Chapter 645 Cui Twelve’s Invitation

Chapter 645 – Cui Twelve’s Invitation

Ye Zichen left the hall without even turning his head.

Actually, he only wanted to put on some airs and scare the geezers a bit. He even intentionally walked very slowly to give them a chance to stop him.


Nobody came to stop him even when he had reached the foot of the mountain.

“Seriously, I already told them that I’m the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, but they didn’t react at all,” Ye Zichen looked back behind him multiple times. However, even after he left the gate to the sect, nobody went to stop him. “What the hell.”

Thus, Ye Zichen did not wait. Fine, they aren’t coming from me. Whatever, I don’t want to stay here either!

He took out the slip of paper Cui Twelve had given him. He definitely wanted to say something to me just now since he passed it to me so secretively.

“I’ll wait for you where we first met.”

The message on the note was simple. Ye Zichen also destroyed the note after seeing it.

Wait for me where we just met.

Just what does he want to say to me?

“Senior Brother, that young man just said that he is the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation,” one of the elders in the hall said after Ye Zichen had left.

The purple-robed elder snickered, “You actually believed him?”

“Was he lying to us?” the black-robed elder frowned. Although he had a terrible temper, he was an absolute fan of the Yellow Emperor.

The Yellow Emperor chose to discard his cultivation level and reincarnate for the future of the Immortal Region by hoping to break through the limits of a complete stage Sky Immortal and create an Immortal King level expert for his realm.

Also, he fought valiantly against the demons, then defeated Chiyou and his army of a hundred thousand demons.

It could be said that the yellow Emperor was both a legendary and iconic figure.

“If that was truly the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, then how could he have appeared here at the Yonghe Temple? The powerhouses of the Immortal Region could have already greeted him and treated him as the most important guest,” the purple-robed elder said in disdain. “Who knows where that scum came from. He actually dared to trick us with the Yellow Emperor’s name. The reason I allowed him out of here is merely because I felt like it wasn’t easy for him to reach his cultivation level and that his power is needed to defend against the enemies. Otherwise, I would not have permitted him tarnishing the Yellow Emperor’s name like that.”

His words were firm and filled with emotion.

The elders also nodded and agreed with the purple-robed elder’s words.

“Alright, let’s stop talking about that brat who posed as the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, Old White…” the purple-robed elder waved.

The white-robe elder stood up from his chair, “Senior Brother.”

“We must be careful since Cui Twelve has come. Pay attention to where he is. Report back to me when he finally leaves.”

“Understood, Senior Brother,” the white-robed elder cupped his hands and left the hall.

The purple-robed elder looked at the other elders, “As for the rest of you, continue on with your work. I’m going to see Yonghe Emperor and report to him what just happened.”


When all the elders in the hall left, the purple-robed elder’s expression turned dark, “The Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation actually came to the Immortal Region? I can’t let that prick ruin our grand plan.”

With that, the purple-robed elder turned into a flash of light, then disappeared from the hall.

Yet, the moment he disappeared, the space in the hall twisted, and a person appeared in the empty halls, then smirked towards where the purple-robed man had left towards before disappearing once more.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen appeared at where he first met Cui Twelve based on his memories.

It was a wide plain, where ones would be able to see traces of smoke rising from a distant village.

Ye Zichen’s stomach grumbled. He had already been in the Immortal Region for nearly a day, but he hadn’t even touched a single drop of water or the tiniest bit of food.

The system’s definitely screwing me over.

Ye Zichen retorted in his mind and looked around…

“Brother Ye,” Cui Twelve suddenly appeared in front of Ye Zichen with a roast chicken in his hand.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but gulp when he smelled the delicious aroma coming off the chicken.

“Brother Ye, I thought you would be hungry. I roasted it myself,” Cui Twelve sat down with a smile. He put the roast chicken wrapped in lotus leaves onto the ground, then took out a jar of liquor and two cups.

“Try it…” Cui Twelve poured a cup of liquor for Ye Zichen then raised his eyebrows.

Ye Zichen didn’t think about it too much. He immediately picked up the cup and gulped it all down. The liquor felt fresh, but when it entered the stomach, it seemed to ignite a small fire within him which soothed his body.

More importantly, he felt as if his spiritual energy increased.

“Brother Ye actually didn’t suspect me of poisoning it?” Cui Twelve raised his eyebrows with a smile.

Ye Zichen shrugged with a chuckle, “Do you have any reason to?”

“That’s true,” Cui Twelve laughed, then poured a cup for himself. “This amazing liquor is hard to come by. I brought the best thing I’ve got to drink with Brother Ye.”

“This liquor’s rare?” Ye Zichen swirled the muddy liquor in his cup.

Cui Twelve explained with a helpless smile, “Brother Ye, you might not know, but this liquor is rare even in the God Realm. This jar of mine is something His Majesty granted me. If I wanted to exchange it with merits, I might not even be able to exchange for a jar even in a hundred years.”

“Wow, then I did get really lucky,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile, then poured a second cup for himself without any hesitation.

Cui Twelve felt a bit pained when he saw that, but he did not stop Ye Zichen.

“Brother Cui, I wonder what did you come here for?”

“Brother Ye is actually from the Modern Realm, right?” Cui Twelve raised his eyebrows.


Since the guys from the God Realm were very capable, Ye Zichen didn’t want to think too much. After all, since Cui Twelve mentioned that, it meant that he clearly knew something.

What’s more, Liu Qing was also in the Four Direction Palace.

“I’m actually from the Modern Realm as well,” Cui Twelve let out a long sigh.

Ye Zichen trembled, then looked at him in shock.

“Of course, I’m not from the same era as you were. I came here very early. It was still during the Republic of China era. I was randomly brought here by the Six Realms Patroller. I was actually really weak back then. Now, so many years have passed in the blink of an eye, I didn’t expect to run into someone from the Modern Realm, like you or lil’ sister Liu Qing.”

“I really didn’t expect Brother Cui to be from the Modern Realm as well,” Ye Zichen suppressed his shock and replied plainly.

Cui Twelve nodded, then stretched lazily, “I actually came here for lil’ sister Liu Qing.”

“For her?” Ye Zichen felt his heart turned cold when he recalled how Liu Qing acted. He smiled, then took off a chicken leg. “What did she tell you to come and find me for? To repay a favor? I don’t need it.”

“To explain,” Cui Twelve squinted his eyes. “Brother Ye seems to be misunderstanding a lot of things. Am I right?”

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