Chapter 655 Prediction

Chapter 655 – Prediction

“Master Ye, anyone can tell that this was organized and planned, right? You basically didn’t say anything,” Luo Wei said a bit prickly.

Third Fatty Jin instantly slammed the table and stood up with a frown, “You are just intentionally trying to cause trouble, right?”

“Chief Jin, what do you mean by that? I am just stating a fact. If the demons’ destruction of the underworld’s seals and unleashing of the wraiths to bring chaos to the Three Realms was not planned and organized, then was it supposed to be a sudden idea?” Luo Wei retorted firmly.

He held a grudge against Third Fatty Jin.

However, neither of the two could accurately say why they had a grudge against each other.

“Hey, you…”

“Fatty,” Ye Zichen stopped Third Fatty Jin. It was not the time for them to be fighting amongst themselves.

Third Fatty Jin sat down unwillingly.

Ye Zichen looked towards Luo Wei and nodded, “I understand City Lord Luo’s words, but I wasn’t talking about what you thought. I was talking about the wraiths themselves.”

“What about them?” Ox-Head was very confused.

Ye Zichen pursed his lips then put what he was thinking about, and his guesses into words, “Wraiths are created due to souls being tainted by grudgeful energy. It can be said that wraiths have no actual consciousness. But think back to the fight. When you were rescuing others or defending against the wraiths, did you notice that the wraiths seemed very much organized?”

Everyone in the room turned silent as they recalled the situation.

After a while, Huo Zhen looked up with a frown, “I wouldn’t have noticed if not for Master Ye, but now that you mention it, I really did feel like the wraiths were attacking in a very organized manner.”

“Indeed,” Lin Xiyi raised his eyebrows.

“Then now, please think about the numbers attacking the cities and villages in the outer region of the Immortal Region. Let’s put the Endless Beast Region aside for a moment since none of us saw what happened with our own eyes!” Ye Zichen brought up another point.

The moment he said that, everyone grew silent.

There was indeed a difference in numbers.

“It seems like you all understand now. The number of wraiths attacking were different. The numbers attacking a village is far less than a city. What’s more, there is a difference based on which city it is. Maple City was attacked by the most, while Pool City was attacked by the least… Meanwhile, where does attacking Maple City affect most?”

“The sacred land of the Immortal Region!” Luo Wei suddenly said with a dark and surprised expression. “These wraiths…”

“City Lord Luo is still underestimating it,” Ye Zichen shook his head. “The enemy’s ambition does not end at the sacred land of the Immortal Region.”

“Master Ye, please explain,” Luo Wei also put his own personal feelings aside and asked humbly.

Ye Zichen smiled, “The entirety of the Three Realms.”

Everyone in the room looked at Ye Zichen in shock. They could not understand why Ye Zichen had said something so shocking.

“I will make a bold guess here that before the wraiths were unleashed, someone had already given them some subconscious thoughts. That’s why the wraiths didn’t just randomly fly all over the place when they escaped from the Underworld, and instead appeared in the location of their intended target.”

“Big Brother Ox said that most of the wraiths remained in the Underworld, and only a small portion of them escaped. Yet, even so, they still have caused serious damage to all the cities and villages. Then, what if all of the wraiths got out? What would happen to the outer regions of the Immortal Region? Utter annihilation! That’s very possible, isn’t it?”

Luo Wei, Huo Zhen, Lin Xiyi and the rest of the City Lords nodded. Even if that didn’t happen, if the Underworld, Heavenly Court and the Immortal Region hadn’t actually sent out their armies, they might not have even made it through this wave.

“Then, what would the Immortal Region do if the outer regions were devastated? They would naturally blame the Underworld for the mismanagement. Considering the already tense relationships, a war might actually break out.”

“Then… what about the Heavenly Court? The Heavenly Court didn’t get involved at all. They were not the victims, nor the ones at fault,” Yang Jian frowned.

“Don’t you know what the Jade Emperor is like?” Ye Zichen laughed indifferently. “If he saw the Underworld and Immortal Region fighting, would he stand idle? He’ll definitely send out a surprise army while the two are clashing with each other.”

Yang Jian turned silent, and even Heavenly King Li, who had always been loyal to the Jade Emperor, was unable to word any defense.

Since they had already known the Jade Emperor for so long, they naturally understood what he was like.

He definitely would do something like that.

“When that happens, the Three Realms will be covered in torrents of bloodshed. Endless wars will break out. Although the Three Realms might not have such a huge grudge against one another, but as the fight continues, it will reach the point where peace cannot be reached. Then, all that will follow is war, and more war!” Ye Zichen continued. “What that happens… Who do you think will be the happiest?”

“The Demon Realm!” Nezha raised his hand and blurted out. Actually, everybody knew the answer, but they were unable to utter such a solemn answer. Perhaps, only Nezha, who still had the heart of a child, could actually speak out the truth.

“I can’t believe those guys are so sinister!” Yang Jian’s fists creaked, while the others all had a dark look on their faces.

“Alright now, at least things didn’t go the way they planned,” Ye Zichen smiled, then stretched lazily. “But whoever is behind this definitely did not expect the Underworld to react so quickly. Or perhaps, he didn’t expect the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven to deal with this in person, causing some of the wraiths to be unable to escape. He also did not expect the Three Realms, who had tense relationships with one another, would actually lend each other a hand in this time of needs, causing his plans to be ruined. When you consider this, then the Demon Realm did do something good. Their actions actually caused the relationships between the Three Realms to straighten out a lot, right?”

“Haha, bro, you’re right,” Yang Jian chuckled, then laughed mockingly. “Those demon scums probably never expected that their actions only caused the relationship between our Three Realms to smoothen. Now, we’re a proper family, and completely united. If those demon bastards dare to appear in front of grandpa again, then I’ll definitely teach them a good lesson!”

Luo Wei and co. also nodded their heads.

Nezha shouted out, “Yeah, that’s right!”

“But I do have something to point out right now,” Ye Zichen interrupted the calm atmosphere, then turned back to Ox-Head.

Noticing that, Ox-Head nodded, “I understand what Brother Ye wants to say. You want to tell me that there is a spy for the demons in the Underworld, right?”

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