Chapter 650 Battle

Chapter 650 – Battle

“You guys better be more focused. This isn’t the time for you to be afraid!”

A bearded man stood in the air outside of Maple City in an armor with a long sword in his hand.

The guards of Maple City stood beside him in armor as well, while menacing wraiths surrounded them.


The wraiths shrieked and attacked the bearded man.

The man, who was busy scolding his soldiers, was caught off guard, causing him to be bitten.


The guards couldn’t help but call out worriedly.

The bearded man frowned, then dispersed the wraith with a backhanded slash, before scolding his soldiers without any regards for his injuries once again, “If you have the time to worry about me, you should use it to think about how to protect the families behind you. As soldiers, you cannot have the word “afraid” in your dictionary. If you are afraid and back off… Then your family and the civilians who have placed their trust in you will be the ones hurt!”

The bearded man roared angrily, then looked fiercely at the surrounding wraiths and raised his sword high up in the air. “Kill!”

“Kill!” The soldiers have already lost themselves to their bloodlust as they charged relentlessly towards the endless swarm of wraiths.

They could not retreat. Maple City was their home. The loved ones they swore to protect forever were behind them.

They could only die. They could not retreat!

Ye Zichen and co. were attacked by fierce swarms of wraiths the moment they appeared in the outer regions of the Immortal Region.

However, those wraiths were not particularly powerful. They were merely terrifying due to their large numbers.

Thus, the wraiths around the teleportation point were cleared in mere moments.

“Boss Ye, we’ve dealt with everything here. Where should we go next?” Third Fatty Jin checked out the injuries of his surrounding junior brothers. Then, after ensuring that everyone was alright, he walked over in front of Ye Zichen and asked.

“Which city are we the closest to?” Ye Zichen carried his scythe on his shoulders. After killing all the wraiths, the crimson scythe seemed to glisten even more.

“Both Maple City and Hundred Flowers City are nearby, but in terms of battle prowess, the Hundred Flowers Gate is stationed at the Hundred Flowers City, so they should be fine while defending,” Third Fatty Jin replied.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Then let’s go to Maple City.”

Third Fatty jin nodded, then jumped up into the air and began to fly towards their destination. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen muttered to himself as he followed the group at the end and glanced at the black swarm afar, “Please be alive…”

“General, our people…”

At that moment, Maple City’s guards were already covered in blood. All the blood belonged to themselves. Quite a few guards, who had already lost their ability to fight, laid beside them. Thus, not only did the remaining guards need to fight the wraiths, they also needed to protect their comrades, causing them to be in extreme trouble.

The minimum requirement to become a guard of Maple City was to be of the Earth Immortal level.

The wraiths were mostly of the spiritual body level, and only very few were of the Earth Immortal level.

Yet, these weak wraiths had nearly eradicated the elite guards.

“General, let us retreat. We’ll leave the North Gate and gather back at the city lord manor to activate the grand formation,” some of the guards suggested.

The bearded man wasn’t in a good situation either. His celestial grade armor was full of holes, while his muscular arms bled.

“I don’t want to hear anything like that!” the bearded man glared at the surrounding guards. “The City Lord and Junior City Lord are guarding the East Gate by themselves. Leisure House requested to guard the South Gate, while the travelers volunteered to guard the West Guard. The City Lord told me to guard the North Gate and gave me all the soldiers. You are actually telling me to retreat? I’m telling you, my soldiers never retreat. Got it?”

With that, the man charged back towards the wraith swarm without any hesitation armed with only his slightly dulled blade.

“Come, let’s see how fierce you can be!”

“I’m done!”

Yet, many guards chose to discard their weapons and ran towards the city gates in the face of despair.

There were truly too many wraiths, and they were unable to see their chances of victory at all.

They chose to run in face of terror and despair.


Yet, they all hit an invisible barrier before running far.

“Open the seals! I’m coming in!” the guard pounded at the barrier.

However, the guards on the city wall shook their heads firmly with a bit of reluctance in their eyes. “The City Lord has ordered that the formation will not be removed before the wraiths have been all dealt with.”

At the same time, a group of wraiths appeared behind the soldier who tried to get back into the city. They leaped onto him and shredded him into smithereens within moments.

Seeing that, all of the surrounding guards gulped, then gripped their weapons tighter.

Since the city wasn’t letting them in, they had no path of retreat anymore.

The bearded man who was fighting with the wraiths in the air also smiled wryly. He had already knew that the city-protecting formation has already been activated after they came out.

Those who came out of the city to fight came out with the belief that they will die.


The blade, which cut through countless wraiths, finally cracked. At the same time, the wraiths seemed to take that as a signal and instantly surrounded the bearded man.

“You want to eat me? I don’t think you’ll be able to!” the man’s body instantly turned bright red. He already made up his mind to act out his final act.


“All of you scum, die!”

He punched away the wraiths around him, then flew to the place with the densest gathering of wraiths with bloodshot eyes.


All of the wraiths were dispersed in a hundred meter radius. Meanwhile, tears began to form in the eyes of the guards, who still held the weapons and guarded the city.


The guards, who had already lost their ability to fight and were lying on the floor, all called out painfully. Then, they all bit their lips and crawled to were the wraiths were.




Explosions sounded out one after another. As the still living guards watched their comrades depart one by one, the flames of hatred became their driving force. The tore away the armor on their body and discarded all their defense before charging up to the wraith swarm.

“Die! Die! Die!”

The moment they noticed that they were unable to fight anymore, they all chose to self explode.

As the combat force outside the city decreased, the guards on the wall could only watch as their comrades chose to self-explode to gain another moment of peace for the city.

An hour later… the guards defending the North Gate were wiped out.

The guards, who remained on the city wall to maintain the city-protecting formation, were already in tears. Sure, they might be still alive, but after witnessing the brothers who had fought alongside them for several dozen, or even several hundreds of years die…

It felt even worse than their own death.

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