Chapter 633 A Life of a Dream

Chapter 633 – A Life of a Dream

The weather in the area had changed.

Youmuu’s sapphire eye was exceptionally blinding in the pitch-dark environment. Unlike everything else, his pale blue hair did not move at all in the raging winds.

His domineering pressure made Ye Zichen feel like he was unable to breathe. It was only then that Ye Zichen felt like the difference between them was too large for him to overcome.

The suppressing aura caused large droplets of sweat to fall down from Ye Zichen’s forehead.

At that moment, Ye Zichen believed that the entire city would be destroyed as long as Youmuu willed it.

“It was my mistake. I allowed you to grow back then, but I didn’t expect you to reach this level,” Youmuu’s tone was menacing, while his sapphire eye became even more blinding. “I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for Her Highness, you might not have been able to live.”

“Her Highness,” Ye Zichen’s pupils contracted when he heard those two words.

“Yes, you didn’t expect it did you? The girl beside you back then has already become a Lady of the Four Direction Palace. The difference between the her then and the her now is enormous,” Youmuu laughed savagely as a cold light shot out from his eyes. “Her Highness stopped me then, but this time… Let’s see who’s going to save you now.”


All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt his body stiffen. He was unable to move a muscle. He tried his best to struggle out of the formless restraint, yet, it was as if he was frozen in the air.

His sharp senses felt danger approach. He also understood very clearly…

If that unknown danger was to reach him, then he would die.

“Don’t worry. I will let you feel happiness before you die,” Youmuu pursed his lips and smiled as a formless barrier of light covered the entire city.


At that moment, everybody in the city, including Zuo Mo and co., all had a bit of an excited flush on their faces. However, their expressions showed unusual pain as they writhed on the ground.

“You see that? These are humans!” Youmuu mocked the people below. “Do you know where my name comes from? Youmuu! It means a purgatory-like dream! I can control everybody’s dreams and make them see what they want to see the most. You see that? Look at how excited they seem. But at the same time, do you know why they are suffering so much?”

“Youmuu, what do you want!?” Ye Zichen roared.

“Whenever any emotion of a person, including excitement, joy, sadness… reaches an extreme. They will die. Their dreams make them feel very comfortable right now, but in the very end… All that awaits them is death!” Youmuu laughed sinisterly.

Ye Zichen locked his eyebrows, “You want to kill everyone in the city? Are you not afraid of divine punishment!?”

“Divine?” Youmuu snorted. “I know more about that then you! Alright, I’m a bit tired after so much talking. Go and enjoy yourself in your dream as well.”


Suddenly, a gentle giggle rang out beside Ye Zichen’s ear.

Everything in front of him had changed. He was sitting on a sofa in a living room, where Tiantian was giggling and playing games with Xia Keke.

Su Yan and Lu Lu were arguing as always, while the person who had called his name was…

“Yumei,” Ye Zichen glanced at the smiling woman in front of him in surprise. She was wearing comfortable clothing as she walked towards him.

Tears began to flow down Ye Zichen’s eyes. Seriously… It’s been so long.

“Why are you blanking out here for? C’mon, it’s time to eat. Tiantian’s going to have a parents-teacher conference later today. I need to go to the company later and you promised me that you’d go. Ahh, why are you crying?” Xiao Yumei looked at Ye Zichen in confusion.

Hearing that, all the other girls in the room surrounded him.

“Big Brother Zichen’s crying. So shameful!” Xia Keke giggled.

“You’re so old already, why are you still crying?” Su Yan couldn’t help but frown.

When Ye Zichen’s gaze moved across her tummy…

There was a bulge!

“What are you looking at? This is your darling son. Stop crying, our baby’s watching you,” a motherly light radiated from Su Yan’s eyes as she gently caressed her stomach.

“Daddy, Tiantian hasn’t cried for so long. Why are you crying?” a young girl ran in front of Ye Zichen and leaped into his arms.

Ye Zichen subconsciously hugged her, then glanced down at the girl calling him “Daddy”…


“Wow, Mommy! What’s with Daddy? He’s acting like he hasn’t seen me before,” Tiantian couldn’t help but twitch her mouth.

At that very moment, Youmuu’s sinister look surfaced in Ye Zichen’s mind.

Oh yeah, this is a dream.

This is all a dream. A dream that he built from my inner desires.

I know that, yet… I really don’t want to wake up.

“No, Daddy might just be tired,” Xiao Yumei rubbed Tiantian’s head in a loving manner.

Ye Zichen stood up from the sofa and looked at the girls around him, then couldn’t help but smile, “C’mon, let’s go and eat.”

“Heh, this is a mortal,” Youmuu looked at Ye Zichen, who was writhing in pain on the floor. “They clearly know that it’s a dream, but they are unwilling to wake up. Mortals just love peace and things like this that are impossible. Whatever, since he wants to use his life to exchange for this dream, then I’ll be patient and wait to the end.”

Years seemed to pass by for Ye Zichen.

“Daddy,” Tiantian bit her lips in her wedding gown. She couldn’t help but cry when he looked at Ye Zichen, whose face was already covered in wrinkles.

“Don’t be so insensible when you’re at your in-laws. But if you get bullied, then come home!” Ye Zichen patted her hand and smiled with a reluctance to part.


Tiantian, who was already a mother, went home to visit them with her child. Ye Zichen was already old. However, he still continued to smile happily and watched as the little kid held his leg and told him to play with him…

Time seemed to pass by even quicker.


“Yumei, Lil’ Yan, Keke, Lu Lu…”

As Ye Zichen laid on the sickbed, he feebly reached out his hand to grab hold of the women who had accompanied him his entire life.

“Big Brother Zichen,” Xia Keke wept. Even at their age, she still didn’t change the way she addressed him.

“Keke, don’t cry. Everyone has to go one day, right?” Ye Zichen lifted his hand with some difficulty to wipe away the tears from the corners of Keke’s eyes, then smiled apologetically at the girls. “I’m so sorry. In the end, I couldn’t give you a proper title, and we were never able to host a wedding.”

“It’s okay,” Xiao Yumei smiled gentle, while the other girls also nodded.

“Heh, is it finally over?” Youmuu couldn’t help but yawn. Although a lifetime had already passed by for Ye Zichen in his dream, only several hours had passed in the real world. “It seems like his ember of life is about to burn out. In the end… He couldn’t turn it around.”

Original Chapter Teaser:[expand]

Ye Zichen: Hah! I wouldn't count on it! As the main character, I activate my super duper plot armor - emergency powerup!

Youmuu: ...

Ye Zichen: Huh? What's going on? Why isn't anything happening? I don't feel like I'm getting stronger...

Youmuu: Alright, now die!

Ye Zichen: Ahahaha, you've activated my trap card - SUPER EMERGENCY POWER-UP! That allows me to increase my power level by OVER 9000! Wait... Was that not the right way for me to do it either?

Youmuu: Enough with this nonsense. I will send you to hell right now!

Ye Zichen: Hmm, you sure talk big, but the good guy always wins, and I'm the good guy here. You're just the child-kidnapper. You bring shame to your police uniform! You have abandoned the people, the country, your beliefs. You have brought shame upon your family! So, in the name of the Jade Emperor, I condemn you!


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