Chapter 636 Engagement

Chapter 636 – Engagement

The engagement ceremony between Zuo Qingcheng and Mu Chengtian was held without a lot of people’s blessing.

From the looks of things, Zuo Hongxin was truly going to cooperate with Mu Cheng in their attempt to use their combined forces to fight in the competition for the Treasure Tower’s future Tower Head.

However, due to both of them being rich people, there were naturally plenty of people who still arrived at the scene.

Every single one of the six city lords from the outer area of the Immortal Region arrived, while the chiefs of the Six Sects and Three Gates did the same. Furthermore, even if some of them were unable to make it, they did send someone significant to represent them.

“This is rather lively. Why are you here?”

Ye Zichen chuckled when he saw Zuo Mo sipping a cup of alcohol in the corner of the scene.

“You’re drinking from depression? Don’t tell me that you’re kind of sad to see Mu Chengtian and Zuo Qingcheng get married,” Ye Zichen teased her. He knew that was definitely not the case.

After all, even a retard could tell just how Zuo Mo felt about Mu Chengtian.

However, Zuo Mo did not reply.

Noticing that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows after pouring a glass of liquor for himself, “Hey, I can’t have hit the mark, right?”

“What are you talking about?” Zuo Mo pouted, then immediately indicated towards the two main characters. “They are really suited for each other.”

“Just like a dog and a bitch!” Ye Zichen shrugged.

“That’s rather appropriate,” Zuo Mo couldn’t help but smile. “Why are you interested in this? Didn’t you say that you have to go over to the Immortal Region’s Sacred Land?”

“I’m not in a hurry…” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but twitch his mouth. “They’re telling me to come over, so I’m supposed to go over without them sending something fancy to come and get me? I care about my face too, you know?”

The previous day, Ye Zichen received a voice transmission from Great Emperor Qingming, telling him to come to the Immortal Region for a chat.

When Ye Zichen heard that, his expression was…

Filled with disdain.

Ignoring the matter about face, he didn’t even know where the hell was the sacred land of the Immortal Region supposed to be, even though he had stayed in the Three Realms for quite a while.

Even if he wanted to go, just how the heck was he supposed to?

“Fine, you care about face,” Zuo Mo smiled gently, then started to sip her liquor with a gloomy look once more.

Ye Zichen checked her out, then couldn’t help but ask, “What are you thinking about? This isn’t like you at all.”

“You’re speaking as if you know me really well,” Zuo Mo smiled.

“Of course, from what I remember, Zuo Mo is a true queen like Wu Zetian. You should be looking down on everything. Drinking sadly like this is unlike you,” Ye Zichen said with an exaggerated manner.

Although Zuo Mo didn’t know who Wu Zetian was, she still couldn’t help but giggle.

“That’s more like it. A pretty girl isn’t pretty anymore if they keep on looking gloomy.”

“This lady is born beautiful and will remain that way in any circumstance,” Zuo Mo squinted her eyes with a smile.

Ye Zichen nodded without retorting. “Since that’s the case, then naturally beautiful lady, can you talk about what’s getting you annoyed?”

“It isn’t really anything important,” Zuo Mo raised her cup and shook it around. Her gaze landed in the center of the scene, but Ye Zichen understood that she wasn’t paying attention to the main characters of the ceremony. “Zuo Qingcheng and Mu Chengtian getting married means that my uncle will have the support of the entire Mu family. You should know that soon after, the next leader of the Treasure Tower will be chosen among the younger generation…”

Zuo Mo stopped talking.

Since Ye Zichen was no foolish person, so he naturally understood what she was referring to, “Zuo Qingcheng is of a threat to you now?”

“Kind of,” Zuo Mo nodded. “Look at the old men wearing the Treasure Tower’s clothes over there. They are all elders. They were all neutral before, but when they heard that Zuo Qingcheng and Mu Chengtian were getting engaged, they all changed sides.

“It seems like that they didn’t get enough information!” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth.

“No way,” Zuo Mo raised her eyebrows. “Those old men are all intelligent people. Since they chose to stop being neutral and take sides, it means that they are a hundred percent of siding with the right people.”

“Then you’re just going to give up?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Naturally no,” Zuo Mo stood up and stretched lazily. “I’m going to fight for it no matter what. Both for the future of the Treasure Tower and for my life.”

What Zuo Mo wanted to express was very clear. If Zuo Qingcheng ends up as the master of the Treasure Tower…

There will no be anywhere for Zuo Mo in the entire Zuo household or even the entire outer area of the Immortal Region. That was why she had to fight for it, even if it was only for survival.

Ye Zichen have seen plenty of internal struggles of large clans.

However, he was very confident in Zuo Mo. What’s more, even if Zuo Mo loses, he had a way to turn the tables for her.

Yet, he was naturally not going to say that.

Trump cards exist to be used in the key moment. Only then would they have the most effect.

“Big Sis, why are you here? Chengtian and I were looking for you just now,” At that moment, Zuo Qingcheng walked over with her arms around Mu Chengtian.

For some reason, there was actually a hint of redness on Mu Chengtian’s face, perhaps due to happiness or something else.

Plenty of handsome young man also followed behind them. Most of them were significant or symbolic youngsters from large families or powerful factions.

“Big Sis, why are you here? Chengtian and I were looking for you just now,” Zuo Qingcheng smirked and repeated herself.

Zuo Mo felt like there was some sort of ploy hidden beneath Zuo Qingcheng’s foxy smile. However, Zuo Hongde had reminded Zuo Mo not to cause any trouble before she came over.

She also understood very well that arguing under these circumstances wouldn’t do anything good for her either.

Thus, she smiled and prepared to turn around in order to prevent any argument from breaking out.

“Big Sis, this is little sister’s engagement ceremony. Although we are not sisters by blood, we have lived together in the same household for twenty something years. Shouldn’t you give us your blessing?”

“Of course,” Zuo Mo smiled. “I wish you two a lifetime of happiness, for your years together to be willed with lasting joy. For you to bear children soon, and be favored by all the fortune in the world… Is that enough?’

“Little sister thanks big sis for her blessings,” Zuo Qingcheng’s expression did not change, and merely turned towards Ye Zichen with a smile.

“Uhm, I’m not very educated. Zuo Mo said everything I could think of, so what to do… Oh how about this, I wish you two… Zeze, I wish you two… Ahh, I wish you two have a great time in bed once you're married,” with that, Ye Zichen seemed to glance down at Mu Chengtian’s lower body.

“Ye Zichen!” Mu Chengtian’s expression darkened.

Ye Zichen took a step back and shrugged, “What? I’m giving you the blessing for your own good. Wouldn’t it be your fault if the Mu family ends with your generation?”

“You…” An angry red surfaced on Mu Chengtian’s stark white face.

Zuo Qingcheng smiled and yanked his arm. “Regardless, he’s giving us his blessing, so you shouldn’t get angry.”

Then she nodded towards Ye Zichen, “I’ve received your blessing. But I didn’t look towards you for that. It’s just that a friend of mine would like to see you. Would you like to meet him?”

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