Chapter 661 The System’s Arrangement

Chapter 661 – The System’s Arrangement

Beat him until he ran away?

Ye Zichen opened his eyes wide and checked out the girl in front of him.

The girl looked very thin, yet she gave of a vibe of a young lady from a traditional family. Her eyes seemed to radiate purity and looked as if she had never been tainted by any worldly affairs.

If this girl really did beat away the old man who even makes the system wary…

Then, just how strong is she!?

“Why are you looking at me like that?” the girl blinked in confusion. Then, she suddenly walked over in front of Ye Zichen and reached out her hand. “Give me candy.”

“Here you go,” he took out a pill and placed it into the girl’s hand. Then, he took out another one and waved in it front of her. “Then tell me, where did the old man go after you beat him up till he ran away?”

“He flew away,” the girl pursed his lips and thought about it for a moment. “He found out that he couldn’t beat me, so he just flew away from up there without saying anything.”

Ye Zichen frowned at that.

How did that old man leave? There’s clearly a natural wind barrier up there that you can’t forcefully break through.

Or can Supreme level experts ignore the existence of those?


The phone in Ye Zichen’s pocket rang. He quickly took out his phone and saw that there was still no signal.

It’s the system!

He’s the only one who would be able to contact me!

Ye Zichen opened the chat app on his phone and saw that it was indeed a message from the system.

System Notification: Congratulations, I heard you fell into the Death Valley.

Ye Zichen’s expression instantly grew dark when he saw this.

“I can tell you have a damn smug look on your face. I have no time for that. Hurry up and get me out. There’s a wind barrier above, so I can’t get out myself.”

System Notification: I can’t do anything about that.

“Uhm… Can you give me more candy?” the herbgirl walked over and said softly behind Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen turned around and handed her an entire bottle of human-grade recovery pills without thinking,

The girl immediately walked beside him joyously, then sat down to chuck the ‘candies’ into her mouth one by one.

“Why are you so useless? That old guy from the Demon Realm came here, but he was able to disregard it and leave.”

System Notification: The old guy from the Demon Realm? Who are you talking about?

“The old man who hurt the Great Sage and Yuan Hong.”

System Notification: How’s that possible!? Why did he go over there? How do you know?

“I have a herbgirl beside me, she said that old man wanted to capture her.”

System Notification: You have a herbman beside you?

At this moment… the system was actually standing on the edge of the cliff that would lead to the Death Valley. Meanwhile, Fatty Yin also stood beside him with the Eight Formation Origin Chart.

The system’s eyebrows were locked together. Starting from a moment that he didn’t realize, the world had begun to progress in a direction that he didn’t know about.

Both the powerful old man from the Demon Realm and the herbgirl were people he had no recollection of.

“What happened? Did something happen?” Fatty Yin put away the chart. “The person who set up the wind barrier is definitely an expert amongst expert formation grandmasters. My knowledge of formations is only at an amateur level, I’m unable to break through the formation here even with the help of the Eight Formation Origin Chart.”

“There’s a herbman in the valley.”

“Herbman?” Fatty Yin trembled. He edged carefully to the tip of the cliff and looked down at the seemingly bottomless valley. “There’s a herbman in the valley? The Ye brat told you?”

“Yeah, I’m talking to him now,” the white-shirted man nodded. “The direction the world is going in has already changed. Meeting a herbman is definitely a great news for him.”

“Of course, even the super experts from the God Realm and Liches want a herbman by them. Heck, herbman are extremely rare even in the Upper Three Realms. The Ye brat is truly overflowing with luck. He actually managed to bump into a herbman here,” Fatty Yin exclaimed. “But… the most important thing right now is for us to get him and the herbman up here.”

“He’ll definitely be able to come up,” the white-shirted man said firmly. “The wind barrier here closes every three months. He’ll be able to fly up when it closes, but during these three months, the Three Realms will end up in a complete mess.”

The white-shirted man’s expression darkened. He could still remember what had happened as clear as if it was just yesterday.

The Immortal Realm attacked the Underworld. The Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven had to personally suppress the Five Emperors. The Jade Emperor mobilized the Heavenly Court’s armies to suppress both sides like a praying mantis, while the Demon Realm attacked right after like oriole behind the mantis, completely catching all three realms off guard.

The Three Realms ended up in turmoil and disaster followed…

“No, I can’t let this history repeat itself. I definitely can’t!” The white-shirted man bit his lips and looked down to read Ye Zichen’s reply.

“Yeah, there is a herbman over here.”

“Uhm, hey dude, I’m a very insecure person, can you not just randomly disappear?

“System, f*ck you. I’m seriously worried right now!”

System Notification: The wind barrier in the valley closes every three months. I’ll remind you to come out when it closes. Try to improve your own strength as much as possible during these three months. There are plenty of spiritual herbs in the valley, it’ll be a lot easier for you to find them with a herbman by you. What you need to do is just to continuously strengthen yourself… Continuously! Got it?”

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth when he saw the message.

Three months.

I have to stay underneath the cliff for three months?

“Is there no way to get out early?”

System Notification: I don’t know how that demon got out, but that is the only method I know about.

“Alright, then I’ll stay here for three months.”

Ye Zichen shrugged. To no surprise, there wasn’t any more replies, and the system notifications disappeared.

“F*ck,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes as he watched the messages disappear. However, it was clear that the system had already told him what he needed to know, so he put his phone away. “I guess I’ll make myself at home here.”

“Hehe, what was that in your hands just now?” the girl, who was eating pills beside Ye Zichen giggled. It was clear from her expression that she felt very close to Ye Zichen.

In terms of intimacy level, their level was at least Trusted.

“It’s a fun thing. You want?”

“Nah, I like the candies you gave me more,” with that, the girl tried to pour more pills out of the vial. Then, when she noticed that there were no more, her delicate face frowned as she muttered. “It’s all gone.”

“Here you go,” Ye Zichen took out another vial and chucked it to her without thinking.

“You have to properly improve your relationship with her if you want her to help you find herbs.”

“Fatty, are there any portals to the Immortal Region around here?” the system put his phone away as well and turned to Fatty Yin.

“I don’t think so, but I’m not familiar with those guys from the Immortal Realm,” Fatty Yin shrugged. “I’m a supreme from the Yao Realm, how could I have contact with the Immortal Region guys?”


The white-shirted man clenched his fists tightly, then gritted his teeth with a squint of his eyes. “It seems like we’re going to have to forcefully tear the space around the Immortal region.”

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