endless mockery.

Su Yiyun clenched his fists tightly under the cover of his robe, then glared fiercely at Gu Li with his blurred, but blood red eyes. “Senior Qiu Hai, since Lord Black Dragon has important business with us, then let us return. We can take the herbman here for ourselves at any time, but the chance to conquer the Three Realms will not wait. What do…”

“We will always have the chance to do that. What time is even unsuitable for us to conquer the Three Realms with Senior Qiu Hai here?” Gu Li laughed.

However, nobody expected…


Su Yiyun grabbed Gu Li by the neck, and the veins popping up on his arms was clear that Su Yiyun was truly angry. “Gu Li, stop challenging my bottom line. You already know that I don’t have a good temper.”

Su Yiyun slowly lifted Gu Li off the ground, while Gu Li’s face turned red as he repeatedly kicked his legs in an attempt to get free.

“Yiyun, what are you doing?”

“Heh,” Su Yiyun slammed Gu Li down to the ground with a cold snort. “I don’t like fighting over things, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to do that. I will give Qiu Hai face and will let you go alive this time, but if you challenge my bottom line again, then I don’t mind sending you into the cycle of samsara once more. You can try me if you want.”

“You resisted it?” Gu Li laughed mockingly as he crawled up from the ground.

Su YIyun glared at him solemnly, “You truly want to die?”

“Master Su is taking it too seriously. I haven’t lived enough of my puny life yet, so how could I wish for death. But you, since we’re afraid of Senior Qiu Hai, aren’t you afraid that…”

“What do I need to fear?” Su Yiyun’s eyes were instantly filled with cold pride. He looked indifferently at Qiu Hai with colorless eyes that seemed to tremble even Qiu Hai’s heart. “Do you dare to do anything against me?”

“Su Yiyun,” Qiu Hai’s expression changed. He couldn’t understand why he actually felt a bit of fear when facing Su Yiyun. “Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Do I not?” Su Yiyun pulled down his hood, completely shocking everyone.

His body was filled with strange chaotic runes that seemed to have a vague connection with each other.

Then suddenly, all of them levitated off his body.

They floated into the air and became a long chain.

“You…” Qiu Hai was dumbstruck.

Su Yiyun smiled indifferently, then snorted, “Which of you can do anything to me!?”

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