Chapter 652 Identity

Chapter 652 – Identity

Everyone looked towards Luo Wei and watched him take out a jade tablet, then he began to swirl his fingers on its surface.

“Old Luo, don’t be so anxious. We’re sending reinforcements your way already,” the jade tablet flashed, then a loud chuckle rang out from it before Luo Wei could even say anything.

“Were you not attacked?” Luo Wei asked after a brief shock. From that city lord’s tone, their situation was far better than he had possibly imagined.

“The Underworld and Heavenly Court have reinforced all the different cities, so we didn’t suffer too many losses. How is the situation over there? Can you hold out?”

“The Immortal Region’s reinforcements are here,” Luo Wei replied with a confident smile.

The voice from the jade tablet clearly paused for a moment, then laughed loudly, “You really are lucky. Then, we’ll tell our soldiers to go back to defend their cities first. But we are going to come over to Maple City. You better prepare a feast for us.”

“You want a feast, at this time!? Are you serious?” Luo Wei’s expression immediately grew dark. “The majority of Maple City’s soldiers died, and there were even casualties among the travelers, and you’re telling me to host a feast!?”

“Luo Wei, don’t mind him too much. A’cheng just speaks like that all the time,” a female voice sounded out from the jade tablet. “No need for a feast. Just wait for us at Maple City.”

“Mm,” Luo Wei was in a bad mood, thus, he returned the jade tablet to his pocket with a stiff expression.

Everyone in the room heard their conversation, and Ye Zichen’s worrying heart finally stopped worrying.

At that moment, his phone rang. He looked apologetically at the others in the room, then took out his phone and walked outside the door.

The one who had sent him a message was Su Yan.

Ye Zichen slapped his thighs. He was completely focused on the cities in the outer regions of the Immortal Region, so much so, that he had completely forgotten the possibility of the Endless Beast Region getting attacked by wraiths too.

He clicked on the message, then saw a worrisome message on the screen.

“Were you guys attacked by wraiths? Big sister said that the wraith attacks were happening everywhere. It’s already been dealt with for Keke and I. We’re getting ready to bring you some reinforcements.”

“It’s been dealt with over here as well. Are you two alright?”

The moment Ye Zichen sent the message, Su Yan sent him a video chat request.


Not long later, Su Yan’s beautiful face appeared on the screen with Xia Keke and Lu Lu sitting beside her.

“Zichen-gege,” Xia Keke waved towards him with a giggle.

Ye Zichen let out a soft sigh when he saw that all three seemed unharmed. So he waved with a smile, “Hi.”

“Hehe, I told you Zichen-gege will be fine. No trouble are troubles in front of him. You two wouldn’t believe me. Hmmph,” Xia Keke wrinkled her nose, then reached her hand out towards Su Yan and Lu Lu.

Ye Zichen glanced over at the other two…


Did they make another bet?

“My god, when did you three start to always bet on me?” Ye Zichen shrugged speechlessly.

Xia Keke giggled.

Lu Lu shrugged innocently.

Meanwhile, Su Yan smiled, “Keke was hellbent on it. I had no choice.”

“Xia Keke!” Ye Zichen called her name in a fierce maner.

Xia Keke immediately stood up straight, “Present!”

After shouting that, she scratched her head with a coy smile, “Oops, I always slept in classes in uni, so I got used to getting caught and called by the mentor.”

Su Yan and Lu Lu giggled. At the same time, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but to chuckle as well.

However, Su Yan and Xia Keke’s expressions darkened, “I wonder when we can return.”

“We will return one day,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile. It seems like everyone who came from the Modern Realm wonders about that.

I suppose I’m not one to speak about others. I would often think about it at nights as well.

Just when will we be able to return and live the lives of normal people?

Although we are doing well here, we are still people who originally lived in the Modern Realm.

“Lil’ Yan, Big Sis told me to ask you whether we need to go over to help Ye Zichen. The other smaller clans need our aid too,” Su Zhu’s figure appeared in the video.

Ye Zichen waved, “Su Zhu-jie.”

“Oh, you’re chatting here?” Su Zhu waved towards the screen with wide open eyes like a curious kid. “Ye Zichen, you can hear what I’m saying here?”

“Yes,” Ye Zichen smiled.

Then, Fatty Yin’s figure appeared on the screen as well.

“So Zhu-jie is still with Fatty. Haha, it seems like we’ll get to witness your wedding very soon.”

“Little kid Ye, I give you full marks for that assist,” Fatty Yin laughed.

Su Zhu blushed, then rolled her eyes at Ye Zichen. “If you keep on saying that, then I’m not going to allow Lil’ Yan to go and find you. Alright, it seems like you are fine, so we won’t be going over.”

“Akright,” Ye Zichen nodded.

After Su Zhu pulled Fatty Yin from the room by his ear, Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled. Then, when he recalled what Su Zhu said earlier, he couldn’t help but ask, “Can you come over to see me?”

“Mhmm,” Su Yan smiled softly. “Big Sis suddenly agreed for me to go and find you. Keke, Lu Lu and I are planning to go over to the Immortal Region to see you a while later.”

“That’s amazing,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows with a smile, while the three girls in the video also smiled dumbly.

They chatted a bit more, then turned off the video chat. Ye Zichen also managed to return to the meeting hall in a carefree mood after seeing that they were injury free.

“Zeze, Ye-zi’s looking great. What did you go off to do just now?” Stone chuckled.

Ye Zichen smiled without replying, then returned to where he sat originally and noticed that there was a hint of complexity mixed in with Luo Wei’s gaze.

“City Lord Luo.”

“Although I don’t want to admit it, but Chief Ye’s Leisure House truly helped out the city lord manor greatly,” Luo Wei was not a person was unable to comprehend propriety. He wanted to kill Ye Zichen that day purely to prevent the demons from causing trouble in the Immortal Region.

However, Ye Zichen’s various actions had truly helped him too much.

“Does City Lord Luo still does not believe my identity?”

“Just how are you supposed to make me believe you?” Luo Wei sighed softly. “We won’t talk about it. I, Luo Wei, owe you one, but if you are a demon, I will not let you off.”

“Demon?” At that moment, Third Fatty Jin suddenly looked at Luo Wei speechlessly and raised his eyebrows. “You just accused Boss Ye of someone from the Demon Realm?”

Luo Wei fell silent. Although he suspected Ye Zichen of his identity, he didn’t want the Immortal Region to know of Ye Zichen’s identity in fear of him actually being innocent.

Sometimes, humans were just so complicated.

Ye Zichen smiled indifferently, “Does City Lord Luo think that I’m someone of the Demon Realm just because I have the wings of a Fallen?”

“Chief Ye,” Luo Wei was shocked. He did not expect Ye Zichen to just blurt it out.

He wanted to give an excuse for Ye Zichen, but Third Fatty Jin suddenly snickered, “Ridiculous. You actually just accused Boss Ye of being someone of the Demon Realm? That’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. Do you even know who he is?”

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