Chapter 631 Clich

Chapter 631 – Cliché

In comparison, Ye Zichen seemed more worked up than anyone else. The phrase “Six Realms Patroller” had a special meaning for him.

Liu Qing was taken away by the Six Realms Patroller.

“Little friend Ye has heard of the Six Realms Patroller as well?” Zuo Hongde raised his eyebrows. “Then you should understand my position. I hope that you…”


A loud sound of fists clenching sounded out in the carriage. Everyone else in the carriage looked towards Ye Zichen. Then saw him smile, “Junior understands.”

Two hours later…

Zuo Hongde and the others were brought to a courtyard by the Mu family’s butler.

“Tower Head Zuo, our clan head is having an important discussion with that lord. Please rest here for a moment. I will naturally inform you when our clan head finishes,” the butler said with a smile.

Zuo Hongde could only maintain his smile, “No problem. Brother Mu’s discussion with that lord is more important. We will just wait here.”

“Just directly ask if you require anything. If you don’t have any requests at this time, then please allow this one to take my leave,” the butler smiled and walked out of the courtyard.

Only then did Zuo Mo snort with a cold look, “He was just chosen by the Six Realms Patroller, look at how cocky they got. They’re actually making us wait now.”

“Doesn’t that make a lot of sense?” Zuo Hongde sat down beside the stone table. “That lord and us are definitely not on the same level. Ahh, forget it, we came to apologize, so waiting a bit is fine.”

“Heh,” Zuo Mo wrinkled her nose, but chose not to say anything else. Then, when she noticed that Ye Zichen was still as silent as he was when arrived at the Mnu household, she walked over and patted him on the shoulder. “Hey, why are you so down?”

“It’s nothing,” Ye Zichen looked up with a smile.

Zuo Mo glanced over at him, then couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. “You can’t actually be scared, right? If the old Mu monster wants to directly make a move on you, I definitely would not stand idle.”

A smile bloomed on Zuo Mo’s face like fireworks. Yet, at that very moment, a group of people walked in through the courtyard’s door.

“Old Zuo, this is your daughter. Old Mu monster… Is that a manner of address for her to use?” Mu Cheng was a rather short and ugly man. His hair was a burnt yellow color, while his short stature caused his hands and feet to seem extremely large.

His two large toad-like eyes protruded outwards. From Ye Zichen’s point of view…

He looks like an alien.

“Uncle Mu,” Zuo Mo stuck her tongue out.

Zuo Hongde also smiled. “My daughter did speak disrespectfully. I’ll definitely punish her when we return. But, honestly, I didn’t expect Brother Mu to be colluding with my little brother.”

“Older brother, listen to yourself. Your relationship with Brother Mu is ‘getting acquainted,’ but when it comes to Brother Mu and I, it’s ‘colluding’?” Zuo Hongxin pursed his lips, then looked towards Zuo Mo. “You aren’t going to say anything to second uncle?”

“Say what? Am I supposed to thank second uncle for not killing me?” Zuo Mo smiled indifferently.

Zuo Hongxin chuckled, “More’s the pity that I couldn’t deal with you at Mount Biluo.”

“Hongxin…” Zuo Hongde’s expression darkened.

Mu Cheng stepped forward, “Can you please take care of your family matters when you return? This is the Mu household, I don’t have the patience to listen to your squabbles.”

“We’ve caused Brother Mu to see something unsightly,” Zuo Hongxin cupped his hands with a smile.

“Zuo Hongde, you came over to the Mu household…” Mu Cheng raised his eyebrows questioningly.

Zuo Hongde immediately responded, “I am here to apologize to Brother Mu.”

With that, he turned towards Ye Zichen, “Com over here and apologize to Clan Head Mu.”

Ye Zichen, who had been silently sitting on a stone stool until now, walked over.

Mu Cheng raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Brother Zuo…”

“It was this young man who attacked your Zheng Qian the other day. I came here with him to apologize, but I hope Brother Mu can allow him to live due to our relationship.”

“Our families’ relationship? What relationship?” Mu Cheng shook his head and said in a mocking tone. “My son brought betrothal gifts to your household in person, but you beat him out. I wonder if your family considered our families’ relationship?”

“About this…” Zou Hongde hesitated.

At the same time, Mu Cheng also shouted behind him, “Lil’ Tian.”

Not long later, Mu Chengtian walked over with the support of another person. That person was no other than Zuo Hongxin’s daughter and the second young mistress of the Treasure Tower…

Zuo Qingcheng.

“Uncle, older sister,” Zuo Qingcheng smiled warmly.

Zuo Hongxin’s expression instantly turned dark, “Brother Mu, what do you mean by this?”

“Your daughter isn’t interested in my son and the Mu family is not a family with no care for our own face. Your daughter is not the only one worthy in terms of family background. Qingcheng is also a young mistress of the Treasure Tower and I’ve also very happy with her… Since you’re here as well, then I’ll just tell you now. Forget the engagement between Zuo Mo and my son. We’re going to have him wed Qingcheng instead,” Zuo Qingcheng maintained a smile and nodded towards everyone while Mu Cheng spoke.

Ye Zichen barely resisted laughing. What kind of plot is this!? Is this some ethics movie?

“Ha…” Zuo Hongde suddenly laughed. He couldn’t help but nod towards Zuo Hongxin and Mu Cheng with a dark expression. “I really didn’t expect this.”

Then, he put his hands behind his back and swept over the surrounding people with a sharp gaze. “Let’s go.”

“Brother Hongde can leave, but this brat has to stay,” Mu Cheng pointed at Ye Zichen with a smile. “No matter what, he was the one who damaged the Mu family’s reputation.”

“Don’t even dream of it!” Zuo Mo glared menacingly at Mu Cheng like a furious lioness before Zuo Hongde can say anything. “Old Mu monster, don’t get so full of yourself. It’s just because your sickly bastard of a son that got chosen by the Six Realms Patroller, if he didn’t, then you’d be nothing. You were always getting stepped on my our Zuo family and always acted like a dog. Even if you do see the hope of reaching the top, you’re in too much of a hurry!”

“Do you have the right to speak?” Mu Cheng’s expression darkened, then threw a small weapon towards Zuo Mo.

Nobody expected that Mu Cheng would actually attack a junior without any regards for his face. Thus, when Zuo Hongde reacted, he was unable to make it in time…

Zuo Mo also froze. She watched as the weapon fly towards her, but was unable to dodge in time.

At that very moment, Ye Zichen grabbed her arm and spun around.


The weapon fell to the floor. Ye Zichen, who was wearing the Swirling Flash Plate turned his head back, bit into the corner of his lips and caused two long swords shimmering with a bloody glow to appear in his hands.

Meanwhile, his six wings appeared behind his back and generating raging winds with their flapping.

“You want to get me? Then come and try!”

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