Chapter 653 Completely Messed Up

Chapter 653 – Completely Messed Up

Third Fatty Jin was extremely worked up by it. Even though Luo Wei was a late stage Sky Immortal expert and the City Lord, Third Fatty Jin still didn’t take him seriously.

Just who is Ye Zichen?

He is the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, a monumental being in the Immortal Region, and the one who had fought Chiyou of the Demon Realm.

Luo Wei suspecting Ye Zichen being someone of the Demon Realm was the greatest insult towards the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation.

“Fatty,” Ye Zichen frowned. From his point of view, there was no need for Third Fatty Jin to get so angry.

Time will unveil the truth.

No explanation was as effective as letting time display the truth of whether he was a demonic spy or not.

“Heh,” Third Fatty JIn snorted coldly towards Luo Wei with disdain, but he did understand why Ye Zichen called out to him.

The atmosphere in the room became rather tense. Luo Wei looked towards Third Fatty Jin in confusion.

Then he looked towards Ye Zichen. Did I make a mistake? But I did see with my own eyes that Ye Zichen bearing the wings the ancient texts stated would only appear on Fallen of the Demon Realm.

But it seems like Ye Zichen is on good terms with those of the sacred land of the Immortal Region.

Based on the history between the Immortal Region and the Demon Realm, if he is truly of the Demon Realm, he should have been thrown into a dungeon by them already.

“City Lord Luo, I hope you don’t take it to heart. Fatty doesn’t mean anything much by that,” Ye Zichen smiled and tried to ease the awkward atmosphere in the room.

At this moment, Third Fatty Jin rolled his eyes at Luo Wei, “Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. If you keep on suspecting Boss Ye of being a demonic spy, then you will be blacklisted from the Immortal Region even if you are the City Lord of Maple City.”


I already told him not to lash out, he’s actually being so relentless about it.

I know that Third Fatty Jin is getting even for me, but Luo Wei doesn’t know I’m the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation. His suspicions is just his wariness. There’s no reason to hold him at fault.

If it was any other City Lord, then they might have just laughed this over due to how mighty the sacred land of the Immortal Region was.

Yet, it was Luo Wei.

He was famous for being stubborn.

“Chief Jin, that’s not nice. I can’t suspect anything just because you are on good terms with Ye Zichen? How about you speaking out his identity? I do want to know just who he is to make Chief Jin trust him so much. Or could it be that Chief Jin is actually colluding with him…”



Third Fatty jin shot up from his chair. His chubby face was now filled with a terrifying sharpness, “Do you dare to repeat what you just said!?”

Luo Wei did instantly regret it after he spoke out like that. No matter what, he shouldn’t suspect someone of the sacred land of the Immortal Region colluding with demons.

“You City Lords of the outer regions have truly lived great days for too long. You actually dare to say everything now!? You’re sick of being the City Lord, right? Alright, I’ll report back to my master and get him to revoke your position.”

“Fatty,” Ye Zichen yanked Third Fatty Jin.

However, the latter stood straight and glared at Luo Wei with a snort, “Boss Ye, don’t mind me. This isn’t a matter about your identity anymore. A City Lord of the outer regions actually suspected me, who is currently representing the sacred land of the Immortal Region. If other people find out, then just how will they view us!?”

“Chief Jin, don’t threaten me with the position of the City Lord. I already said it earlier, why not speak out Ye Zichen’s identity? If I was truly wrong, then I will definitely apologize and give up this position of the City Lord,” Luo Wei said sullenly.

Everyone in the room looked at the two in shock.

Everything was fine just now, why did it just suddenly change?

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth and was unsure of what to do. It all started due to his identity.

“Boss Ye’s identity will freak you out. A mere City Lord like you does not have the right to know that,” Third Fatty JIn scolded, then turned towards Ye Zichen. “Boss Ye, let’s stop staying here. I’m getting pissed just looking at this guy.”

“What’s going on here? I heard Chief Jin getting mad from miles away.”

The City Lord manor’s guards arrived in the meeting hall with several armored people behind them.

After those people were the people from the Heavenly Court led by Yang Jian and co. alongside those from the Underworld led by Ox-Head and co.

“Chief Jin, something’s wrong with Old Luo’s mind, so don’t get on his level,” the one who spoke was a square-faced man. He looked rather like a general.

His words caused the rather cool-looking woman in armor beside him to giggle.

Luo Wei couldn’t help but snort, “You always speak too much.”

The square-faced man chuckled, then took off his helmet and put it by his waist with a laugh, “Allow me to introduce you all. These masters behind me are from the Heavenly Court and the Underworld… Ugh... What’s going on?”

Just as he was about to introduce Yang Jian and co., he noticed that they were already chatting with Ye Zichen.

“Bro!” Yang Jian quickly went over.

Ye Zichen also greeted him with a warm smile, “You guys are here.”

“We led our armies down right after you sent the message in the group. It was fortunate that we came down in time, so we managed to prevent a lot of damage,” Yang Jian chuckled.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li also took off his helmet and greeted Ye Zichen, “Sky Sovereign.”

“Heavenly King Li, I’ve troubled you by telling you to lead your army down here before you have fully recovered,” Ye Zichen smiled apologetically.

Heavenly King Li quickly shook his head, “Sky Sovereign, don’t make fun of me. These small injuries are nothing. What’s more, I didn’t have to fight to deal with the wraiths.”

“Hehehe, greetings to Sky Sovereign,” Nezha also giggled.

Ye Zichen rubbed Nezha on his head, “Third Prince, your clothes make you really look cool!”

“Really? I think so too,” Nezha replied joyously.

Ox-Head was momentarily shocked, then couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “You guys know each other?”

“Old Ox, I forgot to introduce you. This is…” Yang Jian pointed towards Ye Zichen.

“I, Old Ox, know Brother Ye. I still owe him several dozen merits. Wait, no, he should be someone of the Underworld, why do you… Wait no, I’m getting really confused. Someone explain what’s happening to me.”

“Someone of the Underworld?” Not only Yang Jian laughed, Heavenly King Li couldn’t help but chuckle as well. “This is the Heavenly Court’s Sky Sovereign Nameless, the our current Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat. How could he belong to the Underworld?”

“Chancellor of the Grand Secretariat?” Ox-Head rubbed his head. “Brother Ye is indeed of the Underworld…”

“Bullshit!” At that moment, Third Fatty Jin, who hadn’t spoke up till then, walked over with a glare and cursed. “Boss Ye is someone of the Immortal Region. If you don’t believe me, ask Boss Ye yourselves.”


All three groups looked towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile coyly when he felt their interrogating gazes, “Then... uhm…which Realm should I belong to?”

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