Chapter 660 Herbman

Chapter 660 – Herbman

The scolding caused Third Fatty Jin, who was about to harvest the herb to stop. Just as he was zoning out, the ginseng spirit popped out of the ground and ran in front of the girl.

“Don’t worry, big sis will protect you,” the girl patted the ginseng spirit’s head.

The spirit nodded in a human-like fashion, then went back into the soil.

Third Fatty Jin opened his eyes wide and looked at the girl…

“Why is there someone here?”

“Who exactly are you people!? Why are you bullying my little brothers and sisters? I’m telling you, don’t think that we are easy pickings. Hurry up and leave this place before I get mad,” the girl had her hands on her waist like a hen protecting her chicks.

‘Little brothers and sisters…” Third Fatty Jin repeated the phrase, then squinted his eyes as he looked towards the girl…

The girl clearly seemed more immature compared to other young teenagers in the Immortal Realm.

Together with the way she addressed the spiritual herbs… If I’m not mistaken…

Third Fatty Jin’s eyes lit up as he muttered to himself silently.

What sort of merit did I achieve in my previous life? I’ve actually found a herbman!

Herbman, like their name suggests...

Are herbs that have taken human form.

The herbs who can do so are the absolute best amongst spiritual herbs, and taking human form would take several tens of thousands of years.

Not only Sky Immortal experts, even Immortal Kings would fight with each other for this level of spiritual herb.

Back then, before the Jade Emperor had broken through to the Immortal King level, he had once offered up everything he had in hope of getting a herbman to help him break through.

However, he did not succeed.

Thus, he could only undergo several tens of thousands of trials to finally break through.

Not only were herbmen able to help people break through cultivation levels, they also had plenty other effects. It can be said having any level of strength for those who can get a single herbman was only a matter of time.

“Why are you looking at me that way? Go away,” the girl pouted.

Third Fatty Jin took a few steps backwards and stopped in front of Ye Zichen. “Boss Ye.”

“What going on?” Ye Zichen was kind of confused. He thought that it was impossible for anyone to survive in their surroundings. However, the moment he even had that thought, reality mercilessly smacked him on the face.

Yet, this girl seems a bit dumb. Did she end up hitting her head when she fell down?

“Herbman, this girl is a herbman!” Third Fatty Jin muttered carefully. “We’re truly rich now. Dominate that herbman with all your strength. After we gain that herbman, we’ll not only be able to do whatever we want in the Three Realms, we’ll be able to do the same in the Upper Three Realms!”

Third Fatty Jin glanced over at the girl occasionally as she spoke.

“She’s that strong?”

“Of course!” Third Fatty Jin muttered. “It’s normally very hard to capture herbmen, those old geezers won’t allow themselves to be caught easily. But this one’s different. She has probably never left this valley, so she’s as pure as a small white flower. That’s very beneficial for us.”

“Oh, then?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Then we’ll capture her. Boss Ye, a life of fortune might just come to us if we take the chance,” with that, Third Fatty Jin turned around and gave a signal to Ye Zichen, telling him to adapt to the situation. Then, he walked towards the girl with a pill in his hand.

“Little sister, do you want to eat this?”

Third Fatty Jin heard about giving pills to herbmen from his master. The entirety of an herbman was treasure, so they would naturally be very picky. They were only interested in pills.

And just as he expected, the girl’s eyes were filled with interest and her little nose twitched the moment Third Fatty Jin took out the pill.

“Are you really going to give it to me?” her eyes became filled with a desire for the pill.

Third Fatty Jin smirked, “Of course, this pill is for you.”

As Third Fatty Jin handed the pill over slowly, the girl blinked and considered taking the pill from his hands. However, the moment Third Fatty Jin smirked, so did the girl.


The girl kicked Third Fatty Jin a dozen meters back, then punched and dispersed the seals Third Fatty Jin had placed.

“Hmmph, I can tell that you’re not a good guy. Do you think that I’m in idiot and would get tricked?” the girl looked up proudly, however, the desire for the pill in Third Fatty Jin’s hands were clearly real.

She really did want to eat that pill!

“This makes no sense!” Third Fatty Jin, who was on the ground, rubbed his bottom in confusion. How did the girl notice my plan?

My plan was great. I set up the formations in secret while I held the pill out.

A herbman like this girl who haven’t experienced the world shouldn’t know about spiritual formations. Since her attention is on the pill, she wouldn’t care about those spiritual formations she doesn’t know about.

Then she wouldn’t have been able to escape after the spiritual formation was set up!

“You’re a baddie, just like those guys before,” the girl pouted like an angry tiger cub.

Third Fatty Jin and Ye Zichen were both shocked…

There was someone who had come here before us.

“Little girl, did someone come to the valley before?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but ask.

“Why should I tell you?” the girl tilted her head with a wrinkle on her nose. “You’re friends with that guy. I’m not going to tell anything to a bad guy.”

Ye Zichen chuckled silently, then took out a pill and placed it in his palm.

“I’ll give you this candy if you tell me.”

“Hmm…” the girl licked her lips, while desired filled her eyes. However, she forced herself to look away with a snort. “Hmph, you still want to trick me? I’m no fool!”

“I wouldn’t,” Ye Zichen chucked the pill towards the girl.

The girl immediately jumped up to grab the pill, then placed it into her mouth.

A blissful looked like that of a kitten’s appeared on her face with her cute dimples and closed eyes.

“You’re a good guy,” the girl looked up at Ye Zichen with a smile. “If I tell you, then can you give me another candy?”

“Of course,” the pill Ye Zichen gave her was merely of the lowest grade. He was able to afford it even if she wanted to eat ten thousand of those per day.

“Then I’ll tell you. About half a month ago, an old man with black clothes came here. He was so mean. He wanted to pull all of my little brothers and sisters away the moment he got here, and tried to capture me by tricking me with candy.”

“Old man in black clothes? Can you be more specific?”

“Mhmm, I think he had a flaming skull on his forehead,” the girl replied.

Ye Zichen frowned, while a person appeared in his mind.

The old man who nearly killed the Great Sage and Yuan Hong in the Demon Realm seemed to have that mark on his forehead.

“What happened after that? Ye Zichen asked nervously. He understood the strength of that man very well, in fact, he was so strong that even the system couldn’t do anything about him.

“I beat him, and he ran away!” the girl giggled. “Hmmph, he was so mean, and tried to bully me. I was angry, so I beat him!”

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Little brothers and sisters? What? Fatty's just pulling out some herb...

Wait no, that's not the point. There's someone else down here!? Who could it be? Does this mean that there's a way to get out of here!? So we're not trapped here for the rest of eternity? That's amazing!

But... wait, nononononono. She said... little brothers and sisters? So... the herbs are her little brothers and sisters? I've heard people call cats and dogs their children, but herbs as their siblings...

Oh my f*cking god, why is that ginseng running away!?

What is wrong with this world!!!?


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