Chapter 64 Treasure Shop

Chapter 64 – Treasure Shop

That old geezer, Taibai Jinxing, was definitely an old fox in the Heavenly Court.

He had a complete grasp of Ye Zichen’s thoughts. Thus, Ye Zichen accepting it under the combination of his combination of threats and offers was all within his expectations.

Taibai Jinxing: Since you’ve accepted, then we have an agreement.


A red packet immediately followed after he sent the message.

You received Taibai Jinxing’s red packet.

Celestial Number: 1365

Celestial Plate: Sky Sovereign Nameless (Cultivation Experience: 0, Level 1 Celestial Official)

Residence: 137 Willow Stone Alley, Thirty-Seventh Heaven

Taibai Jinxing: This is your identity in the group from now on, Sky Sovereign Nameless. Let me tell you, the Thirty-Seventh Heaven is a place only great deities can stay. You have to use your identity well.

Taibai Jinxing said it like it was something amazing. However, Ye Zichen merely twitched his mouth.

So what if Taibai Jinxing gave him a residence in the Ninety-Ninth Heaven to live with the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother?

Can a mere mortal like him actually go there!

In other words, it’s completely useless for him.

Ye Zichen: You might as well give me some actual things instead.

Taibai Jinxing: One moment.


Another red packet appeared on the screen. Ye Zichen quickly opened it.

You received Taibai Jinxing’s red packet.

Cultivation Experience x3000


Ye Zichen nearly coughed up blood.

What the hell? Perhaps cultivation experience is actually useful for those deities?

But what does that have to do with him?

Ye Zichen: Can you give me something of actual use?

Taibai Jinxing: Don’t think that it’s not enough. A high cultivation experience allows you to raise your official rank in the Heavenly Court. That would only be beneficial towards you. What’s more, this cultivation experience has way too many uses for you. Go and figure it out yourself.

Ye Zichen: …

Taibai Jinxing: Don’t be speechless, you will only beg me to give you cultivation experience in the future. Remember, get into the Underworld group as quick as possible.

Then, Taibai Jinxing irresponsibly left. Ye Zichen could only feel helpless towards all that.

He opened the Celestial Plate within his Treasure Chest with a sigh.

Celestial Plate: Sky Sovereign Nameless (Cultivation Experience: 3000, Level 3 Celestial Official)

What the hell is the use of this!

Ye Zichen really didn’t want to retort about it, what use was it for him even if he was promoted to a Level 100 Celestial Official?


Never aging?

Or could he truly rise to become a deity and go to the Heavenly Court?

Ignoring the fact that he can’t, even if he could, he wouldn’t want to go.

Just as he wanted to close WeChat, he suddenly noticed that a new function appeared beside the Treasure Chest.

Treasure Shop!

Ye Zichen clicked open the Treasure Shop curiously, then bolted up from the chair.

He understood.

This cultivation experience was truly of too much use of him.

There were ten-odd pages full of items in it. Behind each of them was the cultivation experience that was required in order to exchange for it.

Ye Zichen clicked on “Misc Items.”

The Third Prince Nezha’s love letter.

Proof of the Ox Demon King’s adultery.

Literari Star’s school report.

Most terrifyingly…

There was also the fairy Chang’e’s underwear.

All of these things that didn’t seem to be of any actual use required astronomical amounts to exchange for them.


Heavenly Court dog food.

Heavenly Court plants.

Heavenly Court vegetables.

All of them were items that were labeled as “Heavenly Court” items. In comparison, these required a lower amount to exchange for them.

They ranged from several tens of cultivation experience to several hundred cultivation experience.

It was something that he could accept with his current amount of cultivation experience.

Then he clicked open the secret scripture types!

Secret Scripture of the Fiery Eyes of Truth (Level 1). Required amount: 1,000,000 cultivation experience. (The Level 2 secret scripture can be purchased after its purchase)

Secret Scripture of the Body Freezing Technique (Level 1). Required amount: 1,000,000 cultivation experience. (The Level 2 secret scripture can be purchased after its purchase)

Secret Scripture of the Seventy-Two Transformations (Level 1).

Old Lord Taishang’s special medical book (Book 1)

Secret Scripture of Literari Star’s Photographic Memory.

“Such a sly old fox,” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but swear. He didn’t have to guess to know that the old guy was responsible for removing his Fiery Eyes of Truth.

Then the old guy brought up a bunch of crappy secret scriptures here for him to exchange.

So smart.

Ye Zichen felt a bit of admiration for that geezer, Taibai Jinxing.


Your Fiery Eyes of Truth (Level 1) has 71 hours of trial time remaining.

The system sounded out once again. This time, the corner of Ye Zichen’s mouth raised.

You want to take back my Fiery Eyes of Truth, right? Then I’ll use enough of it first.

Within three days, Ye Zichen took Xiao Yumei and swept across countless Ore Auctions. Since the amount he bought was far too much, he even received several hundred million of funds from Xiao Hai.

However, Ye Zichen did not lose anything from the stones that he bought, despite buying in such large quantities.

From that point onwards, Ye Zichen got a new title in the circles.

Stone God Ye Zichen.


The trial period for your Fiery Eyes of Truth (Level 1) has ended. The secret scripture is retracted.

Ye Zichen finally relaxed after getting this message. He didn’t waste any of the seventy something hours he had remaining for the Fiery Eyes of Truth. He turned towards Xiao Yumei, who was beside him…

To be honest, although Xiao Yumei was a beautiful woman, she was definitely a strong woman when working.

Within the three days, she had continuously stayed by Ye Zichen’s side as they bought stones.

Ye Zichen was nearly dead from exhaustion, yet she didn’t feel any fatigue at all.

“Zichen, where are we going next?”

“Nowhere, we have enough jade in our hands. Let’s leave some chances for other people,” Ye Zichen sighed unenergetically.

Seeing his tired look, Xiao Yumei kissed him on his lips, “You’ve been troubled. Hurry up and rest.”

“Then what about you?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrow. However, Xiao Yumei giggled excitedly, “I have to process all this jade as fast as possible. Our jewelry shop can definitely expand several times with these jade.”

Ye Zichen shook his head and smiled helplessly, “You’ve been tired out these few days too. Just rest properly before going. What’s more, you don’t need to watch over the jade processing in person.”

Xiao Yumei reached out her hands, hook it around Ye Zichen’s neck and smiled, “I’ll send you back to rest first. As for me, you don’t need to mind.”

Ye Zichen could only sigh helplessly towards this and nod in agreement.

Xiao Yumei drove away hurriedly after sending Ye Zichen back to the entrance of the mansion’s compound.

Ye Zichen rubbed his hurting temples. At that moment, his phone rang. Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile wryly when he took a look at the caller ID. It seems like he isn’t going to be able to rest.

Within a family restaurant half an hour later.

Su Yiyun had wanted to take Ye Zichen to a larger club, but Ye Zichen didn’t have any interest in playing in his current condition, so they just settled down in a normal restaurant.

“Ye-zi, thank you so much for my grandpa.”

Su Yiyun raised his beer glass. Ye Zichen raised his own and touched Su Yiyun’s beer glass with it and shrugged, “It was no big deal. How is Old Man Su recently?”

“Don’t mention it, his body is indescribably good. Oh yeah, my grandpa said that he wants to treat you to a meal later, don’t refuse it.”

“I won’t, as for you…” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance. “You were actually siblings with the goddess Su Yan, you hid it pretty well.”


Su Yiyun laughed loudly. Then, all of a sudden, he stopped and raised his eyebrow, “Ye-zi, do you feel that beauty over there looks rather familiar?”

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