Chapter 654 None of them are commoners

Chapter 654 – None of them are commoners

The atmosphere turned extremely awkward!

All three parties stared straight at Ye Zichen, while the cause of all this looked back at the three parties idiotically…

Just which side do I belong to?

If I were to be honest, I’m the closest to the Heavenly Court guys, but I did chat quite a bit with the ones from the Underworld. At the same time, I’m also the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation.

“Don’t mind all that, I’m definitely on your side,” Ye Zichen answered ambiguously, then forcefully changed the topic. “Don’t keep all your attention on me. City Lord Luo and the others are looking over.”

With that, Ye Zichen looked towards Luo Wei and his group, and saw that the group were completely dumbstruck.

That was especially true for the square-faced man, who knew of Yang Jian and co.’s original identity.

They went dumb.

They went completely dumb.

Ye Zichen scratched his head with a wry smile. He never expected the meeting to go like that. Thus, he could only cough helplessly to bring Luo Wei and co. back to their senses.

“This must be the famous Master Ye, right?” the squared-faced City Lord reached out his hand with a smile, “I am the City Lord of Greenwater City, Huo Zhen. This beautiful heroine beside me is Lin Xiyi, the City Lord of Hundred Flowers City.”

“I can’t bear the title of a heroine. I am far inferior to Master Ye. Master Ye became beyond famous with the engagement ceremony between the Zuo and Mu families,” What stood out from Lin Xiyi was not her beauty. Rather, it was how valiant she appeared.

She gave off a quite capable feeling, one that he had only felt from one other person before…

“City Lord Lin is actually called Lin Xiyi? I once had a friend with a name very similar to yours.”

“Master Ye, why not tell me who it was. Perhaps, I might know that person?” Lin Xinyi smiled.

Ye Zichen spoke the name with a chuckle, “Lin Xiyue.”

Huo Zhen’s expression instantly turned rather strong. Lin Xiyi’s smile also froze in place.

Upon seeing that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “What happened?”

“Is Master Ye’s name Ye Zichen?” Lin Xiyi asked in a testing manner.

“Yeah,” Ye Zichen nodded. Then he instantly realized what the issue was. He opened his eyes wide and smiled wryly. “Wait, it can’t be. Lin Xiyue is your…”

“Lin Xiyue is indeed my younger sister,” Lin Xiyi couldn’t help but smile wryly as well. “She has mentioned Master Ye’s name many times ever since her return from the Modern Realm. I really did not expect the Ye Zichen she talked about to have been Master Ye.”

Ye Zichen was very speechless. It seems like everyone I came to know in the Modern Realm was no normal person!

“Haha, the world is truly tiny. I didn’t think that Master Ye would be related to City Lord Lin in this way,” Huo Zhen chuckled, then bumped Luo Wei’s shoulders. “Geezer Luo, stop spacing out here. You aren’t going to make all of us just stand, right?”

“Why don’t I see Nangong Cheng here?” Luo Wei frowned as he spoke.

“He had pissed you off earlier during the voice transmission, so he said that he must apologize. I think he went to find a treasure for you. He did tell us that there’s no need to wait for him,” with that, Huo Zhen looked over at Luo Wei with a creepy smile. “Hey, Old Luo. Tell me the truth. Do you have a thing with him? He has always been single, and you never found another wife after all these years… Zezeze…”

“Screw off,” Luo Wei cursed Huo Zhen. “If you have the time for that, then get yourself hooked up with Xiyi first.”

Huo Zhen instantly gave up on his teasing. He could merely laugh dryly in response.

His relationship with Lin Xiyi was rather awkward. All the leaders of the most powerful factions in the Immortal Region and the other City Lords knew about his holding affection for Lin Xiyi.

However, sometimes, these feelings were only one-sided, and nothing to be done about them.

“Ahem, let’s find a place for us to sit first.”

Although Luo Wei had refused to hold a feast while communicating through the jade tablet. However, he couldn’t help but organize a small one with so many experts present.

At the tables, Yang Jian and everyone all fought over the right to sit beside Ye Zichen.

Third Fatty Jin tried to get involved as well, but a look from Yang Jian caused him to quit his fighting bitterly.

“Why didn’t Canopy Marshal and the Great Sage come as well?” Ye Zichen raised his cup as he asked.

Yang Jian chunked a peanut into his mouth and replied, “They all went over to the Endless Beast Region. The attack of the wraiths actually covered a really wide area. Even the Endless Beast Region was affected, so they needed to go over to help them out.”

“It was all our Underworld’s fault. We’ve troubled everyone. I, Old Ox, will punish myself with this cup,” Ox-Head downed a cup of liquor apologetically.

Yang Jian and co. all waved it aside. Luo Wei and the other City Lords did not dare to accept his apology either, so they all stood up and downed a cup of liquor as well.

“It all happened too suddenly in the Underworld. It’s not like the Underworld wants to see so many wraiths escape, so Big Brother Ox, you should stop blaming yourself,” Ye Zichen yanked Ox-Head back down in his seat. “but only Big Brother Ox and Big Brother Horse came over this time?”

“The Immortal Region was attacked, but these wraiths did originally come from the Underworld. The Underworld is actually in a worse situation when compared to over here. The Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven ordered Old Horse and I to aid the Immortal Region personally. As for the others, he had ordered them to clean up the wraiths in the Underworld, which did not escape before the Great Emperor Equalling Heaven showed up,” Ox-Head replied with a wry smile.

Ye Zichen nodded.

That made sense. Since the Underworld was where the problem had occurred, it was definitely in a worse shape when compared to the Immortal Region.

“Do you need our help? If you don’t want people from the Immortal Region getting involved, Yang Jian and the others can help you instead.”

“Yeah, Old Ox, just tell us if you need help. There’s no need to worry about the Underworld or Heavenly Court right now. My bro’s influential enough, his relationship with the Underworld is great as well, so there’s no need to hold back. We’re all one family,” Yang Jian agreed.

Ox-Head shook his head, “No need for that. I definitely will not hold back though if we really need your help.”

“Mm, go to them if you need help. If they don’t help you full-heartedly, then I’ll cut their bonus,” Ye Zichen chuckled.

The face of Nezha, who was munching on a chicken drumstick, instantly turned stark white, “Sky Sovereign, please don’t cut my bonus. I promised Immortality Peach-jiejie to buy her new clothes next month with it.”

Everyone found it rather humorous.

On the other hand, Heavenly King Li laughed dryly, then glared secretively over at Nezha.

“Heavenly King Li, Nezha’s all grown up now.”

“I’ve let Sky Sovereign has seen something unsightly,” Heavenly King Li smiled coyly, while the others all stopped laughing.

Ye Zichen tapped his fingers on the table, then leaned back on the chair and raised his eyebrows. “Let’s stop kidding around and get down to business. This sudden incident in the Underworld has caught us completely off guard. I wonder did any of you notice that this seems to be a rather well planned and organized crime?”

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