Chapter 664 The Herbman is Mine

Chapter 664 – The Herbman is Mine

“I really didn’t expect this valley to be a land of fortune,” Ye Zichen took a bite out of the juicy fruit in his hand.

The herbgirl stuck by him and occasionally chucked a pill into her mouth.

Although she was only eating normal pills, it was really thanks to her being a spiritual herb herself.

Otherwise, anyone else would have exploded due to all the spiritual pills being eaten.

“Over there,” the girl suddenly raised her hand.

Ye Zichen looked forward and saw a strand of Mandela Grass.

The grass itself was white, like a daikon.

That was a type of herb which will cause people to sleep after ingesting it. During the slumber, the person’s strength will steadily increase. It had rather mild effects, so even spiritual body leveled people could ingest it. At the same time, the increase in strength from it was percentage based, so it was something rather sought after by many Sky Immortal leveled experts.

However, Ye Zichen merely took a glance at a rare herb like that.

“It isn’t all that old for a long time. Let’s leave it.”

During the months he had been in the valley, he had already taken quite a bit of Mandela Grass. Actually, just a few days prior, he had taken one that was nearly a thousand years old, and only woken up after four days of sleep.

When he woke up, he was already of the late-stage Sky Immortal level. For others, every tiny bit of increase in the Sky Immortal level was normally as hard as reaching for the stars, yet, for Ye Zichen…

All he had to do was sleep.

“Oh,” the girl pouted. It has gotten harder and harder for her to earn candies, and when she thought about the remaining few vials of candy in her pocket, they would only last her two more days.

“Never mind, let’s end the search here. We’ve come out for so long already, Fatty’s still waiting at home for us. He’s definitely really bored.” Ye Zichen stretched lazily.

The girl bit her lips and replied unwillingly, “Let’s search a bit more.”

“Lil’ Lorie, you were clearly against finding herbs for me to eat at the start. Why are you even more interested in it than me now?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a chuckle.

Lorie was the name he gave the girl, and it was settled since she liked the name as well.

Lorie was a pure girl, and everything she thought about could clearly be seen on her face. When Ye Zichen saw her sad face, he immediately knew that she was actually worried about not having enough pills to eat.

“I was thinking that since we already came out, we should bring some back,” Lorie bit her lips and answered pitifully.

Ye Zichen patted her head, then pulled out the strand of Mandela Grass.

“Then we’ll take it back,” with that, he took out ten bottles of vials of recovery pills and handed it to Lorie. “Here’s your commission.”

“Hehe, Ye Zichen, you’re amazing,” Lil’ Lorie put the jade vials carefully in her pocket, then grabbed Ye Zichen’s hand. “C’mon, let’s go home.”

“Didn’t you say that you want to search for a bit longer?”

“No need now, I’ve got enough to eat.”

“Oh you kiddo.”

When the two returned to the herb garden side by side, they found Third Fatty Jin sitting on the ground in a half-dozing state, while the ginseng spirit he had tried to harvest initially stood opposite him.

They stared at each other without uttering a single word.


“Boss Ye, you finally returned. I feel like I’m going to die,” Third Fatty Jin walked over quickly, while Lorie skipped over to the ginseng spirit’s side and occasionally gave it a pill.

“What did you guys manage to get this time?” Third Fatty Jin received a cigarette from Ye Zichen and asked after puffing up a mouthful of smoke.

“What else could we have gotten? We can’t go too far since the herb garden is here, and we’ve already harvested most of the spiritual herbs around here already,” Ye Zichen leaned on a boulder and looked up at the cliff above. “How long have we been here for?”

“There’s no actual day or night here, so how would I know?” Third Fatty Jin shrugged and smiled wryly. “I wonder when we can get out. Oh, speaking of that, I was rather annoyed when I stayed in the sect before, but now I realize that staying in the sect is an amazing thing.”

“Your sect might be going insane since the chief disciple is nowhere to be found…” Ye Zichen smiled.

“Not really, that’ll be more of the case for you,” Third Fatty Jin put out his cigarette and leaned on a boulder. “Your friends must be really worried, and it’s the same with the Heavenly Court and Underworld guys. Boss Ye, how did you actually end up with them?”

“It’s a long story,” Ye Zichen shook his head, then took out his phone. While in the valley, he would check his phone every few days and even proactively called out to the system.

However, there was never any response.

“Who!?” Lorie’s vigilant call suddenly sounded out in the herb garden.

Ye Zichen and Third Fatty Jin stood up straight and looked around.

Lorie was frowning heavily, facing the herb garden, while two black-robed people stood in front of her.

How did someone appear so suddenly? Did the wind barrier up there close?

Ye Zichen lifted his hand, then looked at his phone and saw that the system didn’t actually send him any messages.

“Senior, this is the herbman you talked about?” the slightly hoarse voice asked in a questioning manner.

The person beside him nodded, “Yes, a herbman. This herbman is on the level of a herb king, her strength is above mine. However, the higher grade the herbman, the more effective the herb is. If I can capture her, then it would be great news for the Demon Realm.”

“Then, what do you need me to do?”

“Wow, it’s you again,” Lorie frowned, then put her hands on her waist. “I only just beat you away the other time. You actually came back.”

“There’s no helping it, you’re a herbman, so even if you chase me away ten thousand times, I will still return,” the demon elder smiled. “Come with me. I will leave the herbs in your herb garden alone.”

“Why should I leave with you? I don’t like you at all,” Lorie pouted angrily. “Leave now, if you don’t, then I’m going to hit you again.”

With that, Lorie raised her fists. Yet, although she was threatening the other person, it didn’t feel like that at all.

“Yiyun, set up the formations.”

“Understood,” one of the black-robed men stepped forward and threw several shimmering stones onto the ground in front of him.

The old man beside him smiled at Lorie. “You still have time to consider right now. If you come with me, then I can provide you with limitless pills every day, but if I capture you, then that’s a different story. Your entire body will become an ingredient for the Demon Realm.”

“You’re making a mistake here,” Ye Zichen walked out from behind the boulder with a cigarette in his mouth. “She’s mine now. You really should see who the heck you are when trying to cause trouble here.”

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