Chapter 638 One Hit

Chapter 638 – One Hit

“Ridiculous,” Yin Xiong raised his hand up high and a celestial sword flew through the air and into his hands.

This was a sword that his master had handed over to him when they decided on him going to the engagement ceremony. It was supposed to be for him to defend himself with along the way, but there was also a possibility of it merely being a matter of face.

The sword was called Shattered Bonds, it was refined by his master to chop off his seven emotions and six desires.

It was a sword above the celestial grade and below the divine artifact grade. In fact, it could be said to be the strongest sword under divine artifacts. What’s more, the sword itself was of the thunder attribute and when a person with a thunder attribute constitution uses it, they would be able to strengthen themselves by about thirty percent.

What’s more, Yin Xiong had a thunder attribute constitution.


Rain clouds began to gather in the sky and flashes of lightning could be seen in the thunder clouds. Lightning seemed to sparkle from the sword itself.

The moment Yin Xiong gripped the sword, bolts of lightning landed from the sky.


As the lightning landed, the sword itself also turned a silvery white.

“As expected of Yin Xiong, his strength is nearly on par with the older generations right?”

“Yeah, his art of thunder manipulation has also reached its peak.”

“The Hundred Flower Gate might truly rise. I heard that their chief disciple is also someone with prodigious talent. She managed to rise to the complete stage of the Human Immortal level all the way from the False Spiritual Body level in several months time.”

“They might truly rise!”

The audience began to discuss intently amongst themselves. However, the result of the fight was no longer their main focus.

Yin Xiong already was already of the mid stage Sky Immortal level, and after using Shattered Bond, he seemed to reach the level of a late stage Sky Immortal. What’s more, the lightning amongst the rainclouds were terrifying, even late-stage Sky Immortal leveled people might not be able to defend against it.

Meanwhile, they could not sense any spiritual energy fluctuation from Ye Zichen.

Thus, they naturally assumed that he was frozen in shock.

The only thing they didn’t know was that whether the Zuo family or Mu family would send someone out to stop the fight, since someone might actually be killed if they didn’t.

“Not too bad,” Ye Zichen praised with crossed arms. However, his main focus was on the sword in Yin Xiong’s hands. The aura of the latter seemed to have strengthened after gripping the sword.

It was already very hard for people at the Sky Immortal level to find a treasure to strengthen their spiritual energy.

From the looks of it, he’s really compatible with the sword!

“Don’t blame me for giving you a chance,” at that very moment, Yin Xiong, whose entire body was sparkling, looked at Ye Zichen and called out sullenly. “If you’re scared, then go ahead and ask for mercy. Don’t lose your life just because you’re trying to act cool.”

From the looks of it, he has already finished preparing his spiritual technique since there was a huge ball of lightning over ten meters wide above their heads.

The lightning seemed to hiss like a snake, and even the audience couldn’t help but feel troubled!

Ye Zichen merely hooked his finger.

“Heh, then don’t fault me,” with that, Yin Xiong swept his right hand over the blade and pointed towards Ye Zichen. “Disaster Thunder Explosion!”


Thunder sounded out through the sky, and the lightning landed.

“Yin Xiong has actually became so strong now,” Zuo Hongxin shook his head.

“Hurry up and form a formation. You can’t afford to allow any guests to get hurt,” Zuo Hongde shouted towards Zuo Hongxin with a frown.

Only then did the latter react and quickly told the Treasure Tower’s elders and the guests to place down seals around the martial practice field.

Ten-odd Sky Immortal experts worked together to seal the lightning inside.


A terrifying explosion occurred inside the formation. All ten-odd Sky Immortals gritted their teeth. However, they still continued to maintain the barrier for the safety of the people in their surroundings.

The huge noise shocked the audience as well.

Seeing that, Mu Chengtian couldn’t help but snort, “Heh, that bastard, now there’s definitely nothing left of him!”

“Say that again if you dare!” Zuo Mo looked back with an ice cold expression.

Mu Chengtian gulped. He was still truly afraid of Zuo Mo.

Zuo Qingcheng pulled him behind her and walked up to Zuo Mo with squinted eyes. “Big sis, little sister can’t stand you being that menacing. No matter what, Chengtian is my future husband.”

“Heh, Ye Zichen was truly right. A dog and a bitch are perfect match for each other. I’m telling you guys, you better pray that Ye Zichen is fine. Otherwise, even you won’t be able to get out of this. Yes, I’m threatening you right now. Honestly, don’t push me into a corner. My reputation is not just for show.” A fierce cold light filled Zuo Mo’s eyes.

Zuo Qingcheng felt a chill down her spine.

Although they had been competing for a long time, it was her first time seeing Zuo Mo like that. Normally, Zuo Mo would remain level-headed, but this time…

Zuo Mo’s eyes seemed to be filled with insanity.

“He should be fine,” Zuo Qingcheng instantly backed off.

Zuo Mo snorted, “That better be the case. Otherwise, you two, and the Hundred Flower Gate will be buried with him!”

“What a shame. You were pretty talented. Ahh, I really don’t remember how many times did I kill a genius. Hah, this feeling is truly amazing,” Yin Xiong turned around indifferently as the smoke from the explosion began to disperse.

He waved towards the people forming the seals to signal them to remove it. However, at that very moment, a figure slowly walked out from the smoke.

“My hair was ruined!” Ye Zichen patted the blood crystal armor on him. It was summoned he summoned the moment the lightning was about to strike. As for why he didn’t use the Swirling Flash Plate…

There were plenty of experts and amongst them, there are many people who were very observant.

If he was to just use the divine artifact there, people would definitely set their eyes upon it. If he got robbed of it, then he would definitely regret it.

“He’s actually not dead!” the audience couldn’t help but exclaim.

Zuo Mo also revealed a look of joy when she saw this.

“He didn’t even die from this?” Mu Chengtian couldn’t help but mutter, but he quickly stopped talking when he felt Zuo Mo’s cold gaze.

Yet, the one who was most surprised was Yin Xiong. He had used his full strength without holding back at all.

This brat actually managed to defend against it and from the looks of it, he’s… unharmed!


“What about me? Fighting’s one thing, but why did you ruin my hair? F*ck, do you know how expensive a can of wax is? I used an entire can for this. You completely ruined it!” Ye Zichen tried to frantically rearrange his hair and frowned. “I was just going to defend against your attack, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to take revenge for my deceased hairstyle!”

With that, Ye Zichen seemed to teleport away, only to return to where he stood a moment later.

“How… could you be… so… strong…”

None of the audience saw exactly what happened. The only thing they saw was that Yin Xiong fell down onto the floor with wide open eyes.

“You got it now? This is one hit!”

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