Chapter 65 Reincarnation of a deity?

Chapter 65 – Reincarnation of a deity?

A girl that could cause a young master like Su Yiyun, who barely went to school each week, to recognize her, was definitely a beauty on the level of a school beauty.

Ye Zichen looked over and was shocked.

Sun Yige.

“Boss Sun, it’s time to pay.”

There were a few delinquent-looking teenagers. The one in the lead was one with red hair, who had a few ear holes on his ear. From the tone of his voice as he stood outside the restaurant, it seemed like he had come to ask for protection fees.

“Yang-ge, didn’t we just pay it last week? “The middle-aged man, who was wearing an apron, beside Sun Yige replied. He was clearly an honest person from first glance.

“Hmm? I came to receive the money last week?” the red hair raised his eyebrows and said with disdain in his eyes. “Hurry up and give me the money, I still have to get it from the next shop after getting it from you guys.”

“We just paid it last week. Why are you guys asking for it again? This is too much!” Sun Yige couldn’t help but speak up. It was clear how much courage she mustered up to speak to a group of delinquents with her cowardly and introverted personality.

“Isn’t older brother caring for you? Otherwise, I won’t always come. How about this, come with older brother…” the red hair reached out his hand with a lecherous gaze and grabbed towards Sun Yige’s chin.


Before his hand touched Sun Yige, the red hair directly sat onto the floor after getting kicked in the stomach.

“If you want to care for someone, then go home and care for your mom.”

“Ye Zichen, why are you here?” a joyous look surfaced in Sun Yige’s eyes.

Meanwhile, the subordinates behind the red hair all wanted to rush up when they saw their big bro get hit.

“All of you f*cking stop,” the red hair, who was sitting on the ground, scolded, causing his subordinates to stop.

“Young-Young Master Ye,” the red hair walked over respectfully. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then looked at the red hair with his hands in his pockets. “You know me?”

“Young Master Ye, I was there when you were teaching the baldie a lesson at the barbeque store,” dense droplets of sweat started to form on the red hair’s forehead as he started to speak.

The baldie was somewhat of an amazing person in their circle, but what had happened to him? He got his four limbs broken by Ye Zichen.

He was just a lackey under his big bro. He was nothing in front of someone of Young Master Ye’s level.

Ye Zichen nodded after hearing that, then glared at the red hair, “Then you know what to do now?

“Young Master Ye, I follow Da-ge, can you give him face?” the red hair gulped after hearing Ye Zichen’s words.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen frowned a bit impatiently, “Don’t mention people with me. Nobody is of use when it comes to me. Do you want to do it yourself? Or do you want me to do it?”

“I’ll do it myself, Young Master Ye. It’s fine by myself,” the red hair clenched his teeth and placed his arm to the ground, then shouted at a nearby subordinate. “Hit it.”

“Big bro.”

“I’m telling you to hit it,” the red hair revealed a savage expression. Seeing that, the subordinate beside him picked up a baseball bat and smashed down on his arm.


The red hair grunted. After a long while, the red hair stood up once again and gave a forceful smile, “Young Master Ye, are you satisfied?”

“Screw off, you’re not allowed to come collect protection fees from this shop.”

Hearing that, the red hair immediately ran away with his subordinates as if he was let off big time.

On the side, the Sun father and daughter were shocked. Ye Zichen also smiled lightly towards then and returned to Su Yiyun’s table.

“Ye-zi, saving a beauty as a hero in front of me isn’t that good, right?” Su Yiyun teased playfully the moment Ye Zichen returned to the table.

Ye Zichen smiled helplessly towards him and said, “That’s our class’s class rep, Sun Yige, I merely helped her out. How did it become me saving a beauty?”

“Sun Yige? One of the four school beauties alongside my younger sister?”

Ye Zichen nodded without denying anything. When he saw this, Su Yiyun smiled understandingly, “No wonder, I was saying why she looked familiar.”

“Man slut,” Ye Zichen laughed. At this moment, Sun Yige walked to their table and gave them a dish.

“This is something my father gave you guys.”

Ye Zichen didn’t think that this shop belonged to Class Rep Sun’s family.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

The school net had already said that Class Rep Sun was the only civilian beauty out of the four school beauties.

He didn’t think that it was true.

Su Yiyun looked coyly towards Ye Zichen when he saw Sun Yige walk over. Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance, then stood up to receive the dish, “Thank you, Class Rep Sun.”

“You’re welcome,” Sun Yige blushed and answered carefully. “It should be me that thanks you. Thank you for chasing those people away just now.”

“Ha, that sort of people only bully the weak, and are afraid when you oppose them forcefully. If you immediately smashed him on the head with a beer bottle, see if he dares to come over to get protection fees again,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

Hearing that, Sun Yige immediately shook her head, “That isn’t good. We have to compensate him if we hurt him.”

Ye Zichen was not surprised by Sun Yige’s answer at all. Someone with her weak personality would definitely have this sort of thought.

Ye Zichen thought about it, then decided not to teach her any more delinquent ideas. He merely shrugged, “Then alright.”

“Mhmm,” Sun Yige rubbed the corners of her clothes with both of her hands as she blushed. “Oh yeah, I haven’t’ seen you in class recently, why…”

“Oh, I had some business these two days. I’ll definitely go back to class tomorrow.”

“Okay, then keep chatting, I’ll be leaving.”

“Take care, Class Rep Sun,” Ye Zichen sat back down onto the chair as he waved towards Sun Yige.

The moment Ye Zichen sat back down, Su Yiyun whistled towards him, “This School Beauty Sun is truly not bad.”

“Don’t have any bad thoughts about her. She’s not from the same world as you.”

Ye Zichen placed the dish that he just received onto the table and said, “Hurry up and eat it. I’ve been tired out like a dog these few days. I want to hurry back to go to sleep.”

The two of them finished and left from the small restaurant ten odd minutes after Ye Zichen’s hurry.

Sun Yige, who had been helping in the shop, watched the two people leave and bit her lips. Then she took out a pen from her pocket and wrote down Ye Zichen’s name on a notebook.

Ye Zichen was truly tired out after running around for a few days. He went back to his room to sleep after chatting with Ye Rong a bit when he got back to the mansion.

Nothing was said the entire night.

“Ye Zichen, quickly wake up.”

Ye Zichen heard someone call out to him beside his ear, while his mind and vision was still blurred. The familiar tone caused him to feel a bit speechless.

Liu Qing.

This master started to harm him again so early in the morning.

Ye Zichen suddenly sat up on the bed, just as he wanted to discuss with her about sleeping for half an hour more.

That’s not right, weren’t the Fiery Eyes of Truth retracted?

Ye Zichen opened his eyes and saw Liu Qing float in front of him with a face full of anger. She placed her hands on her waist and scolded, “You finally know how to get up? Do you know what time it is?

Ye Zichen rubbed his eyes with force…

He could see her.

He rubbed his eyes again.

He really could see her.


Ye Zichen felt a bit frantic, he…

Suddenly thought of the words Taibai Jinxing said to him back then.

You don’t seem to understand your own situation too well. But no worries, you’ll slowly come to understand.

Could it be that he was truly the reincarnation of a deity!?

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