Chapter 649 Third Fatty Leads an Army

Chapter 649 – Third Fatty Leads an Army

These demons are growing more and more outrageous. The most they did before was small stuff like create some abyssals.

Yet this time, they actually broke the seals on the hells in the Underworld to send out billions of wraiths?

Wraiths were different from ghosts. They are sprites that gathered the grudgeful feelings in their surroundings. In other words, they were ghosts formed from negative feelings due to being dissatisfied in their lives.

These ghosts were unable to reincarnate before they had been cleansed of their negative feelings.

However, these wraiths only held negative feelings because they were dissatisfied in their previous life. Furthermore, due to the tortures of hell in the Underworld, the negative feelings in these wraiths did not decrease at all.

Thus, their numbers only grew.

The escape of these wraiths will definitely cause a lot of trouble.

“Don’t lose Lord Fatty’s face when you’re out there you know? We’re going to help the Underworld capture wraiths, we’re also helping the civilians of the Immortal Region’s outer region. So, work harder and do what you can. Do not just treat it carelessly, understood!?” A familiar voice sounded out at a distance.

Ye Zichen looked up into the sky.

For some reason, the sky was already filled with people. These people were at least of the Human Immortal level and Ye Zichen couldn’t even see were the group ended.

“Boss Ye.”

At that moment, the fatty at the front of the group flew towards Ye Zichen.

“Third Fatty Jin!” Ye Zichen was shocked. Third Fatty Jin wore a white robe with red stripes, while he donned a daoist cap. “Where are you going…”

“Boss Ye, when did you come to the Immortal Region?” Third Fatty Jin’s face was filled with shock. “A situation has come up in the Underworld. Master ordered me to go and aid them.”

“You’re going as well?’ Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Of course, the wraiths appeared in the outer regions of the Immortal Region. How could we, the sacred land of the Immortal Region sit idle?” Third Fatty Jin answered with certainty. “But Boss Ye, did you just get here?”

“I already came here yesterday.”

“Yesterday?” Third Fatty Jin frowned. “Why didn’t anyone come and get you? Never mind, there’s no point of thinking about it now. How about this. Boss Ye, come with me to the outer region of Immortal Region, then I’ll take you to see my master after we deal with the wraiths.

“Sure,” Ye Zichen nodded without any hesitation. He was planning to return over there when he heard about the wraiths situation anyways.

No matter what, there were too many people he had to protect there.

Third Fatty Jin nodded with a smile, then looked up at the group in the sky, “What are you blanking out for? Hurry up, let’s go!”


The figures in the sky all flew forward at tremendous speeds.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but purse his lips with a smile, “You’ve got quite a bit of authority. Also, I don’t recall you wearing something like this before.”

“Ahh, don’t mention it,” Third Fatty Jin and Ye Zichen flew up and followed behind the group. Then, the fatty smiled wryly. “My senior brother has disappeared ever since Mount Supreme. Esteemed Master did go and out search, but still couldn’t find him. Then, a while ago, each of the halls had to select a chief disciple, and since my master only has two and a half disciples… It was pushed onto me.”

Third Fatty Jin shrugged and looked as if he was rather unwilling.

Ye Zichen smacked him on the head, then chuckled, “Don’t get the benefit and complain about it. Plenty of people can’t become the chief disciple even if they wanted to and you are actually acting like you are unwilling to do so.”

Third Fatty Jin wanted to cry as he twitched his mouth, “If it were a few years ago, I would definitely be willing. But Boss Ye, don’t you know what age this is? This is a time of chaos! A chief disciple will have to take upon a chief disciple’s responsibility. For example, as the chief disciple, I have to set an example for others and deal with the wraiths this time. When in danger, I have to go and save my junior brothers. This means that my life is lo longer my own. It’s not like you don’t know how afraid I am of death.”

When it came to the fear of death and acting pretentious, Third Fatty Jin was definitely amongst the top.

Ye Zichen patted him on the shoulders when he saw Third Fatty Jin’s troubled expression.

Capable people always have to give more than others.


Suddenly, a ruckus occurred at the front of the group.

Third Fatty Jin frowned, “What happened?”

“Senior Brother, there’s…”

Ye Zichen saw a group of blood red monsters with sharp fangs before the disciple in the front could finish his reply.

“The wraiths actually reached the sacred land,” Third Fatty Jin squinted his pea-like eyes, then tore open the space to retrieve a pair of hammers.

“You injured my junior brother. Die!” Third Fatty Jin fearlessly charged towards the wraiths with his pair of giant hammers. This was the first time Ye Zichen saw him fight.

Very strong…

His pair of hammers suit him very well.

Ye Zichen smiled. Although he was talking about how afraid of death he is, he still ended up burdening himself with the responsibility of the senior brother when he saw his junior brothers in trouble.

Since he’s acting so tough, then as the boss, I can’t slack either.

Ye Zichen bit his fingers and formed a sigil, causing a blood red scythe to appear in his hands. Since nobody in the group was from the Underworld, the only way to suppress the wraiths were to destroy their souls.

What’s more, the wraiths seemed rather menacing. It would be troublesome if they were allowed to harm those in front.

The blood red scythe was like the scythe of the grim reaper, it repeatedly harvested the souls of the wraiths wherever Ye Zichen passed through.

“Who is this? He’s so fierce!”

The surrounding disciples all stopped when they saw Ye Zichen make a move.

There really wasn’t much for them to do. Although the wraiths were rather troublesome opponents for them, they were merely small fries for Ye Zichen.

Third Fatty Jin raised his eyebrows, then began to swing his hammers around with even more force.

Thus, all the wraiths within the sacred land disappeared under their cooperation.

When the final wraith had been dealt with, Third Fatty Jin returned his hammers to the spatial rift, then smiled towards Ye Zichen, “Boss Ye, I truly cannot catch up to you!”

“Stop kissing ass here,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes with the giant scythe on his shoulders. “How did they get in here? Isn’t the sacred land of the Immortal Region an isolated space?”

“The sacred land of the Immortal Region is its own space,” Third Fatty Jin mentioned. “But since the wraiths had reached here, it can only mean that…”


Ye Zichen had a bad feeling when he saw Third Fatty Jin stop.

“The number of wraiths in the outer regions of the Immortal Region had already been thoroughly saturated. If nothing else happens, then when we step out of the portal, what we’ll see is a devastated outer region!” Third Fatty Jin said darkly.

Ye Zichen’s eyes opened wide. “What!? Then what are you blanking out for!? Let’s get out there!”

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