Chapter 651 Rescue

Chapter 651 – Rescue




Ye Zichen’s group, who were continuously clearing out the wraiths in their surrounding area suddenly heard a series of explosions.

Ye Zichen killed off the final few wraiths, then he looked towards Maple City with a frown, “Do you know what’s going on over there?”

“I feel like it’s probably people using self-explosion,” Third Fatty Jin answered indifferently. They had already grown numb towards self-explosions.

Along the way, they have already seen countless experts choosing to self-explode in order to earn even a sliver of more survival chance for their village.

“Demon scum!” Ye Zichen growled as he clenched his fist.

Third Fatty Jin looked towards him in confusion, “Demons? Aren’t these wraiths?”

“I’ve chatted with the Underworld’s head, the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven. He had said that over there, the person who had opened up the seals in the eighteen layers of hell had a demonic presence about them.” Ye Zichen answered with a dark look, then shook his head with a sigh. “Never mind, this isn’t the time for such discussions. Let’s hurry onwards to Maple City.”

Meanwhile, wraiths howled loudly outside Maple City. The guards on top of the city wall were covered in sweat, yet they still worked their hardest to maintain the city-protecting formation.

As time passed, the combat forces who were fighting outside the city slowly dwindled down.

That only caused the city defenseless city gates to be attacked by stronger and stronger wraiths, putting more and more pressure on the guards.

“City Lord, the North Gate and the West Gate have already fallen. There were too many wraiths, our brothers maintaining the spiritual formation can’t hold it anymore. You and junior city lord should hurry up and return. If worse come to worst, we’ll just fight to the death…” the guards on the east city wall shouted up to Luo Wei.

Luo Wei and Luo Yang stood proudly in the air above everyone.

Although the duo were surrounded by wraiths, no wraiths dared to proactively attack them.

These wraiths were truly terrified from all the killing the pair had done.

Luo Wei squinted his eyes when he heard the report from his city guards. In all honesty, the results were not surprising for him at all. Although all the wraiths were weak, they still were far superior in numbers.

Even compete stage Sky Immortal experts would not be able to handle the relentless assaults by the hordes of wraiths.

Even the face of Luo Yang, a Sky Immortal expert himself, was pale, and was breathing erratically. That was all because of overconsumption of his spiritual energy.

At the same time, Luo Wei did not actually expect Leisure House to be able to defend for so long like they had.

“My lord, come back,” the guards on the city wall advised again. In their eyes, anybody else could die, but the city lord could not. The city lord was like the heart of their city. If he died in battle, warriors and civilians alike, would fall into a frantic state.

“Lil’ Yang, go on back,” Luo Wei shoved Luo Yang behind him.

However, Luo Yang had wobbled a bit, then stood firmly where he had been in the air, “I’m not leaving if Father is not leaving.”

“What are you saying?” Luo Wei glared at him angrily. “You are merely a burden on me right now! Go back and rest, then return to the front lines when you can fight again.”

“No,” Luo Yang replied seriously. And at that moment…

“My lord!” the guards on the city wall suddenly shouted.

Luo Wei, who was wholly focused on Luo Yang, did not notice the wraiths who had actually chosen to proactively attack together.

He subconsciously turned around and covered Luo Yang with his body…

“Serve them with Thunder Palms!”

A group of people hurried over through the sky. Third Fatty Jin snickered when he saw the wraiths, then, several hundred Thunder Palm attacks landed on the wraiths with his orders.

“Massacre them all!” Third Fatty Jin charged forward into the swarm of wraiths with his pair of giant hammers.

“They’re here, they’re finally here!” Luo Wei, who had been hugging Luo Yang tightly, let out a long sigh of relief. The reason he had chosen to fight to the death outside the city walls without giving up was because…

He was buying time for the reinforcements from the sacred land of the Immortal Region to arrive!

“Old Xue, we can’t hold the gate anymore. Let’s retreat,” Stone muttered. He was armored from head to toe in what was clearly expensive equipment.

It wasn’t only him, everyone from Leisure House were equipped like that.

It was a scene that would make a lot of outsiders jealous. After all, their equipment were all forged by Item Refining Grandmasters. Every set cost nearly a hundred million celeste each.

However, there was nothing much that they as outsiders could really do about it. After all, the Leisure House might not have much of anything else, but they did have a lot of money.

“No, what are the civilians in the city going to do if we retreat? Even if we don’t care about them, what about our villagers!?” Xue Qi shook his head.

Stone thought it over for a moment after hearing that, “Then what do you want us to do? We’ve pretty much finished off all the Recovery Pills and Spiritual Nurturing Bills that Ye-zi left us. We only managed to hold on so long because of the pills. No matter how many wraiths we kill, there still are no signs of their numbers decreasing at all. We’re going to end up dying here because we ran out of everything.”

“What are you lot worried about? I’m here, aren’t I?”

A blood red scythe tore threw the horde of wraiths in front of them.

Ye Zichen rested the scythe on his shoulders, then walked over in front of Xue Qi and reached out his hand to help Xue Qi up off the ground.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

“You’ve always liked to appear at moments like this,” Xue Qi’s worried face relaxed. He grasped Ye Zichen’s outstretched hand and pulled himself up.

Meanwhile, Stone also walked over with a carefree smile on his face, “You’re finally here. Any later and your Brother Stone would’ve been eaten by the ghosts.”

“Hahaha, that’s only if they are capable of that!” Ye Zichen chuckled, then raised his scythe up high and shouted. “Kill them all!”

“Let’s go!” Stone laughed, then everyone from Leisure House charged forward behind Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen was their mainstay. They were fearless as long as he was there.

At the city lord manor.

Many people were in the meeting hall. Due to the intervention of Ye Zichen, Third Fatty Jin and the Immortal Region disciples, the wraiths around the city were finally completely cleared.

Meanwhile, Third Fatty Jin had ordered his junior brothers to clear out the remaining ones.

“Chief Jin, it was all thanks to you that Maple City could escape the disaster,” Luo Wei, who sat on the main seat, stood up and bowed towards Third Fatty Jin.

Surprisingly, Third Fatty Jin actually stood up humbly and smiled, “I am here by my master’s orders. What’s more, it was not just me who aided Maple City. Everyone here did.”

“Yes, I also have to thank Leisure House as well as the travelers and soldiers who died for Maple City!” Luo Wei looked up into the sky solemnly, then bowed thrice.

Everyone mourned silently. This was only Maple City, the other cities in the Immortal Region definitely weren’t in any better situation.

“City Lord Luo, I wonder if you have a method of contacting the other cities?” Ye Zichen frowned as he thought.

Luo Wei looked at him with a complicated expression, then nodded, “Yes.”

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