Chapter 659 The Herb Garden Underneath the Cliff

Chapter 659 – The Herb Garden Underneath the Cliff

Since the relationship between the Three Realms had only just began to improve slightly, Yang Jian suggested to the group to go to the place of the incident first in order to prevent a long-lasting grudge from forming.

All of the Immortal Region’s disciples except for Sun Yuanjia remained in the City Lord’s manor to rest, while he brought Yang Jian and Ox-Head to the place of the incident.

“Where are the wraiths you were talking about?” Ox-Head spread out his spiritual consciousness, but did not detect the signs of any wraiths within a fifty kilometer radius.

“Then, do you think that I’m lying?” Sun Yuanjia glared at Ox-Head in anger. “Such a long time has already passed. Do you think that those wraiths would stay here and wait for you guys to come and surround them?”

“Is that so!?”

Ox-Head still refused to believe that wraiths could reach the Sky Immortal level, so his words radiated with hints of disbelief.

Sun Yuanjia wanted to get angry again, but Yang Jian stopped him. Yang Jian understood that he could not allow the two to keep on arguing, otherwise, the Immortal Region and Underworld might really end up in a fight.

“This way…” At this moment, Yang Jian walked forward with a frown. He squatted on the ground and surveyed the area for a moment, then stopped in front of a cliff.

“The hints of battle is very obvious in the surroundings, but seemed to have stopped here.”

“Can you confirm who it is?” Ox-Head asked.

Yang Jian sighed, “The only thing I can confirm is that one side should have been using giant hammers. I’m not sure of the other side.”

“The hammer-wielder would be my senior brother. The other side is the wraiths I was talking about,” Sun Yuanjia’s eyes turned red as he clenched his fists. If it wasn’t for the Underworld providing wrong information, we wouldn’t have become prey to the wraiths’ ambush so easily.

If that hadn’t happened, Third Fatty Jin wouldn’t have needed to stay behind to buy time for the other disciples to escape.

Since the battle seemed to have stopped at the edge of the cliff, then it might just mean that…

“Ox-Head, we, the Immortal Region, will not just let this go,” with that, Sun Yuanjia turned around and flew away atop his sword.

Yang Jian tried to stop him, but could only sigh when he saw Sun Yuanjia’s resolute expression.

“Could it really have been wraiths?” Ox-Head couldn’t help but frown.

Yang Jian shook his head, “We can’t be sure whether it was wraiths or not, but the ones from the Immortal Region already holds animosity towards the Underworld. They might really seek you out in the future.”

“Heh, so what? Do you think the Underworld is afraid of them? The puny Immortal Region doesn’t even have an Immortal King level expert. It’s merely due to good will from us that they would become their own realm. They aren’t even worthy of fighting the Underworld!” Ox-Head’s words contained a hint of disdain.

Yang Jian patted his shoulders, “You stole the character that I’m supposed to be. These words should be said by someone with my personality. But, on a more serious note, what we need to worry about is not whether the Immortal Region could go and cause trouble for the Underworld. Don’t forget, the demons are still lurking, this is no time for us to have an internal conflict.”

“Then what can I do about it?” Ox-Head did understand that, but now that Sun Yuanjia was firmly convinced that it was a problem with the Underworld, the actual person involved was nowhere to be seen and there were no other witnesses, he could only feel all the more troubled as it was his words against Sun Yuanjia’s.

On the other hand, Sun Yuanjia did act outrageously even if his words were true.

Due to Third Fatty Jin’s position in the Immortal Region, he definitely have a spiritual tablet there. As long as it doesn’t shatter, it would mean that he is still alive. Sun Yuanjia would be able to see that when he returned to the Immortal Region. If it had shattered, then it wasn’t too late to cause trouble to the Underworld either. If it didn’t, then all they had to do was rescue Third Fatty Jin together.

Yet, Sun Yuanjia’s words directly caused their relationship to become tense once more. Ox-Head could not understand just what the Immortal Region had to gain from that.

“There’s something wrong with that Immortal Region disciple as well,” Yang Jian raised his suspicions. “His words were too extreme, and he never once mentioned anything about trying to save Third Fatty Jin. All he was doing the entire time was trying to force you to admit your mistake, and kept on pitting the name of the Immortal Region against the underworld’s.”

“Yeah,” Ox-Head nodded.

Yang Jian walked beside the cliff and looked down, “Our priority right now is finding Third Fatty Jin. We have to find him, dead or alive. But right now, I feel like there’s more to this cliff, so we shouldn’t proceed forward anymore. I’ll get Old Li to take a look when he comes over. He’s seen a lot, so he might have some ideas.”

“No problem.”

“Can you f*cking let go of me now? We’re both going to fall to our deaths now,” Ye Zichen continuously yanked at Third Fatty Jin’s arm.

Third Fatty Jin quickly released his grasp with a coy smile for the sake of his own life.

Ye Zichen immediately flapped his wings to slow down their fall and eventually landed slowly onto the ground.

“My god, Boss Ye, we’re rich!” Third Fatty Jin, who just landed on the ground, quickly ran forward with lit up eyes.

There was a garden of herbs not far in front of them.

The garden swirled with the fragrance of herbs, which seemed to calm people down. As Third Fatty Jin glanced at the mountain of priceless herbs in front of him, he could only gulp and muttered…

“Thousand-Year Crane-Tail Grass.”

“Ginseng spirit.”

“Thousand-Year Qilin Grass.”

“My god, even a single strand of these herbs would provide me with enough fortune to last more than my lifetime!”

Third Fatty JIn’s mouth was essentially dripping saliva as he stared at the herbs with his mouth wide open.

Ye Zichen retracted his wings, then put on a jacket before walking in front of the herb garden. He felt a bit confused. The valley has cliffs on both sides, logically speaking, light shouldn’t be able to reach this spot.

But this valley is so bright. It’s just like it’s daytime!

Also, this herb garden is clearly been treated tenderly.

Could there be someone here!?

“Boss Ye, we’re seriously rich now,” Third Fatty Jin grabbed Ye Zichen’s arm in excitement. “If we harvest the entire garden of herbs, then we’ll basically be harvesting an entire Treasure Tower!”

“Stop being an idiot. Even if you can harvest it, we need to be alive to actually spend it,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then gripped his phone tightly to look at the signal bar. The small wave which replaced the signal bar ever since he arrived in the Three Realms was gone.

He opened up his social network app, which also told him to check his network settings.

He looked up at the cliffs on both sides, and the barrier of wind in the middle.

“System. System. Ye Zichen to system!”

In these dire circumstances, Ye Zichen finally remembered the system. However, the system didn’t reply.

“Crap, I think we’re in big trouble,” Ye Zichen gritted his teeth with a dark look on his face.

Meanwhile, Third fatty Jin rubbed his hands repeatedly beside the herb garden.

“No, I can’t wait. I’ll have nightmares if I don’t pick up this huge mountain of money in front of me,” with that, Third Fatty Jin took out a small clay vase and slowly walked in front of a strand of herbs…


A pebble knocked the vase out of his hands.

Third Fatty jin looked up and saw a young girl standing angrily in front of him with her hands on her waist.

“Stop. I won’t let you bully my little brothers and sisters!”

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