Chapter 641 Herb Harvesting

Chapter 641 – Herb Harvesting

Most of the group worked their hardest in order to become the outer sect disciple of Yonghe Temple, causing them to search carefully for where the four-leafed spiritual herb was.

Of course, there were some people who didn’t try at all, like Ye Zichen.

He aimlessly wandered around the cave lazily, while retorting in his mind.

Just what did I come here for? How did I randomly end up doing this?

“Bro, hurry up. The earlier we get out, the higher the score we’ll get. Although the outer sect disciples don’t get much resources, if we are able to perform exceptionally well amongst our year, then we’ll still enjoy more resources,” Cui Fugui’s eyes shone as he searched around for the four-leafed herb.

“Brother Cui, don’t mind me. Go off and search on your own. I’ll just let nature take its course. Worse come to worst I’ll just not join Yonghe Temple,” Ye Zichen shrugged. He really wasn’t interested in it.

“What are you saying? Yonghe Temple only accepts new disciples every three years. Three years might fly by for an immortal, but just how many three years do us mortals have? You want to give up after getting here? Brother, although we just met, but I felt like I would get along with you from first sight. Don’t worry, if I can find the four-leafed herb, then I’ll definitely find your portion as well before we go out,” Cui Fugui was kind, but this only made Ye Zichen sigh silently.

Ignoring everything else, the inner sect disciples, who have been in the temple for a long time, were only of the Human Immortal level. At the very least, I did reach the Sky Immortal level, and is amongst the strongest in the Three Realms.

Isn’t it just a joke for me to become an outer sect disciple in this temple!?

Even if I really manage to find the four-leaf herb, my purpose isn’t to enter the temple. What’s more, the Sect Chief is definitely no commoner. If he finds out that I, a Sky Immortal expert, came to become an outer sect disciple…

Wait a moment!

That’ll work. The system didn’t tell me how to find Great Emperor Qingming and co. I’ll just start with this temple. If I cause some trouble, then those people will come to find me.

Yes, that’s an amazing idea!

Heh, you think you can make things difficult for me!?

Thinking that, Ye Zichen smirked, then said as if he suddenly understood everything, “Brother Cui is right. I just thought of Senior Brother Hu. He managed to crawl up to where he is with determination, but nobody knows how much suffering he underwent. That’s why I felt a bit demotivated, but Brother Cui’s words reminded me. I’ve already reached here, there’s no reason for me to give up.”

“That’s more like it!” Cui Fugui smiled, then frowned as he looked at the dark hole. “As expected of a hole where a snake lives, there are truly too many crossroads. I wonder where exactly the herb is.”

“I know. Brother Cui, come with me,” Ye Zichen smiled.

Cui Fugui was stunned as Ye Zichen made a choice and took a lead.

Although Cui Fugui was confused on why Ye Zichen said he knew, he still chose to follow.

“Brother Ye, this is amazing, how did you know?”

After walking through seven or eight crossroads, Ye Zichen and Cui Fugui finally arrived at where the four-leafed herb was.

The floor and walls were filled with the herb, while a group of hissing scale snakes stay ten-odd minutes away and did not dare to approach the pair.

“I read about the habitats of scale snakes in an old tome, so I came to the most likely spot. I can’t believe I actually got it right!” Ye Zichen credited everything to an old tome, and since nobody knew about what the ‘old tome’ was about, he wouldn’t raise any suspicions.

“Ahh, I’m so lucky. I actually got to know Brother Ye. If it was just me randomly going around, god only knows when I’ll be able to get ehre,” Cui Fugui couldn’t help but chuckle.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, ‘Let’s hurry up and harvest the herbs. Didn’t you say that the earlier we get out the better?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Ahh my memory’s bad,” Cui Fugui patted his head, then quickly began to harvest.

At the same time, Ye Zichen shattered the jade tablet Senior Brother Hu gave them.

“Are you giving up or…” Senior Brother Hu appeared in front of them. Then, when they saw the place full of herbs and the strands in Cui Fugui’s hand, he couldn’t help but smile. “It looks like you succeeded.”

“Yes we did! Senior Brother Hu, are we outer sect disciples now?” Cui Fugui nodded repeatedly.

Senior Brother Hu smiled in confirmations, “Naturally. When the other people get out or give up, I’ll bring you open to report in with the outer sect’s elder. Then, you’ll be officially recognized as outer sect disciples of Yonghe Temple.”

“Yay!” Cui Fugui punched up into the air in excitement. “Heh, those guys who looked down on me in the village… They’ll all have to call me Lord Immortal when I go back!”

“You shouldn’t have thoughts like that,” Senior Brother Hu said sullenly with a stern face. “After you enter an immortal sect, you will have already exceeded being a mortal. Cultivating in Yonghe Temple is to protect our home against enemies. You cannot use our techniques to mess with mortals.”

“Senior Brother Hu is right,” Cui Fugui lowered his head, while Ye Zichen watched on with a smile.

Senior Brother Hu looked towards him and nodded, while Ye Zichen returned it with a smile.

“It seems like you are fated to cultivate, so you ended up in the sect.”

“It was all thanks to Senior Brother Hu,” Ye Zichen said respectfully.

“Alright, let’s not stay here any longer. I’ll bring you all out right now to wait for other people’s news,” at that moment, Senior Brother Hu’s own jade tablet flashed. “Someone shattered a jade tablet? Alright, I’ll bring you two out first.”

After Senior Brother Hu brought Ye Zichen and Cui Fugui outside, he quickly entered the cave once more.

Shattering the jade tablet meant that the person either got into danger or completed the task. Due to the possibility of the person being in danger, Senior Brother Hu could not stay outside with the pair for too long.

“As expected of an immortal to fly around everywhere,” Cui Fugui said enviously.

“There should be some teleportation point within the cave to allow him to move through it. Otherwise, he shouldn’t be able to do that with his cultivation level,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

Cui Fugui glanced at him, “How’d you know that?”


Ye Zichen was a bit worried, then he frantically smiled, “I saw it in the old tome.”

“That kind of stuff is recorded as well? Brother Ye, can you lend me that old tome, I want to read it too,” said Cui Fugui.

“Uhm… I left it at home. I’ll go back and get it for you when I have time.”

“Sure, do remember to show me!”

After finally sating Cui Fugui, Ye Zichen began to ponder how he was going to attract the attention of the higher-ups of Yonghe Temple.

Yet, at that very moment, a huge noise rang out in the cave.

“What’s going on!?” Cui Fugui was shocked, then he turned back to see the rocks near the cave tremble.

“It seems like… they’re fighting?”

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