Chapter 66 The truth shall be revealed.

Chapter 66 – The truth shall be revealed.

Ye Zichen was a bit confused as he looked at the students in front of him.

The Fiery Eyes of Truth had indeed been taken away. This was something he knew without a doubt. Ye Zichen deliberately stared at the passing schoolmates in order to prove this.

He could see different colored underwear before, but he couldn’t then.

Ye Zichen looked up. He could still see Liu Qing.

That’s weird.

Ye Zichen commented in his heart. At this moment, Liu Qing also floated in front of him and pouted, “Why did you start looking at me like that since earlier this morning?”

“No, how can you still talk to me?”

“Then why can’t I talk to you?”

Liu Qing rolled her eyes. Ye Zichen rubbed his temples, seriously…

“Ye Zichen.”

A soft voice suddenly called out behind him. Ye Zichen turned around and saw Sun Yige standing behind him with a smile.

Ye Zichen gave Liu Qing a cue for her to float upwards, then smiled towards Sun Yige, “Class Rep Sun.”

“Thank you so much for yesterday,” Sun Yige bit her lips as she dipped her head and thanked him.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen instantly shrugged helplessly, “Class Rep Sun, there’s no need to be so courteous, right? Have you read Water Margin? If you see injustice, then roar; make a move when you should. Just treat me as a hero from Mount Liang.”


Sun Yige couldn’t help but giggle the moment Ye Zichen finished.

Her smile was like a blooming lotus flower in a pond. She was beyond beautiful, and should not be defiled.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen was awestruck.

The smile continuously appeared in his mind. This sort of smile that could bring salvation to someone might be inerasable in his life.

“Ye Zichen!” Liu Qing, who was in midair, suddenly floated beside his ear and roared like a little lion.

This roar brought Ye Zichen back to his senses. He rolled his eyes at Liu Qing. Meanwhile, Sun Yige said with a blush, “The school anniversary is soon, you haven’t been at school these few days and haven’t’ decided on your show. You didn’t rehearse either…”

“I’ll just sing a song.”

“Sure, I’m going to rehearse now, do you want to go together?”

“Then let’s go.”

A school beauty was always the harvester of people’s line of sight in school. Ye Zichen once again enjoyed the jealous looks people of everyone as he walked with Sun Yige.

Ye Zichen thought about it carefully, it seems like three out of the four school beauties in school had been seen with him before, the only one left…

Apparently, it’s a senior from third year. It seemed like there wasn’t any chance for that to happen.

There were quite a few people that were at the rehearsal place. People were only able to go onto the stage to rehearse when the people on the stage left.

Ye Zichen decided to sit down on the chairs in the resting area when he saw the people in the front.

“Oh yeah, what song are you going to sing?”


“Okay, I understand.”

Sun Yige nodded and left with a light smile, while Ye Zichen started to rest his eyes as he sat on the resting area of the backstage.


Ye Zichen looked up and opened his eyes when he heard the sound. Then, he closed his eyes once again after twitching his mouth in disdain after seeing the person in front of him.

“Ye Zichen, I’m calling you.”

Ye Zichen raised his hand and sighed, then crossed his legs like a big boss, while leaning back on his chair.

“Young Master Fu.”

“I heard you signed up for a show on the gala for the school anniversary?” Fu Chengming asked with an ambiguous attitude. It was no surprise to Ye Zichen that Fu Chengming knew that he also signed up for a show, since he was a student council member.  

Ye Zichen shrugged without denying it, then raised his eyebrow, “Oh yeah, what instructions does Young Master Fu have? Oh yeah, I found something about you the other day. You were stripped and chucked into a park, then enjoyed both the school headlines and the city’s morning post. That felt pretty good, right? I heard that the morning post had censored it, otherwise wouldn’t have Young Master Fu gone completely famous from it?”

Fu Chengming’s face immediately darkened as his fists clenched with cracking noises.

The smiled continued to remain on Ye Zichen’s face. To be honest, he was rather petty. Since the other person continuously hung on to him, if he acted too nicely, then wouldn’t he be too much of a pussy?

“Young Master Fu, what are you doing? Are you going to hit me? Come, come, hit here?”

Ye Zichen shamelessly stuck his face out. At the same time, someone from the student council called Fu Chengming’s name, causing Fu Chengming to snort, “Ye Zichen, don’t get too full of yourself, we have plenty of time.”

The resting area finally calmed down. Ye Zichen had rest for a while longer, but the master Liu Qing popped out once again.

“Who is he? A love rival?”

“Why are you still so nosy after turning into a ghost,” Ye Zichen frowned speechlessly.

Liu Qing laughed, “I’m just curious, there was a dense smell of gunpowder just now. Zeze, he’s definitely a love rival.”

“Ugh, just treat it like I’m afraid of you.”

It was finally Ye Zichen’s turn to rehearse about an hour later.

Ye Zichen caused the entire venue to go silent with a simple “Later”.

However, what followed after the short silence was thunderous claps.

“Ye Zichen, I didn’t think that you would be so good at singing.”

Sun Yige said excitedly when Ye Zichen returned to the backstage. Ye Zichen smiled without denying anything, but his expression revealed a hint of sadness.

Ye Zichen wasn’t actually completely useless without the WeChat group.

Yes, he was very good at singing.

He was able to pour his feelings into the song and cause anyone that heard his song to immerse themselves in it.

Actually, he wanted to apply for a music school a long long time ago.


There were always regrets in life.


Ye Zichen’s phone suddenly rang. He placed the phone beside his ear, then after a while, he hung up once again.

“Class Rep Sun, I’m going to leave first if there are no other matters.”

“Okay.” Sun Yige nodded, then smiled. “I’ll be anticipating your performance on the school anniversary the day after tomorrow.”

Ye Zichen nodded towards Sun Yige, then ran out with the quickest speed possible.

“Hey, what happened? Why so anxious?” Liu Qing sat in the front seat and asked in confusion.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and said, “Chief Liu’s wife suddenly fainted…”

“What!” Liu Qing screamed and revealed a hint of fright in her eyes. “Then why aren’t you hurrying.”

“Just how fast do you want me to go?”

Ye Zichen looked at the meter. He was already driving at 80 miles per hour on a road that had a limit of 60.

“I told you to go and help her take a look already. That’s great now, if anything really happens to her, I won’t let you off,” Liu Qing wrapped her hands together.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and did not reply, but his thoughts couldn’t be more confused.

Why was Liu Qing so worried about the situation of Chief Liu’s wife? Liu Qing had also acted like this when he mentioned Chief Liu’s heart attack.

A thought suddenly surfaced in Ye Zichen’s mind.

However, he quickly waved it away. If everything was really as he thought, then the problem was severe.


Ye Zichen let out a sigh again, then stepped down on the pedal.

No matter what, the truth shall be revealed.

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