Chapter 643 Not Quite According to Plan

Chapter 643 – Not Quite According to Plan

At the Elder Hall.

Nine elders sat inside a special hall. These were the nine elders of Yonghe Temple.

They were respectively in charge of the inner sect, outer sect and discipline.

The one who sat in the middle was a square-faced old man with a unibrow and purple shirt. He was very surprised after hearing about the news of the azure scaled snake rampaging.

“Ever since a hundred years ago, that azure snake has never rampaged since. Why did it suddenly rampage at this sort of sensitive time?”

“Old White and I went over to take a look,” the black-robed elder snorted. “The snake seemed to have started rampaging because it was frightened.

“Frightened?” the purple-shirted elder thought about it, then couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. “The snake lives deep inside the cave. The four-leafed herb required for the trial is in the middle section. What’s more, there is the metal scale snake swarm before reaching the azure snake. How could those kids in the trial frighten it?”

“As opposed to saying that it was frightened, I think it’s better to say that it woke up from its slumber because it sensed a powerful enemy it had to face. I think that’s the situation,” the white-robed elder suddenly commented.

“Hey, White Geezer, do you have a grudge against me today or something? You already didn’t give me face in front of the outer sect disciples, and now you’re still arguing with me in front of senior brother?”

“What do you mean?” the white-robed elder replied in confusion.

The black-robed elder frowned, “You just said that the azure snake met a foe? Are you talking about those outer sect disciples? They are barely of the spiritual body level, just what kind of threat do they pose to the azure snake?”

“Are you sure that they’re all of the spiritual body level?” the white-robed elder smiled.

“Then are you telling me that there are Sky Immortal experts amongst them? Sky Immortal experts coming to Yonghe Temple to become outer sect disciples? Are you kidding me!?” The black-robed elder twitched his mouth.

“Alright, stop it!” the purple-robed elder frowned. “We do not understand the situation yet, but you two already started arguing. You’re both over a hundred, aren’t you ashamed of arguing like children!?”

Both the black robed and white robed elder grew silent.

Only then did the purple-robed elder frown. “I’ll just check for myself when the outer sect disciples arrive.”

“The Elder Hall is right in front. Everyone, there’s no need for you to be worried, just answer whatever they ask you honestly,” Hu Qing led the disciples in front of the Elder Hall.

Hearing that, the disciples nodded, but still revealed nervous expressions.

“Master, Martial Uncles, this disciple has brought them all over.”

“Hu Qing, thank you for your hard work,” the purple-robed elder nodded.

Hu Qing gave a look of encouragement to the disciples, then went to stand behind the black-robed elder.

Hu Qing is the black-robed elder’s disciple? Their personalities are way too different!

“So you’re this batch’s outer sect disciples,” the purple-robed elder said softly.

Everyone nodded carefully. Even Cui Fugui was quiet.

“So there are actually so little outer sect disciples. It seems like there will be even less inner sect disciples.”

“Martial Uncle, the number of candidates competing for an inner sect disciple position is several times that of an outer sect disciple’s,” Hu Qing said.

The purple-robed elder was momentarily shocked before he smiled, “That’s rare.”

“It’s because you declared that the inner sect disciples have a chance to become a true disciple. Senior Brother, the true disciples of the inner sect elders is numerous enough, you’re just putting more pressure on us!” A muscular man sitting on the right hand side of the purple-robed elder couldn’t help but shake his head with a long sigh.

“Ugh, you’re just showing off after getting the good stuff. If you think that the inner sect is tiring, then come to the outer sect. I’ll go stay in the inner sect. I’m already sick of this forsaken place,” the black-robed elder rolled his eyes.

The muscular man did not get angry, and merely smiled, “Sure, when it comes to exchanging, I don’t mind handing you the position of the inner sect elder if you defeat me.”

“Just why…” the black-robed man slapped his thigh and said angrily.

The purple-robed elder frowned, “Why are you two arguing again? If you’re all going to be so loud, then go and face the mountains!”

“Tsk,” the black-robed elder twitched his mouth.

The purple-robed elder pretended like he didn’t hear anything and turned to Ye Zichen’s group, “This trial was the mistake of the council of elders. I have to apologize to you for this.”

“There’s no need to be so courteous. You just need to let us all stay in the outer sect,” only Ye Zichen waved idiotically with a chuckle.

Hu Qing twitched his mouth and muttered quietly to himself. I don’t recall Ye Zichen being like that…

What he didn’t know was that Ye Zichen did it on purpose.

Since he already reached that point, he had to think of a way to get the elders’ attention. The entire problem was solved as long as one person could detect his Sky Immortal level.

“The positions of an outer sect disciple is limited, it will have to depend on how suited you are for cultivation,” the purple-robed elder smiled. “Luo Ying!”


A rather well portioned lady with a veil over her face walked out from the corner of the hall.

“Go and take a look.”

“Understood!” the female disciple slowly walked towards Ye Zichen’s group.

The outer disciple candidates all gulped.

The only people who had no reaction was Ye Zichen and Cui Fugui.

“Not bad,” the purple-robed elder nodded with a smile.

Before the group had arrived, he had intentionally told the female disciple that she was permitted to use a suitable bit of mesmerizing art in order to see how firm their will was.

The path of cultivation was filled with difficulties. Talent might be important, but willpower was also of utmost important.

It was clear that both Ye Zichen and Cui Fugui’s performance satisfied him.

“Dual spirit roots of fire and earth. What a shame, if it was fire and wood, then you might be able to go and learn pill refining.

“Dual spirit roots of water and metal. Opposing spirit roots… It’ll be hard to achieve anything great.”

“Metal spirit root, not bad.”

The female disciple walked passed the group and occasionally grabbed them by the arm and made them speak out the attribute of their spirit roots.

Then, after checking out the rest, the woman arrived in front of Ye Zichen and Cui Fugui.

The purple-robed elder also looked towards them. He already decided that if these two had top class spirit roots, then he would accept them into the inner sect despite their seemingly older age.

However, the woman actually stopped and did not squeeze anybody’s arm like she had done before.

“It seems like sire is a someone with rather interesting interests,” the lady smiled softly.

Nobody, including the elders, could understand why she said such a thing.

However, Ye Zichen felt a sense of joy. Could this woman have detected my strength?

Is my identity as a Sky Immortal expert about to be revealed to the public?

Just as he was about to nod, he saw the woman place her hand on Cui Fugui’s shoulder and pursed her lips, “Ice attribute, a mutated heavenly spirit root. You are also above the Sky Immortal level. Sire, isn’t it a bit too troubling for you to come to Yonghe to become an outer sect disciple?”

“What!?” Ye Zichen was completely stunned. The woman wasn’t walking about me…

Cui Fugui!?

What the f*ck!

This wasn’t quite how it was supposed to go!

Dude, stop it. Look at me, alright? I’m a Sky Immortal expert as well!

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