Chapter 629 God

Chapter 629 – God

Ye Zichen did not care about Wenchang Monarch’s rage in the least bit.

Instead, he was feeling rather good about himself when he saw the official notice in the group and the plethora of comments below it.

Having power sure is great. I can deal with whoever I don’t like.

Ye Zichen ignored the mourning for Wenchang Monarch in the group and returned his phone to his pocket, then rested his gaze upon the divine stones in the room.

“Sis, if I make a wish now, do you really think it’ll come true?” Zuo Liang blinked as he asked Zuo Mo.

“How would I know? How about trying it out? But don’t make that sort of wish that’s just asking for a beating, got it?” Zuo Mo waved her fist in front of him.

“I promise I won’t do that anymore,” Zuo Liang promised, then closed his eyes and prayed. “I want a glass of water.”


Immediately afterward, a cup of cold water randomly dropped down from the sky. Zuo Liang caught the cup with wide eyes, then looked at the divine stones below him in surprise.

“Get me another glass of water.”


Another glass of water appeared in the room out of nowhere.

“Sis!” Zuo Liang’s eyes were filled with shock.

Zuo Mo looked at the two cups of water in her little brother’s hands, then bit her lips, “I want it to rain outside.”


The currently clear skies were instantly covered with rain clouds. The sudden change caused everyone who didn’t know what had caused it to be completely shocked.

However, Ye Zichen was even more shocked than the rest.

What’s going on? I thought the wishes that have been granted were all coincidences?

But it doesn’t seem like Zuo Mo’s and Zuo Liang’s wishes being fulfilled was a coincidence. Zuo Liang’s two cups of water literally came out of nowhere!

“My god!”

Zuo Liang couldn’t help but exclaim. He repeatedly gulped as he looked at the divine stones on the floor then back at Ye Zichen.

“Big Brother Ye, where did you get some divine items like this!?”

Ye Zichen scratched his head and squatted with them in front of the divine stones. He looked at the stones in confusion. Could these divine stones really have the ability to grant wishes?

But why didn’t my wish of getting the Heavenly Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven adding me to his contact list come true?

All of a sudden, he had an idea. He clasped his hands together, closed his eyes, and prayed silently.

I want Xiao Yumei to return to my side from the Demon Realm.

“Is there something wrong with you!?” An angry shout rang through the room. “Do you guys think that I’m just a donkey? You want this, you want that, you want… Ugh. Are you trying to work me to death!?”

The three people looked up in the room and saw an Arabian-looking man sitting cross-legged in the air. There was a piece of white cloth, which wrapped around his head, while his what was essentially a unibrow was bent in a frown.

Zuo Mo, Zuo Liang and Ye Zichen all looked at each other.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “Are you the genie of the lamp?”

“What genie!? I am God!” The unibrow man floated in the air and answered cockily. “The supreme and almighty God!”

“God…” Ye Zichen muttered.

“Yes, I am God,” the man repeated.

“Ugh, if you’re God, then why did you come to the Immortal Region? Shouldn’t you be up there?” Ye Zichen questioned as he pointed upwards to the sky.

“Ahem,” the unibrow man’s expression changed. “I descended to have a look. Do you have a problem with that?”

Ye Zichen noticed his gaze on the seven divine stones when he spoke.

Ye Zichen smiled, then couldn’t help but ask, “Nope. You are the almighty god, how could we mortals have an issue with what you’re doing?”

“Heh,” the unibrow man laughed.

Ye Zichen also asked once again, “Great God, I wonder how we should address you?”


“Oh Great Wish God,” Ye Zichen cupped his hands and smiled extremely respectfully. “ Great Wish God, your divine authority seems to be able to grant the wishes of the masses, right?”



It was clear what Ye Zichen wanted to express. Since he could grant the wishes of the masses, then why did the god stop when it come to him.

“I’m tired,” with that, the unibrow man went back into the seven divine stones. “Don’t make any wishes in the near future. I need to rest.”

“Great Wish God, please wait!”

Ye Zichen raised his hand to stop the man before he could enter, then asked nervously, “You are an almighty god, it’s fine if you don’t fulfill my wish, but can you tell me how is she?”

“Do you think I’m an encyclopedia and know everything!?” the unibrow man frowned, then shook his head with a soft sigh. “She’s fine, and will be fine in the future. She is fated to aided by someone in the future.”

“And that person is…”

“I can’t say anything about that,” with that, the man entered the divine stones. At the same time, the once shimmering stones dimmed.

Although that wasn’t what he initially wanted, Ye Zichen did stop worrying after getting the god’s confirmation.

But then, he suddenly remembered that he still had another question unanswered.


“Great god, don’t rest yet, I still have another question I want to ask! Great god, great god…” Ye Zichen shouted at the divine stones, but the stones did not react at all.

“He’s definitely resting. Look, the stones aren’t shining anymore,” Zuo Mo said.

Ye Zichen shouted a few more times, but when he saw that there really wasn’t any reaction, he let out a long sigh.

“I can’t believe that there was a god in the stones." Zuo Liang blinked, then looked at the divine stones which were now no different from normal rocks, then at the cups he was still holding in his hand.

I actually used up two wishes for two cups of water. Ugh, what am I doing.

“Who was the person you were asking about just now?” Zuo Mo bit her lips and asked as if it was just a casual question.

Tiantian ran over with a giggle. “It’s Mommy, I just wished that Mommy would be safe just now and that she would finish her work quicker to come home to see me.”

With that, a hint of disappointment surfaced on Tiantian’s face, “Tiantian hasn’t seen Mommy in so long, Tiantian misses her so much.”

The simple comment caused Ye Zichen to feel sad. He held Tiantian tightly in his arms, “Mommy will be back very quickly. Tiantian’s a good girl.”

“Of course Tiantian will be a good girl, Tiantian’s all grown up already,” Tiantian nodded sensibly.

Ye Zichen held her for a while longer before he put her down, and sat down while he rubbed his temple with his right hand.

Although he now knows that Xiao Yumei would be fine, he was still a bit worried.

“Zuo Mo, can you arrange a room for me? I’m a bit tired, so I want to rest,” Ye Zichen continuously rubbed his temples.

Seeing his suffering look, Zuo Mo held back the question she was just about to ask.

“I have already prepared one for you. Lil’ Liang and I will take you there.”

“Alright, thank you.”

As the three people left the room together, they seemed to have forgotten that the divine stones were still on the floor of the room. Not long after they left, a figure appeared in the meeting halls.

“Divine stones which can grant wishes. Hehe…”

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