Chapter 663 Repeat of History

Chapter 663 – Repeat of History

Meanwhile, in the Underworld.

Everything seemed a lot bleaker after the wraith attack. Suiren and co. sat down in the Great Emperor Equaling Heaven’s hall and awaited his arrival.

“He’s actually putting on airs,” Zhuanxu muttered angrily. They have already arrived in the Underworld for more than an hour, his patience had already been worn away.

“Uncle, someone needs to take charge when the Underworld was hit so heavily. We already saw that when we came here, so let’s just wait patiently,” Ku comforted.

Zhuanxu couldn’t help but curse, “Just who’s personality did you inherit? My older brother didn’t have this sort of meek personality. Back then, when you were the Emperor, you acted strongly as well. Did staying in the Immortal Region all these years cause you to lose your edge?”

“You are too anxious. We need to be more rational when facing situations such as this,” Ku maintained his indifferent tone.

Zhuanxu pointed at him angrily, then slowly put his hand down again. “Hmmph, you have to be rational in some situations, but being irrational is better in others.”

“Brother Zhuanxu, what happened, why are you so angry?” A chuckle echoed through the hall. Although nobody was there, they knew that the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven had arrived.

“Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven, that’s some air you’ve put on. My bottom is already sore from all the sitting, and you’ve only just now arrived,” Zhuanxu couldn’t help but sneer.

“Brother Zhuanxu, why are you acting like this? Didn’t you see the chaos that the Underworld is in when you arrived?” the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens smiled. “I do need to control the situation a bit, right? I hurried over immediately afterwards.”

“Heh, you have so many excuses even though your management of the Underworld is certainly terrible,” Zhuanxu mocked in reply.

“It isn’t really Brother Zhanxu’s place to finger-point at my management of the Underworld, is it?” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven’s tone turned colder.

Hearing that, Ku immediately spoke up, “Great Emperor, please do not take his words to heart. My uncle didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Whether he meant anything or not is not of my concern. I wonder what did you come to the Underworld for?”

Suiren pushed Zhanxu down before the latter could speak. Instead, he looked towards Ku, and signaled for him to be the one to speak.

“Great Emperor, we came here for the Sovereign,” Ku said calmly.

“Sovereign. What does your Sovereign have to do with the Underworld? What? The reincarnation of the Sovereign passed away, and you are asking me for him? That’s alright, I’ll call the judge over now.”

“Call your f*cking ass,” Zhanxu stood up from his chair and cursed. “You’re the one who f*cked up and died after reincarnating.”

“Zhanxu, I don’t want to mind you because the Immortal Region did mobilize their army to help suppress the wraiths of the Underworld, but don’t get too full of yourself. Even it was Shennong, Fuxi or your uncle Shaohao, they would still need to speak to me courteously. To put it in a worse way, just who the heck are you?”

“Say that again!?”

“Zhanxu,” Suiren frowned, then stood up from his chair. “Great Emperor, Zhanxu’s tone was poor, but you should mind the way you speak as well, right?”

“What about it?” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens laughed. “Honestly, the only one I think highly of in the Immortal Region is the Yellow Emperor, but he was forced by you guys to go through the cycle of samsara. Both the Jade Emperor and I used several hundreds of thousands of years to reach the Immortal King level. The Yellow Emperor was halfway into the realm in merely a thousand years, but you guys thought that it wasn’t fast enough… Heh, if you like Immortal Kings so much, then why didn’t you go and reincarnate? Isn’t it good for you, as one who’s already half dead, to give it a shot?”

“I lack the talent.”

“Lacking talent is an excuse now?” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens snickered. “in terms of talent, the Jade Emperor is the one with the worst talent. Let’s be honest, the Immortal Region is just full of some self-righteous, hypocritical and petty people. It truly is a loss for Brother Yellow Emperor to belong to the Immortal Region.”

“Great Emperor, let’s not talk about that shall we?” Suiren suppressed his anger and said calmly. “We have business with you.”

“Zeze, you managed to endure that? That’s impressive. I’ll give you some time because of your endurance. Say it, what is it?”

“The Immortal Region mobilized some people to suppress the wraiths, but the Underworld lied about the information, causing us to suffer huge losses,” Suiren frowned. “What do you have to say about that?”

“King Ksitigarbha told me about that, but my people were right. Wraiths have a unique constitution, meaning that they cannot break through the Earth Immortal level, so there is no point in even mentioning the Human or Sky Immortal levels. I feel like there is something wrong with your disciple. What’s more, I did search for them myself, but did not find any of those so-called ‘super wraiths’.”

“Then you’re saying that a disciple of the Immortal Region was lying?” Suiren asked.

“One side is definitely lying, and I don’t think it’s my people,” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens smiled.

However, Zhanxu couldn’t stand it anymore, “Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven, that’s just too much. I’m telling you, the status of the Human Sovereign Yellow Emperor and the chief disciple of Great Emperor Qingming are unknown at this time. The source of everything is your wraiths. The Yellow Emperor is of utmost importance to the Immortal Region. Those were your wraiths, you should take full responsibility for this matter.”

“There really is something wrong with you people from the Immortal Region,” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens sneered. “The Yellow Emperor is a saint-like person of the Immortal Region. Yet, when something happened to him, the first thing you guys did was not to go find and rescue him. Rather, you came to criticize me? If you have the time for that, then couldn’t you go and find him, or his body, before doing that? You keep on talking about just how important the Yellow Emperor is to you guys, but just what exactly are you doing? You’re trying to fault someone? Don’t you find that ridiculous?”

“What do you mean?” Zhanxu roared in anger.

“Nothing. I just find you guys rather interesting,” Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens snorted. “I can’t be bothered with you self-righteous fellows. Please take your leave.”

“Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens!”

However, the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens did not reply anymore.

Zhanxu smashed the table in the room into smithereens, while Suiren’s expression turned dark.

“Return to the Immortal Region, send out our armies!”

What they did not know was that the first thing the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens did after leaving the hall was talk to King Ksitigarbha.

“The Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation seems to be in danger. Ksitigarbha, go and send people out to search for him. The area is approximately within a one thousand five hundred kilometer radius of Maple City.”

“Understood,” King Ksitigarbha left on Diting.

Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens sneered, “What irresponsible people they were.”

“You actually going to be able to do it? I can’t hold it anymore,” the Eight Formation Origin Chart above Fatty Yin shimmered with a blinding light.

The white-shirted man hacked over and over again on the space ahead.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to be done soon.”

“Hurry up, I really can’t hold it anymore,” bead-like droplets of sweat flowed down from Fatty Yin’s face and onto the floor. At that very moment…


The white-shirted man’s longsword tore a hole in the surrounding space. He immediately flicked his arm…

“Let’s go,” he grabbed Fatty Yin and entered the spatial crack.

However, when they arrived within the sacred land of the Immortal Region…

“What’s going on?” Fatty Yin looked at the mass of people underneath him in confusion.

The sword in the white-shirted man’s hand disappeared into nothingness. “It seems like I’m still too late. History is about to repeat itself, again.”

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