Chapter 634 Shattering the Dream

Chapter 634 – Shattering the Dream

Ye Zichen smiled wryly in the ward with tears gushing out of his eyes. The girls in the surrounding also wept with Xia Keke, all of them crying very loudly.

“Thank you so much for going through this life with me. I really am… very happy,” Ye Zichen choked out.

Xiao Yumei pursed her lips with a smile, then grab hold of Ye Zichen’s hand. “We all feel the same.”

All the girls nodded. Seeing that, Ye Zichen slowly closed his eyes. Even though he knew from the very beginning that this was all a dream…

And that the end of the dream meant death… But, honestly…

He had no regrets.


The graph on the vital signs monitor turned flat. Everyone in the room also cried loudly.

Ye Zichen’s soul floated out of his body in mid-air, but at that very moment…

“You really want to report in at the Underworld?” A white-robed man suddenly appeared beside him and sat cross-legged in the air. “This is just too irresponsible. You felt good in the dream, but shouldn’t you consider the feelings of other people? Su Yan, Xiao Yumei and the rest are all waiting for you.”

“Why’re you in my dream?” Ye Zichen glared at the man in the air, then couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “What’s wrong with you? You ruined such a nice dream. Isn’t this ending nice? I pass away peacefully in front of my children, grandchildren and the people I love. Your appearance ruined everything.”

“Sorry, sorry,” the white-robed man gestured his apology, then waved, causing the scene in front of them to be reduced to nothing.

As Ye Zichen watched the people in front of him disappear with a hint of reminiscence, he let out a long sigh, then sat cross-legged in the void.

“Did you come to save me?”

“Kind of,” the white-robed man shrugged. “The main reason was because I was worried that you would pussy out, so I came to check in on you. That’s when I saw that you actually did pussy out.”

“I’m following the way of life. This is my respects for the dream he showed me. You don’t get shit,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth, then raised his eyebrows. “Oh yeah, what the heck was that chocolate you gave me? I nearly died. Also, why did I get two more pairs of wings?”

“How would I know?” the white-robed man rolled his eyes. “I have no time to waste with you. Hurry up and shatter this dream, otherwise, all of the citizens in the city will die because of you.”

“What should I do?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Easy, the dream will shatter as long as you feel pain,” with that, a small dagger appeared in the white-robed man’s hand, which he thrust towards Ye Zichen’s bottom.


“It’s over,” Youmuu watched as the last embers of Ye Zichens’ lifeforce disappeared, then chuckled in disdain.

Then he looked at the other people. Most of them were unable to escape the fate of death.

Of course, he could care less about them.

It was on them whether they could survive or not.

The eyepatch appeared on his eye once more, while his hair returned to its normal length. Just as he put on his Six Realms Patroller uniform and was about to leave…


Ye Zichen’s extinguished lifeforce seemed to lit up once more and this time, it burned even livelier than before.

“My butt, my butt…” Ye Zichen jumped up from the ground and held his butt.

Youmuu turned around and saw Ye Zichen, who was jumping around in pain…

“You actually…”

“Yo, I’m back,” Ye Zichen laughed with a wave. “Long time, no see. Oh yeah, thanks for your dream. I liked it a lot.”

“How could you…” Youmuu’s eyes were filled with shock. He had used seventy percent of his full power to create that dream.

Even a normal Earth Supreme expert would lose themselves in it and eventually die.

“Surprising? You can’t believe it?” Ye Zichen chuckled idiotically. “There’s more!”

With that, he looked up and shocked, “Hey, how should I shatter this dream? Oh, okay. I just need to hack it with the sword, right? Got it… Alright, stop blabbering, I know what to do.”

“Who are you talking to?” Youmuu frowned.

“Hehe, I’m talking to a ghost,” Ye Zichen bit through the skin of his finger, causing another two-meter long broadsword to appear in his hands once more.

Ye Zichen gripped it tightly with both hands, then spun around…



The darkness surrounding the city shattered, while Youmuu coughed up a mouthful of blood. He looked at Ye Zichen, who wore a mocking smile on his face, in complete shock.


“Zezeze, do you feel that I’m like super strong? No need to say it, I know,” Ye Zichen laughed ridiculously, then began to wiggle.

Youmuu’s expression darkened. A mid-stage Sky Immortal had actually escaped from his illusions, and shattered the dream field…

That was…

Too embarrassing.

“You are seeking death!” Youmuu sprinted towards Ye Zichen and shouted.

“Lil’ bro, save me!”

“Lil’ bro… Are you talking about me?” a figure appeared in front of Ye Zichen awkwardly.

Seeing the white-robed man, Ye Zichen let out a long sigh of relief, “Yeah, of course it’s you. I’ll leave this guy to you. I’ll check up on the others.”

The white-robed man rubbed his nose, while Youmuu stopped in his tracks.

Although the white-robed man didn’t do anything, he still seemed to create an indescribable amount of pressure for Youmuu.

“The Six Realms Patroller’s duty is to search for talented individuals throughout the Six Realms, and bring them to the Four Direction Palace to study in order to eliminate the remaining demon scum in the Upper Three Realms. Am I correct!?”

“How’d you know?” Youmuu was shocked.

“At the same time, the God Realm has forbid the Six Realms Patroller to use any strength above an Earth Supreme’s. Correct!?”


“Then you broke the rules,” the white-robed man pursed his lips with a chuckle. “The dream you inflicted just now use divine energy surpassing that of an Earth Supreme’s. You can still stop yourself and return to ask for punishment. You might actually be able to escape death.”

“What a joke,” Youmuu snorted. “Who are you to taught to me like that. You seem to be from the Upper Three Realms as well. Have you not heard of us, the Niflheim!?

“Of course I’ve heard of the descendants of the Twelve Liches, but you… are just from a side branch, aren’t you?” the white-robed man mocked.

“You are challenging my bottom line here,” Youmuu frowned.

“So what? You can’t match me,” the white-robed man emitted clear confidence.

Youmuu gritted his teeth and clenched his fist…

“Youmuu, stand idle!”

At that very moment, a rainbow seemed to end in front of them, and on top of that rainbow bridge…

Stood a sweet-looking girl.

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