Chapter 646- Liu Qing’s Letter.

Chapter 646- Liu Qing’s Letter.

A soft breeze blew by.

The wild grass on the plains swayed in the wind.

Ye Zichen paused for a moment when he heard Cui Twelve’s words, then, he finished the chicken leg with a smile and shrugged, “What is it?”

“According to my understanding, you and Liu Qing are… a couple?” Cui Twelve asked in a testing manner. “Since both Liu Qing and I are from the Modern Realm, our relationship is naturally better than with the other Highnesses in the God Realm. The most I heard about from her was about you. It was things like how amazing you were and how much she misses you.”

Ye Zichen nodded and listened carefully.

“It is actually very difficult to survive in the Four Direction Palace. Back then, I had always thought that she would be removed from the Four Direction Palace, but yet, this doll-like girl actually managed to stand firm in a short few months and become the Highness that His Majesty adores the most.”

“Although Liu Qing likes to mess around, she is rather tough,” Ye Zichen nodded.

“But what you don’t know is that you are the reason she is continuing on,” Cui Twelve looked up and looked Ye Zichen in the eye with a smile. “Regardless of how difficult the mission and cultivating was, she would always grit her teeth and continue. Do you know what she said to me when I checked up on her and told her that she didn’t need to force herself so much?”

Ye Zichen shook his head.

Cui Twelve pursed his lips and smiled, “She said that the earlier she reaches the Sky Supreme level, the earlier she’ll be able to come back to see you. That’s the belief which supported her and allowed her to become the Seventeenth Highness known throughout the entirety of the God Realm from a completely unknown girl.”

Ye Zichen’s hand holding the cup trembled. It wasn’t hard to imagine just what sort of troubles Liu Qing had experienced.

Although he felt pained over it, but… there was nothing he could do.

It was as Liu Qing had said. They were no longer people of the same world.

Ye Zichen picked up the liquor jar, tiled his head and began to pour the liquor down his throat.

Cui Twelve glared at him, then snatched the jar back, “Are you an animal!? I only have this much left!”

“Ahh…” Ye Zichen laid down onto the ground and watched the sky gradually turn dark.

The dark orange of a sunset seemed to dye the sky its color.

Ye Zichen sighed repeatedly, but was unable to form a sentence.

“I came over because Liu Qing asked me to. She knew that I would descend in these few days, so she asked me to give you this letter.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then saw the letter in Cui Twelve’s hands.

“I swear I didn’t take a look when I was coming over,” Cui Twelve promised.

Ye Zichen received the letter, then opened it…

Ye Zichen, I’m Liu Qing.

I guess you have already met Big Brother Twelve. He is an extremely nice older brother and my only friend in the God Realm.

I heard that he was going to descend, so I asked him to hand this letter to you to clarify some things.

I didn’t mean what I said that day. When I saw you, I really wanted to hug you and tell you the words I’ve said countless times in my dreams.

But Youmuu was there. I had no choice. He is His Majesty’s most trusted subordinate and a person that he planted near me who I have no choice about.

I cannot show my true thoughts. I could only act cold.

I have no choice. I want to live.

I have to apologize here. I ignored your feelings for my own life.

But I have no choice. I am treading on thin ice under the surveillance of His Majesty. I have to make sure he is absolutely satisfied. I have to make him trust me. That’s the only way I can survive in the Four Direction Palace.

That’s because I understand that there will only be hope for changing all this if I can survive. I can only truly have a chance to hug you and tell you how much I miss you if I live.

The God Realm is full of dangers just like the rest of the Six Realms. I hope you can be careful and not be so hot-tempered like you were in the Modern Realm.

Live, you have to live on.

Also, please believe me. No matter when it is, I will always love you.

Ye Zichen felt his eyes water. He gripped the letter tightly and put it away carefully.

Ye Zichen didn’t say anything for a long time, and merely sat on the ground with an empty look in his eyes.

“I want to know what the God Realm is like,” Ye Zichen asked suddenly. His gaze had turned sharp.

Cui Twelve wiped his oily mouth and thought about it for a moment, “A place filled with power and dictatorship. The strong ravage resources and become stronger, while the weak can only live meekly in terror under the wings of the strong for their own life.”

“You too?”

“Of course,” Cui Twelve smiled wryly. “I may be a highness of the Four Directional Palace. That may seem amazing in the eyes of outsiders, but I do not even dare to lift my head up against His Majesty. A single word of his can decide my life and death. Understand? He is like the emperors of the old. We will die even if we displease him a little!”

“Is that so!?” Ye Zichen looked up darkly into the sky.

Every single word in Liu Qing’s letter made his heart ache, while all of the sentences clearly showed just how terrified she was.

Ye Zichen was unable to imagine just how savage His Majesty was to cause both Cui Twelve and Liu Qing to be like this.

“You are rather lucky to not be in the God Realm. If you are fortunate enough to reach the God Realm, heed my advice, do not choose the Four Direction Palace because of Liu Qing. Also, do not step foot into the territory of the Four Direction Palace before reaching the Sky Supreme level. If you do that, then not only will you hurt yourself, you’ll hurt Liu Qing as well.” Cui Twelve patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder with a sigh.

His advice seemed to hold a tremendous amount of pain and suffering.

“What is His Majesty called?” Ye Zichen suddenly asked.

“Bi’an!” Cui Twelve said. “Why are you asking?”

Why? Of course I’m going to make a wish to those divine stones and get rid of that retarded majesty.


What a familiar name!

Ye Zichen suddenly raised his eyebrows. Isn’t that the name of one of the offspring of the dragon!?

“Are you sure it’s Bi’an? Isn’t that the offspring of the dragon?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “How did he become the majesty of the Four Direction Palace?”

“There are some things I can’t say, but the current God Realm is different from how it was like ten thousand years ago,” Cui Twelve replied quickly and looked up into the sky. “If I speak recklessly, the ones up there might find out. But I can tell you that all nine offspring of the dragon are in powerful positions.”

Ye Zichen scratched his chin and squinted his eyes.

The old dragon god had told him that the dragon race and the God Realm were allies, but the way he put it seemed to have made it sound as if their race was subordinate to the God Realm, and worked hard for them. That’s why the dragon race ended up nearly extinct.

But just what happened? How did the ones in power in the God Realm become the dragons!?

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  1. Bi’an (狴犴) is one of the nine offspring of the dragon. It is supposed to be a tiger-like beast who is often linked to prison.

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