Chapter 648 The Great Sacred Emperor comes

Chapter 648 – The Great Sacred Emperor comes

Ye Zichen signaled Yang Jian to calm down for a moment, then clicked open the Red Packet Server.

God of Thunder: @Erlang Shen, what did Sky Sovereign say?

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: I didn’t expect such a huge mess to occur in the Underworld.

Oh, it seems like he finally recovered.

Erlang Shen: He said he’ll tell me later.

God of Fortune: It really is a huge issue in the Underworld this time. Even if we send out our armies, we’ll still need several days to take care of all the wraiths from the eighteen layers of health. Ahh, it really is going to cost quite a bit. If Sky Sovereign agrees to send out our armies, then I’m going to turn into the God of Poverty.

Yue Lao: @God of Fortune, that’s not right. We should help the Underworld when they’re in need. What’s more, this is something affecting the entirety of the Three Realms, so what if it costs a lot.

God of Thunder: Yue Lao is right.

God of Fortune: Alright, alright, I’m just saying. Generals, if you really are going to mobilize your armies, come to this little deity for funding and resource needs.

Monkey King: Hey, my monkeys are ready. I, Old Sun, wreaked havoc in the Underworld before, it’s time to rebuild our relationship.

Erlang Shen: Just us talking about it is useless. Wait for my bro’s news.

While the deities in the group chatted away, Ye Zichen scrolled up in the chat to take a look, then finally found the very first message approximately ten-odd minutes later.

All-Seeing Eyes: Morning news! The Underworld is in an internal mess. All of the higher-ups are having a conference about it. All ten Ghost Marshals are there, and all of the Yama Kings are also present.

Wind Catching Ears: Morning news! The ghost servants in charge of the eighteen layers of hell all disappeared. The internal seals have crumbled, and the wraiths have broken through the hells to escape. Right now, the Underworld is gathering the soul reapers to catch all the wraiths once more.

Canopy Marshal: I might not be too educated, but stop kidding around.

God of Thunder: Seriously?

Erlang Shen: Don’t bullshit around. The hells are as fortified as it can ever be. Seals crumbled? Those are seals set by the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven himself. Even our Jade Emperor can’t undo them.

God of Fortune: Shhh. The Jade Emperor doesn’t like other people saying that he’s weaker than the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven.

Yue Lao: Ahem. I have received some insider news that what both All-Seeing Eyes and Wind Catching Ears said are true.

Barefoot Immortal: King Ksitigarbha just asked for help in the Buddhist Realm chat group. It seems like the news is real.

Erlang Shen: … Ox-Head just sent me a message and asked if we, the Heavenly Court, would disregard the former grudges and mobilize our army to help suppress the wraiths.

God of Thunder: I got the message too.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: Same here.

Canopy Marshal: I, Old Pig, received one too.

Yue Lao: It seems like the Underworld is truly in a very troubled spot. They are probably unable to handle the situation by themselves. Otherwise, they wouldn’t go around and ask for help.

God of Thunder: Go and get Sky Sovereign. He’s the Chancellor of the Great Secretariat. As long as he agrees…

Erlang Shen: I’m on it.

Ye Zichen left the chat with a thought. He was rather curious about why the Underworld group didn’t have any new messages even though something so huge occurred.

He took a look at his list of chat, then noticed that…

Only Idealism was kicked from the Underworld Staff chat.

It was a news from half a month ago, but he didn’t even notice previously.

No wonder I didn’t notice any new messages. So, I was kicked.

Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, Ye Zichen checked on all the messages everyone sent to him. To no surprise, all of them were asking him how he was going to handle it.


His phone vibrated.

There as a small red “1” on his contact list.

Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven has sent you a friend request.

Ye Zichen’s hand trembled, then nearly dropped his phone to the ground.

He took a look at the request message. I’ve got something to discuss with you.


“Sky Sovereign.”

The Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven immediately sent him a message after Ye Zichen accepted the friend request.

“Great Emperor.”

In all honesty, Ye Zichen felt rather nervous when facing him. Although he and the Jade Emperor were of the same level, the Jade Emperor was well known, while the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens was quite a mysterious person.

He was the leader of the Underworld, but does not busy himself with its matters normally.

Nobody knew what he was doing, and very few people even knew what he looked like.

However, he actually appeared and sent Ye Zichen a friend request.

“We have no time for pointless talk. I had contacted the Jade Emperor and he said that you’re in charge of the Heavenly Court right now. I would like to request you to mobilize the army to aid the Underworld.”

“Is the situation dire?” Ye Zichen frowned.

“Yes, although I appeared the moment the seals were shattered, there were still billions of wraiths that escaped. It’s impossible for only the Underworld’s army to capture them all, so I would like to ask for the Heavenly Court to send out your armies.”

“Of course,” Ye Zichen replied with a smile. “But I am very curious about just who managed to destroy the seals you set.”

The Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven turned silent.

After a while, he finally replied,” An expert, one that far surpasses the Jade Emperor and I. That level of expert is not definitely from our three realms.”

Not from this Three Realms, then that clearly means that it’s someone from the Upper Three Realms.

“I already hurried over as fast as possible, but was still unable to catch a glimpse of the culprit. However, I did smell a familiar stench from him. He seemed to be… a demon.”

“Them again,” Ye Zichen clenched his teeth and his fists. “Great Emperor, don’t worry, I’ll tell the Heavenly Court to mobilize the armies immediately.”

“Thank you so much. I’ll be relying on Sky Sovereign,” the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens replied.



Your intimacy level with the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 200.


Your intimacy level with the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens leveled up. Current intimacy level: Trusted.

Ye Zichen took a glance at their intimacy level, then clicked open the Red Packet Server.

“@everyone. The Underworld is in trouble. We will be sending out True Lord Erlang Yang Jian, Pagoda-bearing Heavenly King Li and Third Prince Nezha to lead a hundred thousand heavenly soldiers to aid them!”

Erlang Shen: Understood!

Pagoda-bearing Heavenly King Li: Understood!

Nezha: Oh yay!

God of Thunder: @Only Idealism, Sky Sovereign, what about me?

“We need someone to defend the Heavenly Court, so stay home.”

Monkey King: I, Old Sun, wants to go as well.

Canopy Marshal: I, Old Pig, want to go as well.

“If you want to go, then go, but someone must be here to defend the Heavenly Court. So, God of Thunder, you have to stay. I just talked with the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens and found out that the person who broke the seals was a demon. Since they made a move against the Underworld, they might also do the same against the Heavenly Court. Although you aren’t going out to help, your mission is still of utmost importance. Understood?”

God of Thunder: Understood.

God of Fortune: Come to me for equipment and funding.

Old Lord Taishang: Go to the Old Lord Manor to get pills if you need to.

Yue Lao: Ahem. Come to the Red String Pavilion if you need a relationship…

Old Lord Taishang: Screw off.

The moment the order to mobilize the armies was given, the entire atmosphere of the group changed.

Ye Zichen smiled, but his gaze turned sharp. He squinted his eyes, then typed out on the keyboard.

“The mission this time is not only to capture the ghosts. It’s to defend against the enemies as well. If you meet demon scum, you have no need to report it first. Kill them all!”

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