Chapter 656 Chaos is Coming

Chapter 656 – Chaos is Coming

The atmosphere in the room grew a bit dark again, especially for the group from the Underworld.

They had already guessed that there was a spy amongst them. They could still clearly remember everything that had happened inside the Howling Valley.

King Kṣitigarbha had investigated in secret, but he never found anything conclusive.

Due to no other similar event happening before, the idea of it was put aside. However, they never expected the spy to be the cause of them receiving such a huge “gift”.

“There’s definitely a spy, and he is clearly high level,” Ye Zichen smiled. In order for the other people to not suspect the spy while the spy came into contact with the eighteen layers of hell, the spy had to at to be at least the level of a Ghost Marshal.

Judging from that, the people to be investigated decreased by a lot.

“Indeed,” Ox-Head nodded with a dark look. It was clear that he had a bit of an idea of who it might be.

“It seems like Big Brother Ox-Head has some ideas, so I won’t speak on it anymore. No matter what, that is an internal issue of the Underworld. Since the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens has come out of closed cultivation, it should only be a matter of time before the spy is caught,” Ye Zichen stretched lazily.

Ox-Head nodded coldly.

Horse-Face looked at the two in confusion, “Big Brother Ox-Head, what are you talking about?”

“It’s gonna be hard for you to understand what we’re talking about with your level of intelligence, so just focus on eating,” Ox-Head rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Horse-Face twitched his mouth, but did as Ox-Head said.

“The main issue is that the Underworld doesn’t have any ideas of who it might be,” Ox-Head squinted his eyes with a frown. “Everyone is under suspicion in this sort of situation, and even though the Great Sacred Emperor has come out of closed cultivation, he can’t recklessly accuse someone without any solid evidence. After all, you have to know that all of the ghost servants and above are generally old people in the Underworld, that is even more true of those of our level, whose positions have not been changed in several tens of thousands of years.”

“Then it will depend on the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven’s choice. He’s the supreme leader of the Underworld.”

The wraiths-eliminating missions continued, and due to Yang Jian and co., neither Ye Zichen nor the ones from Leisure House needed to fight anymore.

Instead, they remained in Maple City to help the City Lord give aid to the surrounding villages.

“F*ck, those demon scum are truly vicious. I’m just too weak. If I were of the Sky Immortal level, then I would definitely teach them a good lesson,” Stone couldn’t help but curse in anger after seeing the conditions of the attacked villagers and their survivors.

“Stop exaggerating, so what if you had the strength of a Sky Immortal?” Xue Qi, who was in charge of the resources, couldn’t help but retort. “Look at Ye-zi. Is he strong? Does he hate the demons? But isn’t what he can do limited here? Don’t oversimplify the problem!”

Stone sighed softly, then looked at Ye Zichen, who was smiling towards the children in the villages, “Old Xue, just who do you think Brother Ye is? That fatty from the sacred land of the Immortal Region nearly got into a fight with Luo Wei because of him, and both the Underworld and the Heavenly Court guys seemed to be quite close with him.”

“Who knows, but he definitely isn’t a common person,” Xue Qi smiled.

Stone couldn’t help but roll his eyes and ignore Xue Qi.

Who can’t tell that Ye Zichen’s identity isn’t a common person?

“The situation with the village over here isn’t too bad, let’s move onto the next one.” Ye Zichen walked out of the village to beside Xue Qi and co. He was still wearing a flower necklace the children made for him and the villagers all waved goodbye.

“I wonder if Luo Wei will be pissed off,” Stone suddenly said.

Ye Zichen, who was saying his farewells to the villagers with a smile, turned around, “Why?”

“It was clearly the City Lord’s manor who is giving out the aid, but you seem to have gotten all the good reputation,” Stone raised his eyebrows

Ye Zichen shook his head with a chuckle, “Reputation doesn’t matter now. C’mon, let’s hurry up to the next village. Let’s try and get to two more villagers before the day ends.”

“Alright, no problem!” Stone jumped onto the carriage.

Ye Zichen and Xue Qi looked at each other with a shake of their heads and smiles, then got ready to get onto the carriage as well…

At that moment, one of the disciples that Third Fatty Jin had led from the Immortal Region flew across the sky, wobbling on his sword.

When he saw Ye Zichen on the ground, he put away his sword and directly fell from the sky.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen quickly went up to them. He first checked the disciple’s pulse, then stuffed a pill into his mouth.

“Khoff khoff,” the bloodied disciple on the ground opened his eyes and started coughing intensely.

“What happened to you? Didn’t you guys go to clear out the wraiths…”

“B-Boss Ye,” the disciple grabbed Ye Zichen’s arm and pointed towards the north. “S-Save… S-Senior Brother… S-Save him…”


The disciple fainted before he could finish. Ye Zichen passed some spiritual energy along to him until he was not in any life-threatening danger before he looked towards Stone and Xue Qi.

“What happened to him?”

“If I’m not wrong, then Third Fatty Jin probably got in danger. Stone, take him back to Leisure House. Xue Qi, continue sending out the disaster aid. I’m going to go in the direction the disciple pointed towards to find Fatty,” Ye Zichen handed out the missions calmly. Then, when Xue Qi and Stone both nodded, he immediately flew up into the air and rushed towards the north.

“Stone, remember to mention to the City Lord to prepare to send out reinforcements when you get back,” Xue Qi added after Ye Zichen left.

Stone, who just placed the disciple onto the carriage, frowned, “Old Xue, do you think that they will need it?”

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” Xue Qi clenched his teeth. “I already felt like everything couldn’t have gone so smoothly. Since they want to wreak havoc, they wouldn’t have caused such a huge commotion if it was going to be dealt with that easily. Like I thought, the second wave of attack from the demons have come.”

Stone also noticed the severity of the issue. Thus, he nodded towards Xue Qi, then hurried the carriage away.

Xue Qi let out a long sigh as he continued to push the cart with the resources forward, “Chaos is coming!”

“Just what is going on? With Third Fatty Jin and co.’s strength, they shouldn’t have ended up like that with the wraiths they are dealing with,” Ye Zichen frowned heavily and scanned below with his Fiery Eyes of Truth.

Aside from losing too much blood, the disciples seemed to have a hint of deathly aura around him. However, since it was rather light, Ye Zichen erased it immediately.

“If it was only wraiths, then it shouldn’t have been like that. Could it be that…”

Thinking up to that point, Ye Zichen stopped thinking about it. He didn’t dare to consider what might happen. He immediately fully spread out his spiritual consciousness to search for Third Fatty Jin.

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