Chapter 662 Meeting of the Immortal Region’s Higher Ups

Chapter 662 – Meeting of the Immortal Region’s Higher Ups

“Chief Martial Uncle, please seek justice for Senior Brother Jin!” Sun Yuanjia, whose body was covered in wounds, knelt outside Great Emperor’s Qingming’s hall, while the injured disciples, who returned with him, all kneeled down behind him.

Their eyes were either filled with tears or with rage.

“What are you lot doing? Chief is in closed cultivation. Just what exactly is this supposed to be!?” An elder of the sect scolded them all angrily.

Sun Yuanjia looked up with a frown, “Martial Uncle Liu. Senior Brother Jin… died in combat.”

“What?” the elder took a step back in shock, while the other elders opened their eyes wide. “Martial Nephew Jin died in combat? Didn’t you just go to help the Underworld clear out wraiths? How could he have died?”

“The mission was going rather smoothly, but right at the very end, the Underworld provided us with false information, wishing ill of us. They made Senior Brother Jin take us to deal with about ten thousand wraiths. The Underworld person promised that the wraiths were not going to be stronger than Earth Immortals, but after we got there, we noticed that even the weakest was of the complete stage of the Earth Immortal level,” Sun Yuanjia pursed his lips and replied with bloodshot eyes and his fists clenched. “If you don’t believe me, ask all the junior brothers behind me!”

“The Underworld wishes ill of us. We should kill them!”

“Senior Brother Jin…”

The rest of the disciples either cursed begrudgingly or wept. None of the elders present were sure of what to do.

Sun Yuanjia took the chance to inch forward, then loudly kowtowed on the ground thrice.

“Chief Martial Uncle, please come out of closed cultivation.”

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Chief Martial Uncle, please come out of closed cultivation.”

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Chief Martial Uncle, please come out of closed cultivation.”

Although Sun Yuanjia’s blood had already stained the white bricks of the hall, he continued to repeat the same action over and over again.

Under his lead, the other disciples also copied what he did and kowtowed on the ground.

The surrounding elders tried to stop them, but realized that it was futile in this sort of situation.


The door of the hall opened.

Great Emperor Qingming walked out of the hall dressed in a green robe with a tired look on his face. He looked down at the disciples, “What are you doing? Do you still have any respect for the elders and I?”

“Chief Martial Uncle, Senior Brother Jin…”

Great Emperor Qingming raised his hand and slapped Sun Yunjia’s face through the air before the latter could finish.


Sun Yuanjia could only spurt out a large mouthful of blood, then stumbled backwards, only stopping when he hit a pillar.

“Chief Senior Brother.”

The other elders couldn’t help but call out.

Great Emperor Qingming squinted his eyes with a snort, “I think the one who wishes ill of us is you.”

“Chief Senior Uncle, Martial Nephew doesn’t understand,” Sun Yuanjia knelt down on the floor and clenched his chest, then gritted his teeth. “Senior Brother Jin died in battle, he is your disciple. He is the chief disciple of our sect. Martial Nephew does not think that I did anything wrong!”

“Nothing wrong… There were millions of ways you would have handled this, but you just had to go and choose the most extreme one. If you’re going to continue to act so ignorantly, then I can only grant you death,” a huge palm appeared in the air.

The surrounding disciples and elder wanted to speak up, but…

“Who dares to stop me!?”

They all shut their mouths.

“Sun Yuanjia, this sovereign is asking you right now. Are you someone working for the demons? If you answer honestly, then I can allow you to leave as you have contributed to our sect in the past,” Great Emperor Qingming frowned.

Sun Yuanjia laughed like a maniac, “Hahaha, that is hilarious. I, Sun Yuanjia, have been in the sect for over a hundred years, and I’m going to end up getting labeled as a demon spy? This is hilarious, seriously hilarious. Fine, if the head of our sect thinks that I’m a demon spy, then just kill me.”

“Heh, then I will grant you your wish,” the palm in the air descended.

When the palm reached Sun Yuanjia, he laughed, “I accept that Martial Uncle is suspecting me, but I still have to say that the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation also died in combat together with Senior Brother Jin.”


The palm shattered.

Great Emperor Qingming rushed over in front of Sun Yuanjia, “Repeat what you said just now again?”

Great Emperor’s Qingming raging spiritual energy pressured Sun Yuanjia, yet, the latter still replied through gritted teeth, “Ye Zichen is the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, right?”


Great Emperor Qingming instantly disappeared.

The disciples and elders all looked towards the first elder of the inner sect.

“Everyone leave. Take Sun Yuanjia away to rest.”


Suiren, who was in a beast-hide, smashed the stone table in front of him into smithereens.

“Qingming, are you for real?”

“Those were what the disciples of the inner sect said. I cannot be sure of how accurate it is. But I did leave a mark on the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation before. I have tried to search for it, but could not find it,” Great Emperor Qingming replied with a frown.

Suiren’s expression turned dark, “How do you think we should handle this?”

“Brother Yellow Emperor is of extreme importance to the Immortal Region. We should go and question the Underworld,” said Shun, the Fire Emperor.

“Yes, the Human Sovereign is of crucial importance to us. We don’t have to fight the Underworld, but at the very least, we have to ask them about the it,” Yu, the Earth Emperor, also voiced his opinion.

“Don’t you think that there is something wrong with all this?” the Water Emperor – Yao, couldn’t help but ask. “Why did the Human Sovereign suddenly end up in trouble in these sorts of circumstances? The one who passed us the news was a disciple of our Immortal Region sacred land, while he placed the blame completely on the Underworld. I feel like we should think about everything further.”

“I agree with Brother Yao’s opinion,” said Ku, the Wood Emperor.

“Zhuanxu, what do you think…” Suiren asked.

“What is there to consider?” Zhuanxu looked around. “Ku, the Yellow Emperor is your great grandfather…”

“Uncle, he is merely the reincarnation. What’s more, right now, we shouldn’t…”

“We shouldn’t what!?” Zhuanxu glared. “Even if he is the reincarnation, he is still the Yellow Emperor, he is still your great grandfather. Suiren, since Fuxi and Shennong aren’t here, you are our leader. Tell us what we should do. But in my opinion? Fight! If the Underworld doesn’t help us find the Human Sovereign, then I’m going to fight even if the Great Emperor Qingming faces us in person. I do want to see just how much stronger is an Immortal King compared to us complete stage Human Immortals!”

“The Human Sovereign is of utmost importance to us. Mobilizing our army is too impulsive, but we do need to question them. We’ll do this. Ku, Zhuanxu and I will go to the Underworld. Everyone else remains on guard here. Any objections?” Suiren frowned.

Zhuanxu wanted to speak up, but when he considered that he was going to the Underworld as well, their stance shouldn’t turn too terrible.


When the other people all nodded, Suiren ended the meeting.

“Then, that’s it.”

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