Chapter 642 Trial Nulled

Chapter 642 – Trial Nulled

The trembling ground was very apparent. Even though the pair stood a few dozen meters away, they were still able to feel the residue movement.

Cui Fugui stared at the cave, while Ye Zichen walked towards it with a frown.

“What are you doing?”

“Of course I’m going to save them,” Ye Zichen replied without thinking.

Cui Fugui grabbed him and called out softly, “Do you want to die? You want us, two mortals, to go and save them? Senior Brother Hu will be fine. What’s more, this is at the foot of the mountain where Yonghe Temple is, someone will come to deal with this.”

With that, two old men, respectively in a black robe and a white robe, appeared in the air above Ye Zichen.


“Senior, we are outer sect disciples who just finished the trial, but did not enter the sect properly yet,” Cui Fugui forced a smile.

“Where’s Hu Qing?” one of the old man asked.

“Senior Brother Hu already entered,” Cui Fugui answered respectfully.

“So the guy inside is rampaging again. Hu Qing won’t be enough to deal with him. We should hurry in,” the white-robed old man frowned.

The black-robed old man nodded, then entered the hole with the other elder.

“Ahh, that scared me to death,” Cui Fugui patted his chest and breathed heavily. “Those two old men are definitely a lot stronger than Senior Brother Hu. Their aura just now…”

Cui Fugui blabbered on, then finally raised his eyebrows when he saw that Ye Zichen did not reply, “Brother Ye, what are you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” Ye Zichen shook his head.

What he was doing was using his spiritual consciousness to check out the situation in the cave.

The one who caused the commotion was an azure scale snake. It looked like a yao that was rather old, even though it was only around the strength of a mid-stage Human Immortal.

Despite that, when combined with its impenetrable scales and its powerful body, it allowed it to fight at the very least with early stage Sky Immortals.

However, since the two old men earlier were both Sky Immortal experts, they were more than enough to deal with it.

Yet, the snake seemed a bit strange. Its movements were still and seemed to radiate a deathly aura, which caught Ye Zichen’s attention.

“Hah, you’re just scared by those two old men, right?” Cui Fugui patted Ye Zichen on his shoulder with a smile. “Don’t worry, I won’t laugh at you. I’ll tell you the truth, I nearly pissed in my pants when they came by just now.”

“Is that so!” Ye Zichen smiled with a nod. “Their aura was rather strong. As expected of experts from a cultivating sect.”

“Of course. Yonghe Temple is a famous large temple in the Immortal Region. I heard that the sect master is Yonghe Emperor, one of the Three Great Emperors. He is supposed to be extremely strong, and are only surpassed by the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.” Cui Fugui had a dreamy look on his face, while his eyes seemed to lite up. “Getting to that status would mean countless wealth, and any girls would just throw themselves at him. If I can reach that status…”

“It’ll be pretty difficult for you with your mindset,” Ye Zichen shook his head speechlessly.

Cui Fugui immediately understood and said angrily, “Although meat and liquor goes down my throat, I still have the Buddha in my heart. Since the Heavenly Court’s Canopy Marshal can become an immortal, then what’s wrong with me enjoying the liveliness of the world?”

“You seem pretty intelligent in that front, you might as well turn Buddhist.”

Thus, the two began to chat pointlessly. At the same time, the commission within the cave seemed to become louder and louder after the two elders entered, only to gradually turn softer once more.

Approximately an hour later, Senior Brother Hu walked out with the two old men, while the other people who came to join as outer sect disciples followed behind them.

All of them were terrified as they looked lifelessly in front of them. There were also two who held the four-leafed herbs in their hands tightly, displaying just how resolute they were in joining Yonghe Temple’s outer sect.

“These children are terrified,” the white-robed elder shook his head.

The black-robed elder snorted, “How can they continue down the path of cultivation like this? This sort of tiny matter…”

“No matter what, they’re just mortals. You’re asking too much of them,” the white-robed elder was clearer easier to speak to than the black-robed one. He smiled, then tapped on the shocked individuals’ foreheads.

All of them trembled, then began to scream.

Seeing that, the black-robed elder got even more annoyed, then left with a cold snort. Yet, this sound caused the screaming people to all stop and peek at that elder.

Then, they heard the white-robed elder speak up, “This situation of the trial was the mistake of the council of elders, but having so many outer sect disciples will be a burden for us, the Yonghe Temple. How about this, we’ll let the sect elders discuss about whether you can stay or not. Come with me.”

Cui Fugui immediately thought of something, “Respected senior.”

“What is it?” the elder turned around.

“Then what about our trial?”

“You’ll naturally be treated equally in front of the council of elders.”

“Then… wouldn’t we be at too much of a loss?” Cui Fugui complained.

Senior Brother Hu gave him a cue to stop speaking, but the elder merely shook his head with a smile, “If you are fated to cultivate, then you will naturally stay. If you are not, then you will be exiled even after joining the outer sect. Everything is fate, so there is no point of getting angry.”

Cui Fugui tried to argue, but Ye Zichen yanked his arm, causing him to bitterly shut his mouth.

The elder turned towards Senior Brother Hu after seeing that Cui Fugui stopped, “Hu Qing, take them to the Elder Hall later. I’m going to inform the other elders.”

“Understood. Martial Uncle, take care,” Hu Qing sent the elder away with a bow, while the elder took a few steps forward before disappearing into the clouds.

Meanwhile, Cu Fugui was clearly displeased. They had worked so hard to find the four-leafed herb, and now it was all for nothing.

“Your words were too much just now,” Hu Qing walked over and patted Cui Fugui’s shoulder. “It was lucky for you that it was Martial Uncle White. If it was Martial uncle Black, then he would have just slapped you to death.”

“I just don’t agree with this. We worked so hard to get the herb, and why was that? For fun!?” Cu Fugui’s eyes were filled with anger.

Hu Qing shook his head with a smile, “Just keep holding the herbs in your hand. The council of elders will naturally favor you more if you can have the four-leafed herbs. Don’t worry.”

“Really?” Cu Fugui raised his eyebrows.

Hu Qing nodded, then smiled at the other, “You have heard what Martial Uncle White said, so please come with me to the Elder Hall.”

While they walked over, Hu Qing led Ye Zichen and Cui Fugui at the very front.

Cui Fugui repeatedly exclaimed in surprise while they walked over. Yet, that was when he noticed the injury on Hu Qing’s arm, so he couldn’t help but ask, “Senior Brother Hu, did you get the injury in the cave?”

“Yes,” Hu Qing covered the injury on his arm. “Actually, Martial Uncle is telling you to go to the Elder Hall for the entire situation in the cave.”

“What do you mean?” Cui Fugui did not understand.

“You’ll understand when we arrive.”

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