Chapter 632 Battling Youmuu

Chapter 632 – Battling Youmuu

Twin swords.

Ye Zichen had no idea why the pair of swords appeared as opposed to the blood scythe. But regardless, they still looked pretty cool.

He flapped his wings and rose into the sky and looked down upon the others. “Doesn’t the Mu family want to get even? I’ll give you the chance to do it now. Come!”

“Don’t even think about acting out of line here,” at that moment, someone shouted.

Not long later, an old man with a hooked nose appeared.

Mid-stage Sky Immortal.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Ye Zichen was able to knock the old man onto the ground in a few mere moments. Seriously, these Sky Immortal experts in the outer section of the Immortal Region seems to be ridiculously weak.

When compared to the Heavenly Court…

Perhaps even complete stage Human Immortal Heavenly Soldiers would be able to beat the crap out of them.

“Who’s next?”

“Let me test him.”

Bang. Bang. Bang.

The following person was knocked onto the ground in less than a minute.


Regardless of who the Mu family sent to face him and how strong they were supposed to be, ye Zichen were able to easily defeat them.

In all honesty, even Ye Zichen felt like it was a little surreal.

He wasn’t actually so strong before, but ever since he learnt the spiritual techniques the white-robed man taught him and after he broke through into the Sky Immortal level…

He really was super strong.

He was able to beat up anyone he faced unmatched.

Not long later, nobody from the Mu family dared to face him anymore.

Ye Zichen stood in the air cockily and looked indifferently at the people below. Then, he curled his lips and hooked his fingers at Mu Chengtian, “The one chosen by the Six Realms Patroller. Come… I do want to test him myself. The Six Realms Patroller’s criteria seem rather low now since even sickly bastards can get chosen.”

“Don’t you know whether my criteria are low or not?” With a flash of golden light, a man in a police uniform and wearing an eyepatch on his left eye slowly walked towards Ye Zichen.

“Lord Patroller, please gain justice for us!” Mu Cheng greeted the incomer subserviently.

The man ignored him and merely walked in front of Ye Zichen. “Long time no see.”

“Youmuu, it really was you. But seriously, you’ve got a rather horrible fetish. You’re still wearing this after so long. Is your company not giving you any new work clothes?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and mocked him.

Youmuu smiled. However, his expression instantly darkened moments later, “Demon, you seem stronger. Six wings… I wonder how strong you are now. You actually dare to speak to me like that!?”


Ye Zichen immediately focused on a defensive spiritual technique, while the Swirling Flash Plate also shimmered on his body the moment Youmuu glared at him.

“Umph,” Ye Zichen grunted while he slid back a hundred meters or so even when he crossed his swords in front of him to defend against the attack.

“Ye Zichen,” Zuo Mo called out worriedly.

He seemed so strong just now, but this person actually dominated him.

Is the Six Realms Patroller this strong?

“Heh, you actually dared to oppose Lord Patroller. You’re just asking for it,” Mu Cheng revealed an expression of disdain. “it seems like our Mu family doesn’t need to do anything. Lord Patroller will deal with this trouble for us.”

“Yeah, no wonder this brat has wings. Didn’t you hear Lord Patroller? He’s a demon!” Zuo Hongxin laughed coldly. “Zuo Hongde, just look at what sort of people your daughter knows!”

While the people on the ground discussed away, Youmuu stopped his attacks.

“You actually managed to block off my attack using ten percent of my strength. I wonder if you can…”

A creamy white sphere of light appeared in his hands.

Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched. This was his first time seeing Youmuu use a spiritual technique.

Although this attack was definitely going to be a lot stronger than Youmuu’s barehanded strike, Ye Zichen still smirked.

Back in the Modern Realm, I was completely helpless…

At least, I can now force Youmuu to use spiritual techniques.

“You can still laugh? If I was you, I would have fled already.”

“Why should I flee? Youmuu, you are a target that I aimed to defeat,” clear excitement could be seen in Ye Zichen’s expression.

Youmuu snorted, “You, defeat me? You’re not worthy.”


The sphere of light in his hands shot out.

Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched once more as he crossed his swords again.


He coughed up a mouthful of blood. As his blood fell on top of his pair of swords, they seemed to become more crystallized. His body wobbled for a moment, but he managed to calm his body down.

“Haha… Ahahaha…” Ye Zichen laughed loudly with the side of his mouth covered in his own blood.

That was when Youmuu squinted his eyes.

He’s actually still alive.

“Die!” Youmuu pushed off the ground.

Ye Zichen also stopped laughing and chuckled as he saw Youmuu’s sinister look, “You’re finally going to use your real strength? I’m very sorry, but I’m not a target dummy…”

Ye Zichen combined his two long swords, forming a new broadsword in his hand.

The sword was two meters long and half a meter wide. There was a dragon of blood coiled around the blade itself.

Ye Zichen gripped the sword with his two hands, causing the veins on both of his arms to surface.

His eyes also turned pitch black, while the feathers of his wings glistened.

As he flapped his wings, feathers continuously fell from it, but for some reason, the number of feathers on his wings did not decrease at all.

“Die demon!” A delicate dagger appeared in Youmuu’s hands.

Ye Zichen hacked down at Youmuu with a stern look on his face.


Rampaging spiritual energy radiated outwards, and tears in the space itself actually began to appear due to the strength of their spiritual energy.

“Don’t get so full of yourself. The people behind you have been working hard to catch up!” Ye Zichen shouted as his broadsword cracked Youmuu’s dagger and sent the latter flying back by some ten-odd meters. “Come!”

“I-I was actually knocked back,” Youmuu glanced at Ye Zichen in complete surprise.

I’m the Six Realms Patroller. I was actually knocked back by a mere mortal.



A raging aura was released from Youmuu’s body. A large hole gradually appeared on his forehead which seemed to suck in black spiritual energy from the surroundings.

Soon, the entire area had turned black.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen responded by increasing the crimson energy around him which now contained faint traces of darkness within.

Approximately two and a half minutes later, Youmuu cut off his connection with the black energy.

He was now clad with a black crystal armor. His pale blue hair now reached his face, and the eyepatch which covered his eyes were gone. What replaced it was…

A sapphire-like eye.

“Very good. You actually made me use seventy percent of my strength. Now, die!”

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